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Contrasting Reactions To A Video And The New Cadivi Student Rules

May 5, 2012

I am a little bit puzzled by the reaction to  a bunch of young kids who made a video about Caracas being a city of farewells. I found the whole reaction simply astonishing, the kids did not say anything new, they said what I hear every day whenever I am in Caracas. In fact, try to hire a recent graduate on any Major and you get the response: “Oh no, except for me and a friend, all my classmates have left the country.”

It’s a reality, kids don’t go out at night to party for fear of being kidnapped. Yes, they risk it sometimes, but when they visit their buddy at a US or European University (Thanks to Cadivi dollars)  they see a totally different attitude, people party all night and walk home without worries.

What’s not to like.

And while the video may be from kids from the East of Caracas, I am sure the felling is the same everywhere. Don’t you think the kid in Petare or San Cristobal wants to leave to? Of course they do.

In fact, in my experience, it is the middle class kids who actually look back. The Venezuelan waitress at the Chinese restaurant (no joke) or the Direct TV installer, has no money to go back and check things out. They leave, they don’t look back, they start a new life, learn a language, they don’t read Caracas Chronicles, nor the Devil nor Daniel, life is still tough, but they have a car and rent an apartment and food on the table. It is a far cry from the rancho and Venezuelan reality.

But while the video generated a reaction, I find it funny that the reaction to CADIVI limiting what careers they finance abroad faced such criticism.

Come on! It is the same kids you saw in the video that want money to study marketing and finance and journalism and whatever else their heart desires.

And guess what? They have no plan to come back to Venezuela. The cheap dollars they are asking from CADIVI is their ticket out of the country. And anyone that can get it, will simply grab it!

But remember, this is a revolution. The amazing part is that the Government wants to give CADIVI dollars to study anything other than Marxist  Economics, Socialist Planning or Advanced Cuban Spying. It is just another revolutionary contradiction or stupidity.

Thus, I find it ironic that people criticize these kids for wanting to leave and criticize CADIVI for not giving money for careers that are non-essential, when even those studying the “essential” ones are just looking to leave.

The truth is the kids simply said what a lot of people are thinking (I only watched half of it, did not have the patience) Many don’t leave, because they can’t, they are afraid or they really want to stay. That’s what a democracy is all about. Different opinions, different criteria, different thoughts.

But you can be sure these kids are not anomalies.

Ten years ago, the video was “Cedula Ciudadano” :

Five years ago, it was “Secuestro Express“.

Thirty years ago, there was no “youtube”, otherwise we may have seen: “How to get a beca and come back rich to Venezuela”

That is no longer possible…