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Will Falcon Ask To Be The Candidate?

December 17, 2012


And now the most important question left is: Will Falcón ask to be the candidate fr the opposition in a future Presidential race?

If I were him, I would think long term and pass, I don’t believe he can build a successful national campaign in the short time that is likely to be available. But ambition and the fact he has that mysterious piece of DNA that drives politicians to desire power, may short circuit such a rational decision. But I hear that he is already talking about it.

The difficulty is that he can not come out today and say he wants to be the candidate. He has to wait until the sequence of events develops on its own, before he can do anything about it publicly. Otherwise, it would not only be in terrible taste, but it may alienate the same electorate that he wants to attract from the Chavismo-light end of things.

The second question is what will Capriles do if Falcón wants it. I think he should hand over the baton and not even fight it. He blew it and he can’t blow it again. If he loses against Maduro, he is done as a Presidential possible (He may be done already anyway) The time to think long term and high risk was back in October and he failed to see it.

So now, the opposition faces the reality of really having two “Chavista” candidates running for President. Oh wait! That happened once already. In fact, the guy who was the opposition candidate then, happened to win last night for PSUV in Zulia State.

Oh well!