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With Chavismo There Is Always A Winner And A Loser

May 31, 2012

So, in the continuation of Government by lottery, today Chavez’ 3 millionth follower in Twitter received a home! Only 2,999,999 to go, but Chavez delivers! (Unless, of course, 73% of his followers¬†don’t exist, as suggested by this study)

You can also be a winner if you are a “Pran”¬† (sort of “Lord of The Prison”) at a jail, well protected and taken care of, treated with respect, as the picture below shows when La Planta’s Pran was taken away (picture stolen from Tal Cual):

Unless, of course, you are an enemy of the government, like Judge Affiuni, in the last picture, then you are treated like a vulgar criminal, handcuffed and dozens of National Guards pushing you around.

It is indeed a pretty revolution! More to come! Get your ticket! You never know when it will be your turn!Either way!

(You have to love Chiguire’s interpretation of the news:

2.999.999 de seguidores de @Chavezcandanga no reciben una casa )