With Chavismo There Is Always A Winner And A Loser

May 31, 2012

So, in the continuation of Government by lottery, today Chavez’ 3 millionth follower in Twitter received a home! Only 2,999,999 to go, but Chavez delivers! (Unless, of course, 73% of his followers don’t exist, as suggested by this study)

You can also be a winner if you are a “Pran”  (sort of “Lord of The Prison”) at a jail, well protected and taken care of, treated with respect, as the picture below shows when La Planta’s Pran was taken away (picture stolen from Tal Cual):

Unless, of course, you are an enemy of the government, like Judge Affiuni, in the last picture, then you are treated like a vulgar criminal, handcuffed and dozens of National Guards pushing you around.

It is indeed a pretty revolution! More to come! Get your ticket! You never know when it will be your turn!Either way!

(You have to love Chiguire’s interpretation of the news:

2.999.999 de seguidores de @Chavezcandanga no reciben una casa )

13 Responses to “With Chavismo There Is Always A Winner And A Loser”

  1. FOSS FTW Says:

    It’s been very clear for a long time now that it is extremely hard to lie and cheat in the Internet age and get away with it. The only people to whom this is not clear are usually idiots who don’t understand the previous premise, thinking that they can push a country around like it was the 19th century.

    Kudos to the “new transparency”, it’s going to help us in all walks of life.

  2. megaescualidus Says:

    Los enchufados robolucionarios win, everybody else (including, of course, los escualidos oligarcas) loose

  3. sinonada Says:

    Regarding the criteria for phantom accounts…I have a phantom account (huevo, less than 3 messages sent) but do use twitter regularly. I do follow 30+ accounts just don’t tweet myself. So although I don’t doubt some accounts are fake, the number might not be as high as suggested.

  4. Rudy Says:

    You can even come as innocent person like so many in the most evil prison in the world ” Guantanamo” and tortured in the most evil inhuman way without any chance for a fair trail, just to make the rich in the US richer !

    • Roberto N Says:

      Que pendejo(a) eres, Rudy.

      You cannot defend what your President and his 40 ladrones do, so you want to mention things that have nothing in common to the discussion.

      I’m sure it’s OK with you to have prisons with “coliseos” and “discotecas” and “armas y drogas”, that shows the rest of the world how good we are compared to the gringos.

      Vaya estupidez la tuya!

    • HalfEmpty Says:

      You forgot Dresden and the Scotsboro boys.

    • Kepler Says:

      Rudy, ¿me puedes decir qué carajos tiene que ver Guantánamo o Magascar o lo que traigas del extranjero con este caso de corrupción y autocracia de nuestro país? Por favor, responde en español. Entiendo el inglés, pero creo que sería mejor que nos explicases esto en cristiano.
      Supongo que tú eres venezolano y estás interesado en hablar de un tema relativo a Venezuela y no te metes a este blog solo por joder.

      Vamos, di qué diantres tiene que ver eso con este post sobre Venezuela.

    • moctavio Says:

      Always bring up the US to justify the unjustifiable, just because you have no ethic standards does not mean our countries should not have it. Get some morals before commenting here please PSF.

  5. LD Says:

    Imagine for a second, Capriles would have used gobernor’s money to spend a house to a twitter follower, he would have been inhabilitated and in jail by now…

  6. loroferoz Says:

    The first image is honor among criminals… and most probably collaborators.

    The other is just a political prisoner that The Boss of Bosses has something against for releasing a guy who knew too much. She’s fair game.

    Organized crime in Venezuela…

  7. syd Says:

    interesting app from IvanStalyn to cut through the bull from narcissists and megalomaniacs, aiming to promote themselves on the basis of a false premise.

  8. metodex Says:

    Beautiful picture composition, it shows the depressing state of Venezuela. A judge with a little trace of independent thought and criteria gets put down.

    And a man that kills,extorts,kidnaps and contrabands for a living gets “negotiated” with to prevent his criminal rights of drug and weapon possession to be taken away. Still amazes me how people in this country has this shit right in front of their eyes and decide to look away because “VIVA CHAVEZ NOJODA”.

    Venezuela indeed is the “Pais Al reves de las maravillas”.

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