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How To Get a Contract to Build Housing in Venezuela Without Even Existing

May 7, 2012

According to Argentina’s El Clarin, on the same event that Chavez gave Cristina Kirchner the picture of her husband (above), agreements were signed for US$ 1.6 billion dollars between the two Governments. One of them, was a contract to build 10,000 housing units in Carabobo State in Venezuela by a company by the name of CONLAT.

This all happened on December 1st. 2011.

The funny hing is, CONLAT did not exist. In fact, it was not until more than three weeks later on Dec. 26th. that CONLAT Construcciones Latinoamericanas began to exist, as another company Consular Latinoconsult changed its name to CONLAT.

According to El Clarin, even today, those working in the “Gran Misiion Vivienda” in Venezuela know nothing about CONLAT, its project, nor any formal process to have the contract awarded.

All that is known is that the owners of CONLAT/Consular are people who gave to Mrs. Kirchner’s campaign and that are reportedly close to none other than Argentina’s Minister of Planning Julio de Vido, who always appears involved in things having to do with Venezuela, such as the infamous maletin. .

Thus, while Venezuelan companies who want to participate in building housing, no matter what experience they have, have to provide all sorts of documentation and guarantees, besides having to wait months to be approved and years to get paid, foreign fly by night operations with connections to revolutionary foreign Governments can get the go ahead even before they exist.

I guess that is why they call themselves revolutionaries, they definitely do things differently. That’s how their associates go from revolutionaries to millionaires in a short period of time.