Another Chavez “Cadena” Rudely Interrupted

August 28, 2012

So Chavez in Amuay was going on and on about the Fatherland and the Motherland. About the he Doctors and the She Doctors. About the he nurses and the she nurses, when all of a sudden:

his nationwide TV address was interrupted by VTV.

Are we watching these “cadenas” live? Or are they inserting a delay just in case? What happened? Why the rude interruption?


17 Responses to “Another Chavez “Cadena” Rudely Interrupted”

  1. Andres F Says:

    Could it be a simple mistake by VTV?

  2. moctavio Says:

    A simple mistake would get Hell, it would get turned back on. Very strange…

  3. Pablo Moncada Says:

    Live real time probably a thing of the past unless pesky audiences under control.

  4. syd Says:

    I can only suspect that like what happened in Guayana, workers or members of their families got vocal (God, I sure would, under the circumstances) and perturbed the scattered thoughts of el mico. After the fiasco in Guayana, VTV will never again risk transmitting in real time a stumped president.

  5. metodex Says:

    Well, i don’t mind. it was the most (only) beautiful thing i’ve ever seen on a cadena.

  6. DEAR FELLOW EXCREMENTERS: the cadena was interrupted because at that exact moment a third fuel tank exploded and the Guardia de Honor whisked Chavez away

    • m_astera Says:

      “the cadena was interrupted because at that exact moment a third fuel tank exploded and the Guardia de Honor whisked Chavez away”

      Which is what the Secret Service did not do when news came that a second plane had hit a second tower, while GW Bush sat reading to children. Why not?

    • syd Says:

      thanks, Juli!

  7. Roy Says:

    I was more interested in what Chavez was saying, or rather babbling. At his best, he was long winded. But this just seemed like a guy repeating himself because he didn’t know what to say and didn’t have any real message to convey.

  8. LD Says:

    If this was the same I was seeing live, than came a question from the Globovision journalist, asking about possible missing people, Chávez was irritated and let Min. Sander answer then he was carried away, it was awkward as min. Sander and the journalist were let more or less alone there, then they also stopped the transmission abruptly.

  9. VJ Says:

    Casually, yesterday at 3:10 pm I was watching Globovision when they connected with the VTV signal, because HCHF was speaking to the media after visiting the wounded people at the IVSS hospital.
    If you play the attached video, you can clearly watch the following:
    At minute 6:46 – Somebody calls Maduro and he goes out of camera, seconds later Chavez´s edecan moves behind HCHF as trying to push him out.
    At minute 8:05 – The Globovsion reporter asks HCHF about missing people from the explosion.
    At minute 8:45- HCHF passes the microphone to minister Sader to answer the question and leaves the scene.
    Later around 3:30 pm, Rafa Ramirez appears by VTV, to announce that a third tank had caught fire.
    In my opinion, some little devil working for La Patilla news site edited the above video, making it appear as it was a “cadena”.
    This is the original video:

  10. Luis G Says:

    Maybe they installed a ‘gamelote-meter’ in VTV which cuts off transmission once a Chavez reaches the maximum BS quota for the day?

    • loroferoz Says:

      Nope, the meter would have gone off like a bomb and caused a fire on the first trial.

  11. Raymond Simmons Says:

    Are you aware of this report? Interesting findings to say the least…

  12. loroferoz Says:

    Let’s hope the interruptions reach “viral” levels. It would be VERY nice for the undecided, the wary and the fearful in Venezuela, to see that the sick man and corrupt company are losing the grip on the country. Either people are getting fed up by their incompetence and speaking up at the best possible times, or VTV is showing itself as incompetent as PDVSA and the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure.

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