Fairness In Venezuela’s Presidential Campaign

August 3, 2012

So, today the Chavez dominated Electoral Board, warned Capriles that he is violating electoral laws by wearing the following cap with the symbols of the country:

Funny, besides letting Chavez speak 4,000 hours in nationwide “cadenas”, where was the CNE when these pictures were taken during Chavez’ campaign?:

you see you can use the colors, but not the flag. So if you put the three colors of the flag in any geometrical pattern you want, add some stars (not 8), it is ok. But a little flag in a cap is illegal. Especially if you are the opposition candidate.

That is the level of fairness in the Venezuelan  Presidential election.

35 Responses to “Fairness In Venezuela’s Presidential Campaign”

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  2. firepigette Says:

    For some of you, I would like to clarify a few things:

    The Tea Party started as a reaction to the fact that George W was NOT a fiscal conservative, but actually expanded big government and benefit programs which he passed with bipartisan majorities.It’s goal is to assure that Republican candidates don’t repeat this in the future.From the Democrats it is to be expected that they promote more government spending , but when Republicans go along with this, there is no hope of limiting big government.

    Of course Obama’s gov policies that increase the deficit and spending even more, spurred the growth of the Tea Party.

    Those who pull the now lame- excuse -overused ad nauseum BS of racism to put down a philosophy that is fiscal and not social, by pointing to some isolated cases are lacking in arguments.

    This would be like saying that the Occupy Wall Street movement is characterized by its participants who defecate on cars.Some people do use that argument,however a serious person would not take it into account.

    Social conservationism comes from the Evangelical movement which often, but not always , overlaps with the Tea Party.

    CAPS? Just one more distraction !!!

  3. Ira Says:

    Today is my 23rd Wedding Anniversary, and we’re about to go out for dinner.

    But I am fucking STUNNED by this.

  4. Roberto N Says:

    Ramon Guillermo Aveledo’s response is one I like.

    The law states that “simbolos patrios” are prohibited in electoral advertising and not in campaign stops and speeches.

  5. LD Says:

    Maybe he can put black stripes over the stars, with “censurado”… Or “CNE sólo para un lado”…

  6. moctavio Says:

    The escudo has nev been mentioned, it is always the flag, moreover it has always been a TV warning, no formal decision from the CNE has been received by Capriles, this is autocracy at its best. I think he should keep wearing it as is.

    • Bruni Says:

      Well Miguel, according to the law, it is the escudo, not the colors. Here’s the article (Ley de partidos políticos):

      Artículo 32. La fijación de carteles, dibujos y otros materiales de propaganda política podrá hacerse en edificios o casas particulares, previa autorización de los ocupantes. No se permitirá en edificios o monumentos públicos, no de templos.

      Se prohibe el uso de los símbolos de la patria y de los retratos o imágenes de los próceres de nuestra independencia en la propaganda de los partidos.

      You may argue that a cap is not political publicity, but I think it is. If I were a CNE rector I would consider it as publicity. So If I were Capriles, I would remove the escudo, and just use the colors, like Chávez. Then they cannot argue.

      • Narco Says:

        The flag is a simbolo patrio, they are not saying the escudo, thry are saying the flag . I would make a million gorras. Give them away

  7. Bruni Says:

    I agree with Isabel. Do the same as Chávez: use the colors, put a star here and there and keep the cap. It would show that Capriles is respectful of laws and institutions and would not give the government excuses for diversion from important issues or for, eventually, applying a big fine that would handicap even more the opposition campaign.

  8. isabel Says:

    the cne may have a point, since the seal (escudo) is on the cap. Take it off and problem (may be) solved

  9. island canuck Says:

    “subventioned” ha, ha. That’s a word I had to look up.

    The cult members do their best to divert attention away from truth & facts by bringing up something like the massacres that are occurring in Syria when we are talking about the colour of a hat. What a dolt!

    Arturo by another name?

    • moctavio Says:

      Sorry, that was German Rudy and I erased him before seeing your comment

      • island canuck Says:

        My comment applies to all the cult member trolls so now it’s generic. 🙂

      • Kepler Says:

        I wonder if he will be sacked from his post at the call centre in Flanders and finally go live with his mother in East Germany.

        Just the thought he is using Belgium’s sewage system…creepy.

  10. jessica wabbit Says:

    banana republic……. its always good to have latin america to laugh at

    • Roberto N Says:

      It’s even funnier to laugh at Tea Partiers with a Mormon candidate. The party is just getting started, this Ole Earth is only 7,000 years old!

      • syd Says:

        A candidate whose made-in-America religion bases its scriptures on gold tablets in “reformed Egyptian” (…), found buried on a hillside in Manchester, NY, in 1823, by its delusional huckster, Joseph Smith. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Golden_plates .

        Only in America! …

        … where a woman gets “sealed” to the Mormon man she marries. No wonder non-Mormons are not invited to the wedding ceremony. If I were Ann’s parents (who were forbidden to attend the wedding of their daughter), listening to that bilge, I would have gone rangy, hearing how my daughter got sealed to this man.

        There’s a lot of insecurity among Mormon men … wonder how that would translate to the candidate now competing for the presidency. ..

      • Ken Says:

        The Tea Party desires less taxes,a decentralized federal government, smaller government, and less government intervention in our lives. How is this incongruent with Mormon participation? Also Romney is the Republican party candidate, and not the Tea Party candidate.

        • Roberto N Says:

          Gimme a break Ken, and you’ll have us believe that Tea Partiers are voting for Obama?
          Far as I can tell, Tea Party is voting Romney, even if they have to hold their noses doing so.

          Idiots like Jessica Wabbit are easily identified as Hard Core Republicans/Tea Partiers, they’re the only ones that think we’re all Mexicans.

          • Ken Says:

            Roberto How would anybody know your nationality on this blog? Are you saying that all Republicans think you are a Mexican? Or are you saying that any person that desires a smaller federal government and less taxes thinks you are a Mexican? There are two possibility’s, one of which is that you might be a Mexican, and there is nothing wrong or bad about that. But if you think all advocates for smaller federal governments think you are a Mexican, when you are not, you might be a little crazy.

          • syd Says:

            But, Ken, if you think that Romney is not the Tea Party candidate, as you have implied, then you must be Mexican, or at best, hyperbolically challenged.

          • syd Says:

            correction: if you think that Romney is not the candidate for which the Tea Partiers will vote, then you must be Mexican, or at best, hyperbolically challenged.

          • Roberto N Says:


            In my experience in dealing with Tea Partiers, regardless of their stance on the size of Federal Government, etc. I have observed that they are racist, elitist and happy to call anyone non white a Mexican, regardless of where they are actually from.

            There are many things that they stand for that I agree with, fiscally and regarding the size and scope of government, for example.

            However, about 99.8% of the ones I have dealt with are also just like Ms. Wabbit, words like Banana Republic, Sand Nigger, and Beaner roll off their tongues all too easily.

            • Ken Says:

              Roberto I’m not technically a member of any registered tea party group, nor have I ever given them money. However I would like to apologize to you for people that apparently have aligned them with these groups and have wounded you. I have never in private or otherwise ever heard anyone use or speak of Hispanics using such words. It is not characteristic of the movement which includes white, Black, and and Hispanics, nor would this speech and attitudes be tolerated by anyone in my circles. So I sincerely regret any pain incurred by you. I would also remind you that ignorant and intolerant people in the US can be found within any of the current three party system.

            • Roberto N Says:

              Thank you Ken, but it is not your place to apologize for others. I appreciate the sentiment, I really do.

              I wish we could discuss this further, but this blog, or this post rather, is not the place for the discussion. The blog is about Venezuela and the post about electoral unfairness, this discussion about the Tea Party and some of its members belongs in a different forum altogether.

              If you know of such a place, I’ll be happy to take it over there.

      • Ira Says:

        It’s called Democracy:

        Has anyone called for restrictions on Romney’s right to campaign anyway he sees fit, regardless of his religion?

        What exactly is your point–because you sure didn’t make one.

        I’m no Romney fan…I’m a liberal Dmocrat…but what exactly do Romney and Tea Partiers have ANYTHING to do with this topic at hand?

        Seriously. I sense you’re trying to make a statement, and a connection, but damn if I can figure it out!

        • syd Says:

          Ira, I’m not sure whose statement confuses you. Whether it’s the mockery from that dumb bunny, Jessica Wabbit, who pops in here with a maniacal statement, once in a blue moon, or someone else’s. If the mockery towards banana republics offends you, I agree. Hence the need to laugh back, and add another wrong, naturally cancelling out any right.

    • Roger Says:

      Yes Jessica, there are Banana Republicans and a few Democrats too!

  11. Ronaldo Says:

    Marilu Gruber,
    Yes. Capriles should ask why doesn’t Chavez address issues such as crime, the economy, the Cuban takeover of Venezuela, health care, etc.and leave clothing design to the private sector.

  12. megaescualidus Says:

    Then, I really think Capriles should be wearing a cap with the three colors, in the right order and orientation, but with seven, not eight, starts. That is, in my mind, how the Venezuelan flag will always (ALWAYS) be: 7 stars!

    • Alex Says:

      Ha! I think megaescualidus has given Capriles a great idea. Anything that resembles de “colores patrios” but with seven stars can’t be considered using an official symbol. And boy, that would send a very strong signal to both sides.

      Go for it Capriles, ******* all the way!!!

  13. Marilu Gruber Says:

    So it happens, that the problem is not government inefficiency and chaos created during 14 years, but Capriles cap with a little flag! Ins´t it hilarious?

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