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Chavez Off To Brazil To Have Venezuela Join Mercosur

July 30, 2012

You have to wonder about the mental sanity of the Venezuelan President. Here he was happily going to Brazil to celebrate Venezuela’s back door entry into Mercosur, illegal and all, with a smile in his face.

It was like going to have a hemorrhoid operation or even worse, a colonoscopy, with a smile on your face. I guess Chavez knows about the latter, but if all Venezuela is going to get out of Mercosur is the shaft, please bring the ointment!

But you have to wonder what type of mush Chavez has for a brain, when he says that the “success (??)” of Mercosur shows the failure of the US. I think he has it backwards. The failure of Mercosur, enhanced by Paraguay’s departure and Mercosur’s dumb policies, plays right into the hands of bilateral free trade agreements between the US and Latin American countries.

Sure, Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay may now get some advantages from welcoming Chavez into Mercosur, But in the long run, if there is change in Venezuela and none in Argentina, the only winner in all of this is Brazil. Brazil is the powerhouse that wins in all this. Venezuela and Chavez are the big losers, the commercial invasion of our country by our “friends” has just begun.

But figure it out, Chavez is not only happy to go, but endangers his health and his life by doing so. So he can hail a virtual agreement that does nothing for Venezuela. The only victory is that he finally managed to get it done, even if illegally so. But that is all that Chavez seems to care about. His goals are idealistic, unimportant, impractical ones. The ones that his simplistic mind sets out to do. Nothing concrete, all ideological.

Bolivar was asasssinated, we determined he wasn’t, he suspects he was. Mercosur is good for Venezuela, we determined it isn’t, let’s join them! We have reduced poverty, we really haven’t, let’s celebrate we have!

As we used to say: simply high quality BS.