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When Foreigners are Treated Better than the “People” in Revolutionary Venezuela

July 17, 2012

The headline in today’s El Nacional was quite succint:

“Misiones have received an amount similar to Cuba’s subsidy”

Think about it. Suppose it is 50% off, the subsidy is only half of the US$ 44 billion that El Nacional calculates the Government has spent on the centerpiece of Chavez’ “accomplishments”, which is only an ill conceived bunch of irregular programs which are aimed at getting people to vote for him.

But the same? Are you kidding me?

Think again. Venezuela’s subsidies to Cuba, a country of 11-12 million inhabitants, are comparable to the miserable showcase of the revolution for the 28 million inhabitants of Venezuelans. This means Cubans get, per capita, triple the benefits, just because Chavez has this weird empathy with the bearded and incompetent Cuban Dictator.

That is all the oil windfall has done for the “people” in “revolutionary” Venezuela.

In any other country. any country with pride or self esteem, this would be a scandal. In Venezuela this is yet another headline to show that these revolutionaries have little pride, little regard for the so called sovereignty of Venezuelans, little regard for a country with poverty, malnutrition, a horrible health care system, black outs, shortages, 7.5 million people without housing.

But wait! These are the “people” Chavez is supposed to represent. care or, bla, bla bla…

Pure revolutionary BS!

Yes, Chavistas, PSF’s and the like, tell me one reason, just one, why this should be the way it is. Solidarity? Gimme a break. These guys are taritors. Chavez should be tried for being a traitor to his own people. And his collaborators should be jailed for giving away the country’s wealth and allowing Venezuelans to live in squalor for the benefit of some poor Cubans who we may have sympathy for, but who have little to do with our country.

Just a thought.

I think we should jail them if we ever get the chance. Call me anti-patriotic. All of them.

But I do. Jail them. No remorse. Just Justice!