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The Chavez Government Gets Ready For A New Constitutional Change

November 11, 2012

Yesterday and today Chavismo met for a mysterious “Constituent Process” associated with its “Socialist Development Plan for 2013-2019”.


Supposedly, this is simply a meeting to present Ch√°vez with proposals for his new six year term. But, may I ask, why does it have the word “Constituent” in it?

And all of a sudden we hear Capriles say that “It makes no sense to insist with changes to the Constitution¬®

Well Henrique, get ready for them, because that is exactly what is coming next year. And the sooner the better for Chavismo. And you my Dear readers, better wake up and realize that next year, Chavismo is likely to attempt another widespread change of the Constitution. (Same for MCM, soon communes will be in the Constitution)

People forget that you can only ask for such change once within a term, but that term ends in January and a new one begins. It is 2007 all over again, with communes and Vice-Presidential succession included. And this time, Chavismo is likely to ask the voters to give communal power, whatever that is supposed to imply and mean, Constitutional rank.

And what it probably means is that communal power will legislate, decide and execute everything. Sort of Governors, with legislative power and the money needed to get things done.
And the Governors and Mayors? Well, very well thank you, they will be bypassed and ignored and the opposition, however major or meager its victory’s in December, will be left holding the bag with little to show for it.

Oh yeah! Once we are there, Chavismo is likely to change how the President’s inability to serve is handled, including the the Vice-President will replace him for the remainder of the six year term and no elections will be held until 2019. This is really the key, what is truly important. Thus, in this way Chavismo guarantees that it will be in power, Hugo or no Hugo, until 2019.

Not bad, no?

And I am sure there will be others proposals to confuse people along the way and that is what will probably be discussed this weekend, what other junk can be included to make Chavismo stronger and weaken the opposition’s power, however weak it may already be. And Capriles and others don’t want to say what they know it is coming, so as not to discourage the electorate form voting in December. But the name and the words of this weekend’s Chavista gathering confirm everything I have been hearing in the last two weeks: Chavismo is looking to this Constituent process after the December regional elections, when it will simply wipe out however little the opposition may gain in the vote for Governors and insure its true hold in power given Chavez’ health problems.

Add the succession change in the Constitution and Chavismo has a lock in power in Venezuela for at least another six years. Whether you like it or not.