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Important Media Window Now Closed For Venezuelan Opposition

May 28, 2013


Anyone that thinks that the loss of Globovision as a possible channel for media communication of the opposition is not that significant, you just have to think back to how Capriles’ presidential campaign against Maduro was born out of a Friday press conference broadcast by Globovision  where Capriles created a “media intrigue” campaign announcing that he was ” considering”  whether to run or not in this unfair campaign on a Friday last March.

Thanks to that press conference, two days later, on Sunday, there was a popular clamor by most of the opposition that Capriles should be its candidate and that evening he held a second press conference, also broadcast live by Globovision, where he did announce that he would be the candidate.

The effectiveness of TV as a medium that weekend was reinforced, as we saw a “new” Capriles, more aggressive, “carajeando a” Nicolas. The traditional opposition loved it, the more radical opposition loved it.

No other TV station carried the press conference live that day.

Without Globovision, I don’t believe for a minute that the impact would have been the same. That beginning made Capriles’ campaign!

So, it is not a matter of Globovision’s editorial line, whether you hate it or not. It is not a matter of whether Globovision torments you or not, it is not a matter of whether Globovision was too political, too pro opposition or the like. No, what matters is that the only window the opposition had in Venezuela to communicate its personalities is now closed. We will no longer see the face of Capriles live, but more importantly, you will not see much of the faces (many of them new ones) of the opposition candidates to the mayoral elections later this year.

VTV will not show any of the opposition activity and will continue 24/7 promoting Chavismo and Madurismo, while all TV stations will be forced to show Maduro’s nationwide broadcasts.

But if the opposition needs to clarify a point about how to vote in an election, the latest scandal of Fonden, or Fondo GuachiGuachi, or the tenth installment of Mario Silva’s communication with Castro, you will not find it anywhere.

Oh yes, social media will carry it, but unfortunately, there is something very powerful of television as  a medium. And starting now, that power, dramatically reduced for the opposition over the last few years, will simply not be available.

The Government now has an almost monopoly of the most powerful media instrument available: television.

And I say almost, because there has to be a plan with Globovision. I never believed for a minute that the whole editorial line and programming would not be changed. I don’t believe for a minute that the latest moves are in reaction to Mario Silva’s tape either. This is the beginning of the execution of a plan. What it is, I don’t know, but you don’t spend a couple of hundred million dollars buying a TV station just to get rid of its audience fast and make the investment worthless in a few months.

If I had to guess, there is a political project behind the purchase, it is not pro-opposition, but it is not wholly pro-Government either.

My guess? Some sort of alternative to Chavismo/Madurismo. New figures promoted shamelessly as an alternative to both or something like that. I have no information pointing to this, but I just don’t believe the explanation that the idea was simply to silence the opposition

Time will tell.