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Fascism Shows Its Ugly Face Against Marching Students In Venezuela

March 22, 2013


Yesterday, students went to the Electoral Board to present their demands for more transparency on the day of the Presidential elections on April 14th. They were met with violent Chavista groups aided by none other than the Venezuelan National Guard. The march had to be cancelled as it was not only met by the violent groups, but there were more surrounding the building of the Electoral Board. Moreover, the National Guard used tear gas on the marchers. A total of seven students were injured.

There was barely any police to protect the marching students.

To add to the fascism, students coming to Caracas to the march were stopped before arriving in the city and their buses were not allowed to go through.

But the fascist statement of the day came from Chavez’ son in law and now Vice President Jorge Arreaza who actually justified the violence by saying ” The tone in which the march was convoked, was not the most correct one”.

Fascist is, fascist does…