Tonight, The Devil Sleeps Here

June 17, 2012

The Devil is taking a few days off, posting will be lighter than usual for a while. Tonight, the Devil will feel like he is sleeping in a museum, as he sleeps here:

152 Responses to “Tonight, The Devil Sleeps Here”

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  2. CharlesC Says:

    I tell you,I had a bad day. I bought a water bed
    and there were 2 Cubans in a row boat inside trying
    to find Miami.
    (per Rodney Dangerfield)

    • Johnny Walking Says:

      Jeezz. I have never thought of that. Making a joke out of a human tragedy (From the guy telling of a dog which poops pyramids). Brilliant!

  3. NicaCat56 Says:

    Oh, syd. Really? Your memory (?) serves you no good here. Sorry, sweetie. Wrong number. You’re still “un taco” in more ways than one. And who could identify the “inner fuhrer” more than you, right? Hehehehehe…you are certainly one bad girl, aren’t you? Oh, and BTW, I have no idea who Boli-Nica is, except that he was unfortunate enough to have both you and your BFF comment on his comments. Life sucks that way, doesn’t it? I’m not going to disrespect Miguel on his blog like you have by using medieval language. You know what I mean. Buh bye, now, loser.

  4. anonymous Says:

    Oh, syd, dear syd, and your accomplice, Johnny Walker, er, Walking: I’m so very sorry to tell you this, but, this blog serves as a record, of sorts. Please tell me who dropped the “f” bomb today? Hmmm? Also, when you make reference to “scatological obsessions”, please, at least, check your spelling. Also, the first person to make any “scatological” references was your a**hole buddy, Johnny Walker. You both go on now and enjoy yourselves with each other, because you certainly deserve each other! Oh, and go easy on the meth, OK? Because, you know, it’ll certainly melt your brains. ‘K. Done here.

    • syd Says:

      Thank you for your English-language corrections, NicaCat. I used to be ‘un taco’ in spelling. But keyboarding threw that all to hell. Oooops, I said a bad word. Matron! Not so hard with the ruler! Ouch!

      Truly your inner führer is lost here. May I suggest you correct the guys on CaracasChronicles? Good luck with that! Oh, and sometime, how about following the post and contributing something of substance other than your rages?

      P.S. What does a**hole mean?

  5. anonymous Says:

    Syd and Johnny Walker, sittin’ in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G; first comes love, then comes marriage, then come zombies in a baby carriage!!!!! Ahahahahahaha!!!

  6. NicaCat56 Says:

    This is dedicated to syd and Johnny (Walker) Walking (because, obviously he drinks too much): Kindly go visit your appropriate orifices (maybe even together – wouldn’t that be to both of your satisfactions?), and refrain from further comments. Because that would mean that you would be, as I overheard not too long ago, “digging el hole-o deep-o”. Really.

    • syd Says:

      I don’t bother accessing youtube links, when they have nothing to do with the post at hand, moreover from someone showing her scatalogical obsessions.

      I wonder when will we ever read a solid contribution that’s related to the post from NIca-Cat? It’s remarkable how consistent is her behavioral pattern. She parachutes in, once in a while, to discharge her pent-up anger. Kinda reminds me of GWEH or Boli-Nica — Hey, what a coincidence. Maybe they’re brother and sister from Nicaragua.

      One flew over the cuckoo’s nest.

      • Johnny Walking Says:

        By the use of expressions alien to Venezuelan speech, there is a good chance that this one is Boli-NIca. Talk about a contaminated thread!

        • syd Says:

          No, I don’t think they’re one and the same. Quite a number of years ago, someone on Quico’s blog tried to engage in conversation with her. It was near impossible, given her rage (not with me back then).

          The behavioral pattern has always been the same. Parachute in, target a commenter, and whip up a frenzied fight. Never follow the post. Then leave for a couple weeks, until the next time. That type of mania is definitely shared with Boli-Nica. But he doesn’t use that much Spanish, his expressions are different, he doesn’t start a fight from the get-go (rather, provide some sort of delusion), and he’s not as out-of-control. Nor does he regress to grade-school level, as we’ve seen here. Da pena ajena.

          Way back when, someone on Quico’s blog managed to find out that this woman taught Spanish (somewhere in California, if memory serves). That is, after she showed off her language prowess and corrected whomever. If memory serves, she shared a website with a photo of her, presumably to attest to her language teaching skills. But that was, I think, over 5 years ago.

          By the Nica in her ‘name’, I suspect she’s from Nicaragua.

          The last two times when she targetted me, in particular, I foolishly tried to reason with her. Today, I took a different tack.

    • Johnny Walking Says:

      … they may get to be addictive.

  7. NicaCat56 Says:

    Yep, yep, yep – just as I suspected. Uds. son nada más que un par de estupideces, manteniéndose al tanto en venir aquí para recibir su dósis regular de no-sé-qué. De veras, no tienen más que hacer que criticar, hacerle burlas a alguien, o pensar que solos sus pensamientos y/o ideas son los más espectaculares o interesantes. I have news for you both: get over yourselves, before you soil yourselves.

  8. NicaCat56 Says:

    Oh, Jebus. NO, JW: having to endure YOU and the ridiculousness that you and syd post!! You’re both out of control! Oh, and syd, fyi: I come here to read what Miguel writes, NOT to read your stupid comments and off-the-cuff
    “ridiculousness of the day”. Get over yourself: it’s NOT all about YOU, you moron. Nor is it all about JW. Both of you need to get yourselves a life. Seriously. Idiots…

    • syd Says:

      Hi matron, did your yoga class end?

    • Johnny Walking Says:

      Patient: NicaCat56

      1. Alprazolam, 1 Kg every 8 hours
      2. Clozapine, 150 Kg every 12 hours
      3. Risperidone, 16 Kg every 12 hours
      4. Olanzapine, 5 Kg every 12 hours
      5. Haloperidol, 3 Kg every 12 hours
      6. For constipation: a mixed-laxatives smoothie + prucalopride. Use manual procedures as needed.

      If symptoms do not subside, feel free to triple the dosage of all medication. Don’t worry about the generic names. Your local pharmacist will know exactly what you need (and take some precautions him or herself).

      Kindly leave your contact information for billing purposes.

      Truly yours,


      • syd Says:

        hope the pharmacist not only wears a full-body shield when those laxatives take effect, but has the Fire Dept on speed dial. Someone’s going to have to hose all that down.

      • CharlesC Says:

        “If symptoms do not subside, feel free to triple the dosage of all medication”
        C’mon – Kg’s in triple dose..
        I do agree (not just this group of bloggers) but maybe 75% of society in general has a problem with constipation. There is already plenty of
        “devil’s excrement” in the world, so don’t be trying to create more
        “sour crude”.
        Next class we’ll discuss methane poisoning…
        You are right, this blog string has gone to *&^&*6!!

        You know Gehry’s building reminds me of my friend’s dog.
        Stupid dog, named Egypt.
        I said “Why is your dog named Egypt?”
        He said “He goes from room to room and leaves a pyramid”..

  9. firepigette Says:

    this is dedicated to all gentle folk who sometimes have to endure……

    • Johnny Walking Says:

      “this is dedicated to all gentle folk who sometimes have to endure……”


      • syd Says:

        Claro. La sufrida… cuando no se viste de mosquita muerta … sniffing ’round the personal lives of other women. yecch.

        P.S. that’s some dedication. I have a headache just from watching a few seconds of the blended exposures in the 70s video. Qué pistolada.

  10. NicaCat56 Says:

    Jeez, syd, sorry you forgot to take your meds, but I really get tired of your foaming mouth diatribes. And, you don’t know me, nor do I want you to. You have NO clue if I’m a “matron”. You come up with “titles” for people who you don’t like or disagree with, which is rather childish, isn’t it? Your ad hominem attacks are offensive and tiresome, as are you when you go off. You seem to be relatively intelligent, but not very smart.

    • syd Says:

      Perfect solution for you, NicaCat: don’t read any of my comments. I can’t perfume them for your selective, oh-so-sensitive nature.

      In the meantime, know that when you give an opinion on how someone needs to wash her mouth out, like some matron to a child, without having read the threads that led up to that (hint: it starts here:, you will get an answer in equal measure.

      As for your own outbursts, I provided you a link on a previous occasion, when you got on your high horse about mine.

      Cachicamo diciéndole a morrocoy conchudo. Now run along.

    • CharlesC Says:

      “You seem to be relatively intelligent, but not very smart.”
      Actually you can say it the other way too.
      —“You seem to be realtively smart, but not very intelligent.’
      Folks, there is a “parade of dictators” in Caracas and not a peep
      out of anyone- as Syd says “Now run along.” I don’t trust people
      who think that way-( I know some people do not trust the way I think\
      about certain things, too)
      A recent CIA report said “There are more intelligence operatives in the
      US than the height of the Cold War”
      A common thread of the speeches given today by Chavez and
      Amawhackjob is -war against the empire.
      I saw a quote from “K.T” today:
      “Iran is a tool for so many leaders that are jealous of – or outright hate the USA”
      So, Chavez hates the US so much- he violates UN resolutions, he violates
      the Venezuelan Constitution,he betrays the Venezuelan people, even betrays the flag of Venzeuala, he supports terrorists against the US and the
      Venezuelan people “Now run along”.

  11. firepigette Says:

    Apologies don’t always mean we think we are wrong.

    They mean that we value relationships more than our own egos.

  12. NicaCat56 Says:

    Thank goodness you’re back, Devil! The children got out of hand again, and they’ve been throwing fits! Please tell them to go to their respective rooms, and one of them desperately needs her mouth washed out with soap!

  13. moctavio Says:

    Well, the Deil leaves for a few days and things get out of hand. Please dont use such lamguage, from Florence, Italy it seems very medieval.

    • Carolina Says:

      Florence! There is a nice little ice cream shop just to the left of Ponte Vecchio…have one for me, will you? 🙂

    • syd Says:

      Devil: Manipulative stupidities from the passive aggressive sector call for stronger measures. No apologies.

  14. CharlesC Says:

    Syd, can you be more specific. What exactly do you imply?
    Am I to a. take a break, b.stop posting here, c. continue to clown around.
    OTOH- I hope you wake up and apologize…

    • syd Says:

      Now that I’ve seen out-of-control behaviour from the matron (*) who periodically drops in, never to contribute to the discussion, but always to find fault with whomever (I’m her favourite little target), and now that I’ve had a good laugh over her treatment protocol (thanks, JW), I can apologize for my two words to you, yesterday evening. They were uncharacteristic, as those who know me will attest, but necessary in the light of perceived manipulation and poor-me routines, not the first time.

      Otherwise, it’s time you man up. Rather than pretend as though you’re not at fault, you should recognize your input, and apologize for your tantrum, just because I happened to defend Kepler’s contributions on matters related to Venezuela (the primary objective of this blog) over your (comedy) routines.

      (*) If memory serves, I think matron is a Spanish teacher in the US who thinks very, very highly of herself. (Funny how people with instabilities gravitate towards the performing arts or the teaching professions in order to hide their need for attention.)

  15. Ira Says:

    How about the Miami Heat, huh?


  16. CharlesC Says:

    O/T -Where is Mr. Kepler? God, I hope he didn’t travel to some awful,
    dangerous place in Africa. I am sure if he were around-he would have
    shot me several times by now-ha..

    • tony Says:

      He must be giving us a break from his hollier-than-thou attitude and inconsequential stories about his Chavista aunt. I’m enjoying every second of this well-deserved break.

      I miss GWEH, though…

      • CharlesC Says:

        yes, he is a pain and he does mention his ni-ni often enough-ha…
        The “blogger patrol” are ready to rip GWEH a new one.
        He/she/they are on their ” most wanted ” list

      • syd Says:

        I don’t have a problem with hearing from Kepler about his crypto-chavista aunt. I suspect the information is a lot closer to one Venezuelan reality than either you and definitely CharlesC can provide.

        • CharlesC Says:

          I’ll spare you the tourette syndrome outburst(you are an agent provocateur)
          How many times have I mentioned about relatives that will not even talk to me because they are afraid I will say something about Chavez.
          Do you know any children, Syd? I hope you don’t scare them with
          your mind-melding or whatever it is you are always trying to do.
          What freakin’ planet are you from, Syd? Planet Gravitas Absurditas?

          • firepigette Says:



            Don’t talk to her.Give her what she needs which is to be ignored ; not what she wants, which is a fight.

            She wants to get a rise out of you which is why she attacks you,and that is how she passes her days and nights- Usually she has a side- kick, like Kepler or Johnny Walking to gang up on others with.

            I can only assume she is unmarried,maybe in physical pain,and has nothing better to do with her life .

            The more attention you pay to her, the more deteriorated the threads become.

            • Johnny Walking Says:

              First of all, learn how to use punctuation signs (Clue: you can use your word processor’s spelling tool).

              Second, I don’t need to be anyone’s sidekick. If I agree with Syd, it is because she brings smart, inquisitive thoughts to the comment’s section. That is way, way more than I can say about you or the other one.

              Third, who the hell are you to spew in this blog the personal circumstances of anyone? What are you, a psychic? If so, then it is clear that you belong to that group of losers who are trying to make a living by deceiving the naive.

              Lastly, this blog doesn’t deteriorate because of her remarks. I have witnessed quite a few commenters’ state outright stupidities that have nothing to do with the topic at hand. This has not ever happened with the target of your attack, at least to my knowledege. On the other hand, I can definitively state that your posts are always outlandish and those of the other one quite incoherent at best.

              Ok, kids: time to strictly adhere to your medication.

            • syd Says:

              Thank you, JW. We’re talking about a diabetic, by her own admission, don’t know if that’s Type 1 or 2. But if Type 1, I’m familiar (through family) with the mood disorder that can occur from low blood sugar.

              As for the look-at-me-aren’t-I-special *qualities* that are so frequently trotted out, well, that’s in another realm altogether …

        • syd Says:

          Well, isn’t this special? It’s time to put on a windbreaker from all the hot air that’s blowing.

          We’ve got one who taps away when she’s not babysitting her grandchildren, to tell us how bo-o-ored she is with our discussions, especially on Ch.’s health. And when we’re not paying enough attention to her psychological or mystical interpretations of Venezuelan politics — God forbid any of us should enter into a “conversation”. That’s no good, either, for the little lecturer from N. Carolina. And how about those exaggerations of her 1000 family members in Venezuela, mostly living in barrios, until she confronted, only to admit that she “mispoke”. There’s never anything specific mentioned about the views of those gobs of “family members” that would provide much credibility. It’s all airy-fairy. But hey, her Venezuelan street cred is intact; she used to wear alpargatas, you know, and has gone into so many barrios (as though alone — not). And now, this is one who opines on another’s personal life, even marital status? Give me a break!

          Then we have another who has some tenuous links to Venezuela, through family members who will not even talk to him (could it be they’re aware he doesn’t really know what he’s talking about?). Never mind that, the illusion of belonging to another country is just too intoxicating, moreover, when the repartee in these blogs provide him with a social venue for his periodic breaks. He shares something with the little lecturer from N. Carolina, loves to derail the discussion into airy-fairy mode. And like her, takes it upon himself to denigrate those who actually bring meat to the discussion table, wherever the post or its tangents take us. And what big words he uses! Without knowing their meaning.

          Like I said: so special.

          • CharlesC Says:

            Syd, you are provoking me to regress…

            • CharlesC Says:

              En mi vida he tenido de más de 350 vehículos incluyendo Córdoba y Mirada. ¿Conoces Mirada? Es muy machista tambien…

          • CharlesC Says:

            —“the illusion of belonging to another country”-it is not the present-day Cubazuela, Zimbabzuela.What I see now,I don’t want to live in.
            —“to denigrate those who actually bring meat to the discussion table,”
            Syd, I do not try to hurt your feelings. If I do, I am sorry.

            Look at the huge amount of horror stories coming out today in Venezuela news- and Iranian President visiting. Chavez lying. Lies about housing that Belorussians were supposed to build- millions of bolivars missing-the Belorussian in charge of building houses in Venezuela- in prison-is mafia-so much for Chavez’ friends…I just don’t see how Chavez can go out and face the country and spout off innumerable lies and not even acknowledge any connection to the horror stories that are leaking out everyday..
            and, then, you Syd- would rather shoot darts at me-than Chavez-
            c’mon I know I heard a who!

          • syd Says:

            Charles: I have no time for clown antics by those who mask their ignorance. Nor am I interested in the parroting of verbiage to cover pretense.

            I’m not interested in the put-downs of readers of these blogs (as you did with Kep, for one) who contribute substance, a quality for which you are not known.

            I have no time for those who project their own inadequacies onto others, or trot out their pseudo divining rods to construct personal information on me.

            That’s pathological weirdness from needy attention seekers, who run for their blanket when they’re called upon their behaviour. As for your new-found friend who makes overtures into my personal life, as though she were some closet lesbian, interested in a relationship, please let firepigette know that I’m not of that persuasion.

            Now go run along and play yourself.

            • CharlesC Says:

              “Now go run along and play yourself”-
              why would I be anyone else?
              (I know, you made a typo -right- you left out “with”)
              You are right, Syd- I keep my blanket handy and my bear as well,
              and yes, I have inadequacies.
              As for Mr. Kepler- I generally hold him in highest regard- and respect his vast knowledge. I have no vendetta against Mr. Kepler. Never did.
              Finally, I have confessed repeatedly -yes, I am often a clown. And, you must
              agree -if someone is totally ignorant on an issue-that does not mean that person knows nothing at all. Sometimes I am wrong-but you cannot say
              that all of the time. And, neither are you right all of the time- although
              I know you try very hard to be correct and have references ready, etc.
              Lastly, sometimes I wish I wasn’t me-and I have told many people-be glad you did not live my life. I would not want to relive much of my life…

            • syd Says:

              fuck off.

  17. CharlesC Says:

    El arzobispo de Mérida (Venezuela), Baltazar Enrique Porras, consideró hoy que la posibilidad de que el jefe de Estado de su país, Hugo Chávez, pueda solicitar nuevos poderes especiales para legislar, demuestra que su poder es “omnímodo”.

    Porras comenzó hoy una estancia de tres días en la Mérida española (centro oeste), dentro de un viaje privado que le llevará a otras provincias españolas y a Lisboa.

    En declaraciones a Efe, el arzobispo criticó el anuncio del vicepresidente de Venezuela, Elías Jaua, de que Chávez puede volver a solicitar los poderes especiales “en cualquier momento”, después de que el pasado domingo vencieran los que tuvo por 18 meses.

    En su opinión, esta decisión refleja que Venezuela tiene una Constitución que está “muy bien sobre el papel” pero en la que, gracias a una mayoría parlamentaria, el Ejecutivo tiene “secuestrados” todos los poderes del Estado.

    Al hilo de la crisis mundial, el arzobispo se refirió también a la situación de su país, donde la “tentación” de todos los gobiernos, también del actual, dijo, es la riqueza del petróleo.

    El petróleo se ha “dilapidado” y no ha generado una “riqueza social”, según Porras, quien subrayó que éste es el “problema principal” de Venezuela, unido a otros elementos, como los “ideológicos”.

    -from the Archbishop of Merida (Baltazar Enrique Porras) who is recuperating from surgery in Spain.

    Doesn’t he sound like Devil’s Excrement?

  18. CharlesC Says:

    I have a nephew who believed that some pro team would recruit him. He had is passport and trained and waited the whole year-nada.
    Now, he is going to the Military Academy. (They kept it a secret from me for many months. I was military…I thought he was going to study accounting.)
    All I said was ” You don’t have to do this.” I would not be so sad if the military was different and different leadership.

  19. Johnny Walking Says:


    (I am banging my head against the wall with this one from pure unadulterated rage. Capriles could drill mercilessly the “mandril” with this one:

    • island canuck Says:

      My nephew is a grad student at USB and told me a year ago that there were no supplies & the doctoral professor was only part time.

      It just makes my blood boil to see all the waste with this government. Of course the reason is all political. Intelligent people don’t vote Chavista so don’t give them any money.

      • Johnny Walking Says:

        You are right. It makes blood boil. The USB should be endowed with ten times more the amount it receives annually (< $50MM). Chavez and his minions are the worst examples of the human species.

      • Bruni Says:

        Island, the USB is my alma mater and I can say that it produces a very particular type of professionals that, somehow, are at the antipodes of what Chavismo prones. So from day one Chávez targeted the USB and what it stands for.

  20. tony Says:

    Where is GWEH? He needs to update us on his May 1 prediction that Chavez would be dead in (the already past) 4-5 weeks. I recall he even got mad at us since we taunted him. GWEH, don’t dump on us but on the “super source” that feeds you all the crap (e.g. Makled will be extradited to the US, Chavez’ deathday, etc.).

    BTW, have you looked into Sudoku as an alternative to writing here?

    • syd Says:

      For those who are too far gone, Sudoku is not as effective as Prozac.

      • Johnny Walking Says:

        Oh no. This would be antipsychotics realm.

      • syd Says:

        Well, how else to interpret someone who, for years, periodically parachutes into these blogs, tries to convince readers that he has the inside track on confidential (US) state secrets, divulges (gasp!) these top secrets, gets angry when no one believes him, then calls one person three times, twice collect, presumably from Nicaragua, where he writes and maintains a blog filled with gibberish.

        My unqualified opinion is that this behaviour goes a little beyond your garden variety of neurotic, for whom Sudoku might be a calming exercise.

        • Johnny Walking Says:

          That’s what I am talking about. Prozac’s not good enough. This guy needs antipsychotics … as in treatment for schizophrenia.

          • syd Says:

            Oh, I misunderstood your earlier comment. You’re right, if he’s indeed schizoid, then stronger meds would prevail.

  21. syd Says:

    Diablito, I’m curious about whether the metal sheeting is stainless steel (pure or otherwise), what gauge it might be, and most particularly, what was used to tint parts of it. Can metal take a colouring additive in its formation? If it can, imagine if mosto de uva roja had been used — how appropriate!

    • CharlesC Says:

      I do not mean to intrude-but- rapid heating and/or cooling to certain areas can cause this type of coloring to stainless-

      This is the whole philosophy of deconstructionism: “disorder of dreams of purity of form”and “disorder of thinking about the form.”

      Let’s call it what it is- Waste on a grand scale-everlasting symbol of waste..

      • syd Says:

        Would you and your fellow hair-shirted souls please allow the rest of us to discuss something other than the architecture of a TV set? Thank you.

        • CharlesC Says:

          How about we get back to responding to Chavez’s absurd statements-“Venezuela will be a power country.” yeah, chavez, you have worked very hard, spent billions to try and become a pimple on Uncle Sam’s arse!!

          • syd Says:

            Evidently, you did not read the post, Charles. Let me help you. It’s about Miguel’s visit to a winery with renowned architecture (and huge lavender bushes at one end). See the photo above for further guidelines.

    • moctavio Says:

      Seems to be anodized aluminum, a few mm thick.

      • Carolina Says:

        Titanium, galvanized and stainless steel:

        “The Canopies are lined with stainless steel, titanium and mirror colors. About three thousand four hundred thousand square meters spread between titanium tone in gold, seven hundred and titanium in pink and the rest of inoxicable steel mirror polished finish, broken into something more than twenty different Canopies that form the bulk of the lining of the building.
        The titanium has been supplied from Japan, which incorporates a layer of oxidation that is transmitting the color. to get that color by dipping the titanium plate in a natural acid which is applied electric current is called electolítico process. This process produces an oxidation at the plate, depending on their thickness that defines the final color of the plate.
        After obtaining the color, apply a hardener colorless layer that protects this layer of oxidation and claim a total stability in the final finish of the layers of titanium. The placement of titanium and stainless steel at mediatne Canopies is a square of foil and two one millimeter thick, which overlap in the form of flakes attached to the tubes through stainless steel rivets. To avoid the formation of pairs between the galvanic plantabandas of galvanized steel and reversing titanium or stainless steel provides a tape, both among the stainless steel rivet with the galvanized steel and titanium, which is necessary to install a sleeve of nylon between each rivet.
        An additional difficulty is the vision we have Canopies, since most of which both sides are visible, so that any defect which has the structure that supports them or the material itself in that it completely visible.”

        • syd Says:

          Interesante. Thank you! I might look for a better translation, but I get the gist. So when the titanium plates are dipped in acid (the electrolytic process), there’s a resulting oxidation that, depending on the thickness of the plates (and perhaps, too, the duration of the dipping) produces the (intensity of the) color. Brilliant.

  22. Johnny Walking Says:

    Nice Building. Planning to go to Bilbao? A bit of a chronicle about the wines but be appreciated.

    • Went to the Contador winery today, it will be hard to top that, tried all their wines, truly amazing stuff in the reds.

      • Johnny Walking Says:

        You lazy wicked one! I wan’t names and years! Share the wealth!

        • moctavio Says:

          All 2009 at Contandor

          Predicador Blanco
          La Cueva
          La Vna de Andres Romeo

          Have also had
          Vina Ardanza Especial 2001
          La Nieta 2004
          Finca Terra 2009

          • Johnny Walking Says:

            And to think that to entice Mr. Gehry to design “The “Flowering Cosa,” as he would like the building to be called, he was presented with a 1929 Gran Reserva Marqués de Riscal. He was born that year.

  23. hgdam Says:

    Looks great–better be since rooms start at 300 euros a night, LOL

  24. Juan Ignacio Sosa Says:

    The in-room breakfast is incredible. One of the highlights of my stay there and of the whole trip from a month ago.

  25. CharlesC Says:

    I always thought architects like that has their head up their arse.
    Now, the Sydney Opera House-for example-makes sense.
    Gugenheim Museum -for example- another with head up arse.
    What a waste of materials-looks like leftover parts from a crashed 747
    Why not take a vote-right here. How many like the new tomb whatever
    for Bolivar? (Hint: You can guess how I will vote.)
    Beautiful lavender fields in France, too…

    • Carolina Says:


      Gehry has quite a successful career for a reason, and it’s not precisely for “having his head up his arse”. Good for him.
      Behind every single one of his buildings there is an amazing creative process and an awful amount of engineering and technology involved, and their uniqueness make them very special.
      Look at those buildings as sculptures, not as buildings, and it’s ok if you don’t like them, the beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right?

      • CharlesC Says:

        I don’t wanta sculpture for a building. I want a freakin building for abuilding.
        I saw his “creative process” —
        “The hallmark of deconstructivist architecture is its apparent instability. Though structurally sound, the projects seem to be in states of explosion or collapse…” No, thank you.
        You are right about “beholding” and I know what I see -a pile of %^&%

        • CharlesC Says:

          Can you imagine a whole neighborhood built by this kook.
          Call it “barfville”..

          • Carolina Says:

            Do you mean something like this?



            (BTW, not discussing the articles, just the photos)

            That is, everybody living in series of shoeboxes. That for me is “barfville”.

          • syd Says:

            Here are expressions I associate with 8 year olds:
            I’m bored.
            That’s barfville.

            • CharlesC Says:

              Good memory, Syd. Yourself and your sidekick, Johnny B. Walking
              have me pegged. “An 8 year old who wears light blue-checkered pants
              and a pink jacket on Sundays.” Oh, and I sing in the choir and shop at
              How does this square with your description- in the past few years I have been downsizing-donated @5,000 books. Also, every year since adulthood
              I have given books to people as Christmas gifts (new ones of course) and I would say-last 20 years- I gave -sort of reference books with lots of pictures
              the kind of books one has laying on the coffee table for example for people to look at the pictures- Point is -some of those books were about architecture
              and I can visit some friends and there the books are-and they all say “Those
              are interesting and great pics. etc..
              Which reminds me- I am hopingthat a certain photograher will publish a book
              of photos of Venezuela. Nature, farming,mountains, waterfalls, birds Not the city,the fashionistas, the military,nor Chavez…

        • Johnny Walking Says:

          “I don’t wanta sculpture for a building. I want a freakin building for abuilding.”

          I guess you won’t ever be caught thinking outside of the box.

          • CharlesC Says:

            Can you imagine if Gehry had designed the Starship Enterprise?
            No, I think I would save my money for somebody freakin LOGICAL
            to do it…Don’t try to show me any cookie cutter boxes and say that is
            what I am talking about- you are wrong. Your statements
            show signs of not thinking at all…

            • Johnny Walking Says:

              The Starship Enterprise, you say? That is your idea for a LOGICAL design by Mr. Gehry? I guess we are in no danger of your name being associated with a work of art … ever! Lol!

            • Johnny Walking Says:

              Yes, I don’t think, therefore I don’t exist… in your microscopic imagination!

          • syd Says:

            Charles, perhaps your difficulty lies in not understanding creative processes beyond paint-by-numbers. Frank Gehry designed this structure for a WINERY – hello – not an office building, not Starship Enterprise, not the Dept. of Justice. As such, his architecture is perfectly suited, not only to the theme of wine cultivation, production, and (global) consumption, but also for the associated TOURISM via a hotel, restaurant(s), etc.

            Once you have recovered from your ‘barfville’, you might want to apply curiosity about the materials, the stress points, and a host of other aspects, which would show you in an inquisitive light than in one of instant dismissiveness.

            • CharlesC Says:

              Syd, mind you that I am no barber, but I would like to give Gehry a
              haircut to match his “building”. When I look at the building it doesn’t remind
              me of anything to do with wine cultivation. (In fact, I know quite a lot about wine cultivation and the history of farming worldwide..)
              Would you drive a car designed by Gehry?
              Yes, I tend to be a “form follows function” type but it doesn’t mean that I do not like good designs.
              Sorry to ruffle feathers, I just don’t have room for shabby art-
              it just ain’t cool to me…Freakishness should not be built.

            • Johnny Walking Says:

              NIce try, but it clearly was doomed to fail. The Enterprise seems to remind him of a better place to grow vines.

            • CharlesC Says:

              I bet Gehry has built a better mousetrap. It needs no bait. Once inside the mouse freaks out and kills himself…
              I heard it from a friend that if you stand on 3rd floor balcony near the roof contraption in winter and a strong wind causes what sounds like]
              Donald Duck saying “F*&(()k u”– If this it is true at least it is something worth appreciating on some level. As it is there is nothing-NADA.

              And, Mr. Walken backwards-what is your opinion of the architecture of
              Bolivar’s tomb? Just freakin beautiful, right? Not.

            • Johnny Walking Says:

              Walking. The name is Johnny Walking. Do you by any chance wear light blue checkered pants with pink coats on Sundays? What does “gimnasia” have to do with “magnesia”? We are not talking about Bolivar’s new mausoleum, but about a winery in Spain, whose design is awesome. But I don’t expect you to appreciate that. Most probably your idea of fine architecture is the building of your local Walmart.

          • CharlesC Says:

            Johnny Walking-i overlooked your comment below- Of course you exist and I hope you continue to. As for Gehry- I would fire him as an architect.That’s just my opinion. Maybe designer jewelry is ok for Gehry-which I of course do not wear-how about you? I have never imagined myself wearing any, either…
            Seriously, we are dancing around the issue of deconstructionism in postmodern architecture: Hope you enjoy the photos and info below-
            (It is not my cup of tea…)


    • m_astera Says:

      If the purpose of a building is to shelter and protect the inhabitants, it needs a good roof and solid walls. This building was not meant to shelter anyone, it was meant to show off. In 100 years, at most, it will be gone and not missed.

      • Johnny Walking Says:

        Ok, Nostradamus, whatever you say. By the way, the building is a HOTEL with a good roof and solid walls (Last I checked, a hotel SHELTERS people). Just read a little bit about it. It won’t hurt, I promise.

      • syd Says:

        Yes, m_astera, any world-renowned architect sets out to design buildings to last only 100 years, or less.


        Well, except for Shigeru Ban who purposely creates temporary structures, or well protected ones, out of paper products.

        Do you think that Mr. Gehry failed to (over-)engineer every single component of the Marqués de Riscal to accept the loads and stresses of undulating wings of steel and titanium — for perpetuity?

        You may not like it; that’s a personal choice. But one has to marvel at how this was put together, completely flying in the face of conventional architecture, as are most of Gehry’s signature buildings.

        Or did he design the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, for instance, to last less than a century?

        By the way, this is very hush-hush, but Gehry’s next project is the Springfield auditorium.

      • syd Says:

        M_astera: this may interest you: .
        I’m so sorry that the day I passed through Bilbao, the museum was closed. Did not expect that. Still, walking around and viewing the outside architecture with no crowds was exciting. Was amazed, too, by the giant dog of flowers.

      • m_astera Says:

        Syd. In a former life I was a builder and designer. Built a few original houses for people. Take a look at this and tell me it will last:

        Just because one can do something doesn’t mean they should. Those windows will leak. Gehry is not designing buildings to last, he is designing things that look interesting. I call it architectural masturbation. Nothing about it is functional, it’s ten times harder to build, and it isn’t going to last.

        • syd Says:

          It’s true that Gehry has been the object of a lawsuit for leaking windows, notably from the MIT’s data center, and that there was/is leakage in spots of Toronto’s Art Gallery of Ontario, attributed to the structure’s first year of settling. As such, Gehry should have the full weight of the law applied to him or his company. There is no mention of leakage, say, in his Bilbao structure, or any of his many other buildings.

          As for function, it’s true that one area of the MIT data center is so full of (untinted) windows that glare is a problem for those working on computers. On the other hand, there may be information that has not come out, such as, Gehry not being informed of the function of that particular wing by the responsible party at MIT.

          Otherwise, the students seem to enjoy using that building.

          Your argument lost ground, when you used a photo of the extension of the Cleveland Clinic, while it was under construction, rather than the finished structure.

  26. ECG Says:

    Gehry’s designs look wonderful but they must be a nightmare to maintain. Enjoy your stay!

  27. David Says:

    enjoy the wine and the break. You deserve it

  28. Bruni Says:

    I am envious because of the lavender…I am desperately trying to get a single plant to grow and you send this picture FULL of them!


    • Roberto N Says:

      You can find some good lavender in a lavenderia…………..

      • firepigette Says:


        Maybe your climate or soil isn’t right for it…I live next to a huge lavender farm here in North Carolina, which is probably a lot warmer than Canada…It likes hot and dry.

    • syd Says:

      Bruni, I recommend that you buy the lavender plants from a ‘jardinería’. And that you make sure your soil conditions are favourable to the plants. There are many different types of lavender, not all suited to Canadian climates. I’m in SW Ontario, which is warmer than Montreal, and have had Mumford lavender for 3 years. I cut it down every fall and find new growth every spring. With ‘abono’ and bedding sand, I’ve improved the porosity of the heavy clay soil. But the bushes are small in comparison to those of the photo, above. I believe there’s a lavender farm in the Eastern Townships. A google search should reveal.

      • Bruni Says:

        Yes there is. Last year I bought three lavender plants from my local merchants, they did not stand the winter. This year I am starting with a single plant. But it just doesn’t grow. It is in full sun…

        BTW I have problems with mint as well, that is supposed to be SUPER EASY.

        • Firepigette Says:

          Bruno, I find that mint grows better for me in the shade.

        • syd Says:

          Bruni, you haven’t mentioned the type of soil in which you have the lavender plants. Let me know. I may have some solutions.
          P.S. I recommend growing mint in pots; it throws out runners, everywhich way.

          • Bruni Says:

            I bought an organic soil for herbs and everything has been potted….The mint is in an area that has some shade during the day, the lavender is in full sun the whole day. The mint is watered often, not so the lavender…I think I have followed all the rules, yet the mint is being eaten up by ants and the lavender does not grow too much. I sprayed cinnamon to the mint plant to repeal the ants, and it seems to be working, nonetheless, why should ants decide to like MY mint plant? Isn’t mint supposed to repeal the ants?

            I am starting to understand Mafalda’s dad.

          • syd Says:

            Try a bigger pot for the lavender. Maybe the root ball needs more space. Try using bone meal at the base of the root whenever you transplant, and 3-in-one (not 3×5=18) soil. No need for anything too fancy.

          • syd Says:

            P.S. No plant in a pot will survive the Cdn winter (except perhaps in the 3 warmest zones of this country). A perennial needs the insulation properties of a lot of earth to survive from one year to the next. You might want to take that pot indoors, in the late fall, and bring it out in the spring.

          • syd Says:

            Bruni: .
            I saw hidcote at a jardinería near me; I doubt they would sell a perennial in this climate (zone 5b/6a) that could not tolerate winter. I liked it. I have Munstead (got the name wrong, before). I’d like to find Hidcote Giant or Grosso. Both seem to be English lavenders. Disfrútalo.

            • Bruni Says:

              Syd, I really REALLY appreciate your tips. I have been sincerely put down by my lack of success this year…I’ll try repotting with sandy soil. In fact this year I am having trouble with the plants that are supposed to need the least care: thyme, lavander and origano. It may be that I am caring too much…

              The mint is now doing well. I sprayed the plant with cinnamon and got rid of the ants.


            • syd Says:

              You’re welcome, Bruni. Just sharing what I’ve learned and experienced. I think you’re on the right track by adding more porous (sandier) soil. Let me know if you and your family visit that lavender farm in the e. townships.

        • m_astera Says:

          Lavender needs calcareous soil to thrive. Needs calcium. Sprinkle a tablespoon of high-calcium ag lime on top of the soil in the pot and water it in. Note: not dolomite lime which is high in magnesium. High calcium ag lime or oyster shell flour is what you want.

          • Carolina Says:

            Can you water them with milk?
            Just kidding.

            • m_astera Says:

              Milk might work. Wouldn’t hurt. Lavender might like it. The protein would give a Nitrogen boost too. But watered down, like 1/4 part milk to water, and not every watering, maybe once a month.

          • syd Says:

            Thank you, m_astera! The addition of acidic nutrients may explain why the lavender bushes are small this year. I have a small amount of horti lime (100% CaCO3), which I’ll apply with watering this eve, though it may be too late in the season to achieve results like the photo above.

          • Bruni Says:

            Thanks, I’ll try that.

          • Phil Says:

            Try crushed egg shells.

  29. David Cheever Says:

    Enjoy the vino!

  30. syd Says:

    Muuucha lavanda, cierto? Qué sabroso será andar por ahí. No te rasques!

  31. Ira Says:

    Can you post a picture of yourself standing on that roof?

  32. julicarbonell Says:

    where te hell?

  33. ErneX Says:

    That’s damn cool, welcome to Spain!

  34. Armando J Tirado Says:

    Dude, the Marques de Riscal, awesome!!! Try to stay in a room that overlooks the funky structure, as it is enjoyable to see….I extended my stay there and worked from the room with a view of the building, which evoques the colors of the wines produced by the Rioja…….so cool. Go visit the town and check out the very unique altar at the church of Elciego, a 5 min walk….naaaice!!!!!

  35. Brett Says:

    Frank Gehry would be proud.

  36. jose Says:

    where is this…..and who owns it…

  37. i thought there was no rest for the wicked…..

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