How To Get a Contract to Build Housing in Venezuela Without Even Existing

May 7, 2012

According to Argentina’s El Clarin, on the same event that Chavez gave Cristina Kirchner the picture of her husband (above), agreements were signed for US$ 1.6 billion dollars between the two Governments. One of them, was a contract to build 10,000 housing units in Carabobo State in Venezuela by a company by the name of CONLAT.

This all happened on December 1st. 2011.

The funny hing is, CONLAT did not exist. In fact, it was not until more than three weeks later on Dec. 26th. that CONLAT Construcciones Latinoamericanas began to exist, as another company Consular Latinoconsult changed its name to CONLAT.

According to El Clarin, even today, those working in the “Gran Misiion Vivienda” in Venezuela know nothing about CONLAT, its project, nor any formal process to have the contract awarded.

All that is known is that the owners of CONLAT/Consular are people who gave to Mrs. Kirchner’s campaign and that are reportedly close to none other than Argentina’s Minister of Planning Julio de Vido, who always appears involved in things having to do with Venezuela, such as the infamous maletin. .

Thus, while Venezuelan companies who want to participate in building housing, no matter what experience they have, have to provide all sorts of documentation and guarantees, besides having to wait months to be approved and years to get paid, foreign fly by night operations with connections to revolutionary foreign Governments can get the go ahead even before they exist.

I guess that is why they call themselves revolutionaries, they definitely do things differently. That’s how their associates go from revolutionaries to millionaires in a short period of time.

44 Responses to “How To Get a Contract to Build Housing in Venezuela Without Even Existing”

  1. Goober Pyle Says:

    and you all havent shot this guy yet because?

    • m_astera Says:

      I would say, because the oil and drug money gets spread around very widely, and most of those in the country with enough capital or connections to play the game continue to benefit. Those presently scrambling for the crumbs that fall from the table dream of sitting at the table themselves.

  2. NicaCat56 Says:

    @syd and @CharlesC: please take your fight somewhere else. It’s not fair to the rest of us to read/view your feud, as it seems to be a case of different personalities. Thank you.

    • CharlesC Says:

      Sorry, I am stopping. Here’s a sample of what I consider important
      news worthy of discussion:

      “Qué precio hemos pagado por no haber tenido la lúcidez, el coraje y las convicciones necesarias para enfrentar este enemigo interno. No, no todos se han dejado comprar. Sólo los que mueven las piezas claves en el ajedrez de la política opositora, o aquellos, y hay tantos, que han mantenido un silencio cómplice frente a la duplicidad de los traidores”

      May I refer you to Caracas Gringo’s new post today.

  3. EscarlataEscarlatico Says:

    Que macuache mas deslucido y de calidad inferior

  4. syd Says:

    @CharlesC: Know that histrionics will always trump clear thinking. Know, too, that serious mainstream media does not offer the sensationalism you obviously prefer.

    • Johnny Walking Says:

      I think this guy just crossed a line with his last comment. it is better to ignore him completely.

      • CharlesC Says:

        Yes, Jo. Fair assessment. I actually meant it as a joke but it was “off-colour”.
        For reference, Syd has jabbed me many times re. rorschach test,etc
        {Reality is only a Rorschach ink-blot, you know.-Alan Watts}

        etc- she seems strongly influenced by Freudian psychology to say the least
        anyway, I”ll stop. It really irritates me when someone talks about me to another person esp. not in my native language…

    • CharlesC Says:

      “You worry about a splinter in my eye when there is a beam in your eye”-isn’t that in the Bible. Point is, are syou so sure you are seriously grounded all of the time in reality-yeah and I think you live nearby or on the river Nile…
      You remind me all to well of some what are called “nini;s”- the Press and Venezuelans have not challenged Chavez nor even questioned or asked for
      explanations,( or ask for proof as youare always asking me) I have seen more refutations of Chavez and his statements and behaviors in the Press in past few weeks than all years combined, haven’t you. That proves the point.

  5. HA! HA!
    Saludos Rojorojito,
    now he is coming back to SLOWLY but surely… HEH! HEH!
    TIME is on our side,
    LIFE is on our side.
    Clutch your rojitos to your breast/chest,
    only DEATH and DYING is on your side.
    A revolution is but a spinned wheel.
    So try spinning more wheels
    with your hero’s wheezing putrid breath.

  6. Roger Says:

    Nobody with a brain believes all these empty promises that Chavez and his cronies babble on about every time there is a camera and or microphone in front of them. You can’t touch and live in words!
    I was thinking about S&H Green Stamps. If Chavez or the opposition said: For every so many Bs. you spend at the Mercal, you will get a building brick or stamps good toward the purchase of the building product of your choice. Of course we all know a whole new black market would develop around this program but, at least somebody gets a house in the end.
    Rojo: Chavez might be back more or less and yes Cuban Zombie Technology is the best in the world but, they still have not worked out how to make them talk!

  7. Yaya Says:

    Miguel: I read this blog all the time because it is very informative and well researched. Tiny detail bothering me. The expression is “fly by night” not “flight by night”. Other than that, carry on!

  8. Johnny Walking Says:

    No doubt, it is important that these things come out in the open to reinforce the notion that the country is ruled by a band of criminals. However, in my view, there are more important things to discuss right now. For instance, Caracas Gringo’s last post is very alarming, because it paints a very plausible scenario. Although I can’t gauge the level of precision of his remarks, the scenario that he paints would very much agree with what these thugs have been doing since they came to power. And the opposition is totally unprepared for this

    • syd Says:

      OK, so maybe the oppo is a little weak — por ahora. But I don’t think its members, particularly those with legal training and political experience, are that clueless on the issue of corruption.

      What I do suspect is this:
      Capriles is treading a fine line. He knows that his objective is to obtain as many votes as he can, however unrealistic that task may be, come 7O. So far, he seems to comes out with a “pearl”, once a day, from multi-geographic vantage points, while he brings to his side the fence-sitters and dubious chavistas. But there’s a problem. Capriles is not the focus. Rather, everyone’s thinking about the supposedly dying Chavez, and the worms that surface in his absence.

      What to do? I have no answer. I just hope that the oppo does not shoot from the hip over every allegation that percolates in blogdom. That’s where legal training has its value — the ability to calmly assess and build a better picture, devoid of emotion. The more serious mainstream media would support this stance.

      • Johnny Walking Says:

        Actually, I am talking about this:

        “In fact, the regime’s senior henchmen are more determined than ever to stay in power as a result of former narco-judge Eladio Aponte’s tales of the direct involvement of General Henry Rangel Silva and Cliver Alcala, Diosdado Cabello, Elias Jaua and other senior regime officials in drug trafficking and judicial tampering.”

        “Le van a dar una patada a la mesa,” my Army compadre forecasts.

        “They – the regime plus Fidel – are going to kick the table over and start a civil war, if that’s what it takes to stay in power.”

        Obviously, Capriles and the whole oppo would be utterly irrelevant if this happens. Fidel and Raul need our money and they won’t let go without a fight. They have decades of experience meddling in other countries affairs, and one of the best intelligence services in the world. It doesn’t look good at all.

      • syd Says:

        I hadn’t read ‘Firestorms’. Grim. Very grim. And, of course, possible. All that’s left during these next 5 months is a naïve faith that democracy will be allowed, assuming a Capriles win. Btw, great opinioin by Hermann Alvino. Te lo recomiendo. Y gracias, caballero, por el consejo en el otro asunto. Ya cabalgué.

        • Johnny Walking Says:

          Well, I had read it, but I disagree on his take. Mine is much more pessimistic. I am quite sure at this point that Kingpin Thugo will croak very soon, certainly before the election. However, there is no way chavistas – and more important their puppet masters, Fidel and Raul – will relinquish power the nice way. There will be an outright electoral fraud, but if this is not possible they will give a “patada a la mesa.” The interesting thing to watch will be for how long these thugs can cling to power. I don’t think they will be able to do so for a long period of time. Venezuela is not Cuba, and as always in our history the military will be the deciding factor. If it is true that the majority of officers are loyal to the constitution, then chavistas are toast; it would only be a matter of time. In that case, I will be sipping my finest scotch because these thugs will certainly be hunted down, as it should be. There can be no reconciliation with criminals. I would also be equally delighted watching as the communist regime in Cuba crumbles down, something that could have happened long ago if it were not for cancer-andante.

        • Johnny Walking Says:

          Not 5 minutes elapsed after I wrote my last reply, and Caracas Gringo posted this:

          IMHO, this is what we should be discussing in al blogs. Anything else at this point is “monte seco.”

        • syd Says:

          I agree that:
          * Ch will die before 7O.
          * Castro & Co will try everything to retain power. After all, Ch was Fidel’s Trojan horse, which finally gave the Cuban apparatchiks the Vzlan beachhead they so wanted and failed to gain in the 60’s. (More than a Trojan horse, Ch was Cuba’s gravy train. He should be buried on that Island with full honours.)

          I believe that:
          * If after 30 years of Soviet subsidies, Cuba managed to strike it alone and open its economy to tourism development and mining concessions (for which Cuba gets a whopping 50%, if memory serves), then it’s likely that the country could have more or less managed without Ch. After all, Cuba has been able to trade with any country in the world, and with the US on a primary needs and cash basis only. Naturally, Ch. opened the floodgates.
          * The Vzlan military will prevail and defend the Constitution on 7-8O. But regardless, Cubans and their acolytes will continue to infect Vzla’s military, government, and social fabric, for a very long time.
          *Ekvall and Betancourt Oteyza are irresponsible alarmists, particularly Ekvall who accuses several without providing an ounce of detail. Both these characters have lost credibility in my estimation. I’ll hang on to my naïve beliefs, instead.

  9. CharlesC Says:

    What makes my blood boil is-who does Chavez think he is working for?
    Who said “Chavez, it is Ok to treat the Venezuelan people this way?” Oops. I forgot. It was Fidel…
    Just think how many jobs for Venezuelans-in Carabobo to build 10,000 houses.
    At least the Press is digging up some old news- why no reaction in December?
    And, manana will be all different infotainment and propaganda.

  10. Ronaldo Says:

    The painting will be more appropriate in a few months.
    Nestor Kirchner is dead. Chavez is headed that way.

    • syd Says:

      Word in the art world is that the painting’s value could go as high as Munch’s The Scream.

      • CharlesC Says:

        Your comedy needs repair. A. Nestor and Hugo is not art.
        it is propaganda. B.Can you document where you heard the “word
        in the art world ….naw-fail..

      • Johnny Walking Says:

        That would be sacrilege. Lol!

    • Rojorojito Says:

      Dream on buddy, he is coming back to slowly but surely pick up where he left off. Mahunches, run for cover!

      • moctavio Says:

        Yes, we know, is it until 2030, 2060 or 2090? I just want you to be a little more precise since you never address the posts, but only express your idolatry.

        • Ronaldo Says:

          Robo-Hugo is being programmed now with all the Alo Presidente speeches. This alone could carry it through 3000. Chavistas will never know the difference.

          • Ajay Says:

            I listen to ACDC, Led Zeppelin, Metallica, T- rex etc. I love their music but when i heard this song I unooestrdd that we always can find much better music than what we are listening now. This music is great !!!

      • VJ Says:

        Some tweets from Rojorojito. LOL !!!

        SiguenosEnLaRoja ‏ @facerojito
        Compatriotas el corazón se me arrugó viendo a mi Comandante cortársele la voz. Como queriendo hacer más, vivir…

        SiguenosEnlaRoja @facerojito
        Una reflexión compatriotas: Esto es otro duro golpe sobre la misma zona donde nos golpeó el destino cuando el Comandante hizo aquella declaración de su enfermedad……… Admito que aun estoy NOQUEADO por esa noticia de ayer.

        SiguenosEnLaRoja ‏ @facerojito

        • Isa Says:

          Rojorojito, did you get an email saying you had to use the word majunche? do you even know what it means? Do you really think it resonates?

          Well, your dying President is no longer around, so that word does not fly. But, you are a piece of shit, another word for majunche, besides PSF, which is even worse.

        • syd Says:

          Cuántos años tendrá este rojorojito? Tremenda ansiedad.

      • NET Says:

        Pobre Rojorojito–he STILL can’t spell “majunche” correctly, in spite of being advised, so, once again, he’s just another international Leftist agitator sitting in a safe-haven capitalist democracy (or, perhaps, another Chavista analfabeta graduate of “Mision Robinson”).

      • Roy Says:

        Rojorojito: What a sad little man you are. What will you possibly do to fill your empty little life when your hero is dead and buried and his twisted corrupt vision just a footnote in the history books?

  11. Ronaldo Says:

    The company did not exist. No problem. Just wait. The 10,000 housing units in Carabobo will never exist either. It will be a phantom company making phantom houses.

    This is standard procedure for Chavismo. Promise, promise, promise, promise, promise, promise, promise, promise, and then nothing.

    • megaescualidus Says:

      $1.6 billion soon won’t exist either (rather, they will “dematerialize” from the Venezuelan Central Bank coffers just to “materialize” in some account in some tax heaven – Cayman Islands?, Andorra?, or perhaps Switzerland?). “Ahora los ves [los $1.6 millardos], ahora no los ves…” (but the Swiss, or Andorran, or “caimanes” will say “aja, aqui estan, ahora si los veo!”).

  12. HalfEmpty Says:

    That painting (pastels?) needs to be expropriate and sent to an art mission, as an example of what can happen if you paint drunk.

    Nvr mind…. I was wrong again… it’s an unpublished kit.

  13. ErneX Says:

    The Clarin link goes to Wikipedia.

    • moctavio Says:

      Fixed, apologies

    • Alberto Says:

      I think these things should be known by the opposition candidate HCR and his campaign team and they must make mention of it in their meetings and speeches. I’m sure things like this should disturb both opponents and supporters of the regime.

    • David Cheever Says:

      Here is food for thoughts.

      Foreign investors are lead to believe they have been assigned a Vebond to fund the housing project, under “La Mission de La Vivienda”. They receive a few documents and send the poor saps to look for financing. Once a lender is located and the Vebond needs to be moved to the funding bank, the “key people in power” demand a “financial reward” to expedite the transfer. And, guess what? They poor saps (the investors) pay the bribe and at the end, nothing moves. Therefore, if anyone bothers to look closely at this “contracts being issued to build homes in Venezuela” is nothing more than a ploy to create wealth for the very few who claim to love their citizens and Hugo Chavez. Shame on all of them. Starting with el comandante, who is fully aware of this crime.

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