Let The Abuse Of Power Take Over In Venezuela’s Electoral Process

December 16, 2012


(Thanks DA for the panoramic of your almost empty voting center)

As projections indicate that abstention will be between 45 and 50%, if voters flows continue at current rates, the abuse of power on the part of the Chavista Government has begun in earnest. First, Vice President and fingered successor Nicolas Maduro held a press conference, promoting the votes of Chavista voters and, of course, suggesting that all Chavez wants is for his supporters to go out and vote. The Electoral Board said nothing of this, except for Electoral Board member Vicente Diaz who during the press conference called for its suspension as it was in clear violation of the Electoral Laws. The broadcast of the press conference was interrupted as Vicente Diaz spoke on TV. Reportedly, Chavez’ son in law (And Minister of Science an Technology. Nepotism? Nahh!!! Revolution!!!) was ready to repeat a broadcast like the one yesterday, which was also in violation of the law, but was suspended.

At this time, the question is whether there will be an acceleration of Chavista voters as the polls close, like what happened in October, or if the general apathy will prevail. If apathy prevails, look for the opposition and Chavismo to win in their natural strongholds. There would likely be no surprises and Chavismo will be concerned about how Maduro would perform head to head against Capriles, if he were to win easily in Miranda. If Chavismo manages to drive out the vote in the last hour, the opposition could be reduce below six Governorships.

At this time nobody is placing any bets and the mood is cautious in both camps.

13 Responses to “Let The Abuse Of Power Take Over In Venezuela’s Electoral Process”

  1. fprex scam Says:

    Fuck you all Forex bustard

  2. Kepler Says:

    When are results expected to come out?

  3. moses Says:

    There is cautious optimist in several twitter accounts:

    @nelsonbocaranda https://twitter.com/NelsonBocaranda
    @alfredoweil https://twitter.com/AlfredoWeil
    @puzkas https://twitter.com/puzkas

    One of the surprises deems to be Barinas, were the elder brother of President Chavez was the candidate to Governor…

    (also posted in Daniel´s blog)

  4. wanley Says:

    I vote in Anzoategui. In October there was a three block line plus a basketball court full and abstention was 25%. This time there was no line outside nor inside, there was ONE person in front of me, so if they tell me 50% voted they are full of it.

  5. Hard to belive with 50% abstention. Abstention favors strong parties in each State. I dont Believe Jaua will beat Capriles without a huge drive which apparently did not occur.

    • syd Says:

      Interesting. Without Chávez, there is no force that can mobilize the mercenary loyalists to achieve an electoral win, by hook and by crook.

  6. Ricardo Says:

    my cousin told me that Miranda might be lost….

  7. I agree, while most opposition supporters are negative, this is a good sign, if Capriles wins big and we get Zulia, Miranda, Amazonas, Merida and two out of Carabobo, Tachira, Nueva Esparta and Anzoategui, the strategy of Chavismo could be in trouble, serious trouble. Wit current abstention levels this is doable if they dont get people out to vote in the next hour or two.

  8. LD Says:

    In VTV El Haudi also make calls to la militancia to vote, same Chávez want to…

  9. TV Says:

    I’d take this as a reasonably good sign. Clearly Chavizmo can’t or won’t pull the no voter left behind like for the presidential elections. That makes them beatable, if the opposition holds.

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