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When Godgiven Speaks, Should Anyone Listen?

May 28, 2012

(Cabello practicing lying on a whiteboard)

With a straight face, Godgiven (a.k.a Diosdado Cabello, President of the Venezuelan National Assembly) himself told the press that “Chavez does not have a date to register to be a candidate for the election…in fact, he could do it via the Internet”

Jeez, what can I say? From the Government that brought Venezuela into literacy, The same Government that built 80,000-plus housing units so far in 2012, no matter what the Cubans may say or think, we now hear that shucks! Chavez just does not feel like it. Is not health, its shyness. Why make a big deal out of it? Why fix a date? He may just send an e-mail. He would just Tweet it, if it were legal. Chavez has never been one to like being in the spotlight, he never liked the limelight and all media opportunities in the last thirteen years, have just been decided at the last minute. they just went well, mostly. Like the one million that brought him back to Miraflores in 2002. Or the one million that went to the May Day march on May 1st.

Yeah, sure Godgiven. And you don’t want to be President and you are fully loyal to Hugo and money stinks!

As we say in Spanish, “Ahora cuentame una de vaqueros” (Now, tell me one about cowboys)

At this rate, we may never see Chavez “live” during his second term, just because he is so shy…He confirmed he does not know

So, when Godgiven speaks, should anyone listen?