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Chavez’ Guarico Candidate: Nice Guys Do Finish First In Venezuela

November 19, 2012

While a lot has been written about Chavez’ “Dedocracy”* and his choice for Governors, I am surprised how little has been said about Chavez’ choice for Guarico State, Ramon Rodriguez Chacin, shown smiling for the first time ever above. Here is a case a candidate who fits the image of the perfect Chavista citizen that the revolution has promised to create in the future, a truly “nice” guy, tolerant, democratic, honest, above reproach. I mean, it is really hard to find anything to complain about in this choice. we find all the criticism simply jealousy, without foundation.

Why complain if he is not from Guarico? Born in Anzoategui, he has never lived in Guarico, but we are sure that he will learn fast and will even visit the State regularly once he is elected. He roamed the Llanos of Venezuela carrying out secret counter intelligence and military operations, so he knows his way around Guarico.

While many think that Rodriguez Chacin first came to public light for his heroic participation in the November 1992 coup attempt against Carlos Andres Perez, his earlier claim to fame was his leadership role in the El Amparo Massacre, where fourteen people died. Rodriguez Chacin was accused of being part of those that participated in the massacre and even formally accused, but once Chavez got to power, the case was never considered again.

And when Chavez won in 1998, Rodriguez Chacin was appointed to an intelligence agency and later, in 2002 became Minister of the Interior and Justice (nice, no?), where he could make sure that his case never resurfaced again.

Rodriguez Chacin was discovered to have two Venezuelan ID cards, his own, and another one in the name of Jose Montenegro. Montenegro had opened an account in Banesco and other banks and Congress investigated it, since it was Rodriguez Chacin’s picture on the cedula opening the account. There were a number of accounts opened by “Montenegro” and they had fairly sizable withdrawals and deposits regularly. The real Montenegro was actually quite worried about it. Never heard from him again.

Rodriguez Chacin became Minister of the Interior and Justice in 2002 and then again in January 2008, but was there less than nine months, just three weeks before the US Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) ungratefully declared him as a “significant narcotics trafficker” under the Kingpin Act. It was rumored at the time that the US Government had given the Chavez Government advance notice of this and that led to his removal.

Later, Rodriguez Chacin’s name surfaced quite frequently in the captured computer at a FARC camp in Ecuador. Among the exchanges there was a generous offer (Told you he was a nice guy!) of a “loan” for US$ 250 million to the FARC guerrillas to buy weapons, which Rodriguez Chacin referred to as “don’t think of it as a loan, think of it as solidarity”. See what a nice guy he is? There was also an email in which Rodriguez Chacin was asking the FARC to train Venezuela’s military in guerrilla tactics, just in case the US invaded Venezuela.

He was also in charge of the humanitarian operation “Operacion Enmanuel” to retrieve three persons kidnapped by the FARC in a negotiation in which Chavez tried to get Ingrid Betancourt out of Colombia, but had to settle for Clara Rojas and her son born in captivity. Because of Chavez desire to promote his role in this, camera crews from Chavez’ Telesur accompanied Rodriguez Chacin in the rescue and he was taped during the exchange, expressing his solidarity to the guerrillas in no uncertain terms:

Rodriguez Chacin says in the video: In the name of President Chavez…we are watching your struggle. Maintain your spirits and you can count on us”. See the niceness coming through again?

For all his help, his record in all these dubious activities and having no experience running for office, running a municipality, let alone a State, President Chavez used his “Dedocracy”* to name him as PSUV’s candidate to be Governor of Guarico State, a State where Chavez won by 30%, insuring that even Rodriguez Chacin can win there.

And proving once again, that in Chavez’ revolution, nice guys like Rodriguez Chacin, do finish first.

*Democracy by Chavez’ finger