How To Vote In Venezuela On Sunday

October 5, 2012

Do you want to go through the step by step of the Venezuelan vote process on Sunday?

Just click on the image above and follow the steps, it is as easy as 1,2,3,4,5

37 Responses to “How To Vote In Venezuela On Sunday”

  1. Nebelwald Says:

    The virtual voting process misses a part when you are in front of the voting machine. After the machine is unblocked, you have to press SELECCIONAR, and then make your choice on the ballot, verify your candidate´s face appears on the voting machine and then press VOTAR. Pressing a candidates image twice will erase the candidate from the machine. If you press VOTAR without pressing SELECCIONAR, your vote will be null. Ojo.

  2. shrillary clinton Says:

    best of luck to venz in getting rid of your buffoon tomorrow…….. Im feeling good that we will be rid of ours in Nov

  3. FX Says:

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  4. concerned Says:

    As the ticket is electronic, why doesn’t the CNE eliminate the null and incorrect photo from the official ballot? Seems simple enough. Why allow the possible confusion?

  5. Dirichlet Says:

    The first votes have been cast in Australia. The election has begun! Some important points from the first voters (cf. their Globovisión interview):

    1. The process was quick and simple, just as described.

    2. The representatives spent some time explaining that some of the cells in the tarjetón were null votes or were directed to a different candidate, i.e. the ‘dirty trick’ you posted about days ago.

    I hope it happens like that tomorrow! The MUD has representatives in most mesas so they should explain pt. (2) to everyone!

  6. vdpsc Says:

    My family is currently on their way to New Orleans

  7. moctavio Says:

    The votes that are invalid are those of:

    Manos por Venezuela, Cambio-Pana, Piedra, Vanguardia Bicentenaria Republicana

    The votes of Unidad Democrática will go to Poder Laboral and its candidate Reina Sequera.

    As someone noted above, the parties have focused on people voting at the bottom, mostly for MUD, but Primero Justicia has also made a big effort to have people vote for its party.

    I think we will see 10,000 votes for Unidad Democratica, people know better.

  8. Valenciana Says:

    This guide doesn’t explain the invalid or changed options as the one you pointed out here

    Given that everyones prediction is that it’s going to get close, I really worry that the top left Capriles for Unidad Democratica card can easily take away important 100.000 votes or more, don’t you think?

    Really wonder why the opposition didn’t warn about this and why in general the media isn’t talking a lot about that.

    • jc Says:

      From what I’ve heard the opposition has been telling people to vote the “bottom ticket.” I don’t know if that’s true or not and you will have to get locals’ point of view. In any event it is thought that most people will vote the MUD ticket anyway so it shouldn’t be too bad. Daniel Venezuela doesn’t even consider it worth mentioning.

      The real question is whether that vote position is that the top left (first) Capriles position will show his name or the name the vote goes to before the voter “confirms.” If it doesn’t then there will be a real, serious, problem with how the voting is done. if it does show the correct name then we can ignore it as voters are instructed to confirm the readout and 95% of them (the literate population) will catch it.

      • Valenciana Says:

        That’s a good point about the confirmation. Not sure either what name will appear. Either way I think we can assume that every vote that will go to Reina Sequera was meant for Capriles. Hopefully that number will be insignificant.

  9. jc Says:

    This is somewhat off topic. At first I thought Capriles was having a slow-down with regards to new users “liking” his official Facebook page (due to the end of the official campaign). But it went up 10k in the past 6 hours and that feeling is unfounded. This is so exciting. I’ve never seen anything like it. (Sorry for the double post, I don’t generally make a second post on the main thread.)

  10. Edith Says:

    Does anyone remember the name of the organization that initially supported the candidacy of Capriles but in the last moment changed its mind. I understand that a vote for it will be void.

  11. moctavio Says:

    II know it is not perfect, just want people to know what they need to do when they get there, no mistakes.

    • jc Says:

      IMO, elections should facilitate mail in ballots or even “online” voting if the registration process is secure / legitimate. But that is mere philosophical argumentation. I think Venezuela’s process is OK (particularly the hand count of 55% of ballots or whatever). I don’t like the utilization of fingerprints for people, though, especially because in the real world fingerprint scanners are imperfect (real time fingerprint scanners). It would be better without them. Still, I agree with both you and CC that it’s difficult to game the vote in Venezuela. I only hope the invalid first position for Capriles does not print his name on the printed ballot because if it did it will be asinine to the extreme and thousands of votes won’t match the hand count and the drama afterwards will be crazy. Hopefully it prints out the proper name.

  12. jc Says:

    Here in Colorado you just … check the boxes on your mail in ballot and mail it in. 😀

  13. syd Says:

    the pictogram of the tarjetón did not match the “actual” tarjetón.
    the presentation should have had a back button for those wanting to review the earlier step.
    I give it a B.

  14. NicaCat56 Says:

    I’m sorry, Dr. Faustus, did you mean to say that in “the United States people are upset…”? Because, you know, América is SO much more than just the US! Please know that I’m not criticizing here, just clarifying!

    • Roy Says:

      Please don’t start THAT debate right now. We do it over and over again, and always with the same result. Let’s stay focused on what’s important right now, and that is defeating Chavez and making him accept it. After that is done, y’all can knock yourselves out debating semantics. Thanks.

      • NicaCat56 Says:

        Sorry, Roy. You’re right. I’m sorry for having brought this up, but, it still bothers me. However, this isn’t the time and/or place to have this debate. I really appreciate all the input/insight that you’ve brought to this site, as well as your candor in what you post.

        • Deanna Says:

          That’s also the same argument as to why citizens of the US call themselves “Americans”, not “United Staters”. Sorry to bring this point up, but the country is the only one that uses “America” in its official name, i.e. “United States of America”. And you’re right, Roy, the important topic right now is the elections in Venezuela and how to get rid of Chavez, but I just had to reply to NicaCat56, and we Americans refer to our country as “America.”

    • Glenn Says:

      Technically speaking the Dr. is correct. The US is in America. Yet maybe the Doc is talking about Costa Rica…….hard to tell. Enough with lighter moments. Let’s get back to the election.

  15. Dr. Faustus Says:

    That’s amazing. In America people are upset that in some states a simple photo ID is necessary to receive a voting ballot. The disgruntled should be required to visit Venezuela forthwith!

  16. That’s Venezuela for you my friend; everything is done this way, nothing works as it should.

  17. ErneX Says:

    Ridiculously complex, so much for the “most advanced voting system in the world”. In Spain the vote is still manual, you only show your ID and place the envelope containing the flyer from your choice on the box. You don’t even have to sign or turn your finger Avatar blue.

    Results are available early in the night of the same day, schools aren’t taken by the military.

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