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Venezuelan Military “Technology”: It’s All Kid’s Stuff

May 30, 2013


Yesterday Venezuelan President Maduro presented this “new” system of drones built under a cooperation agreement with Iran which was hailed as capable of “counter acting any threat…so that the Fatherland is never violated…evidence that Venezuela is advancing in technology for military purposes”

The presentation also included “the launching of a test of an unmanned flight”, which according to the article was hailed by Maduro as “the bases for our the aeronautical industry of the future that we must have”

Well, I am not sure who was fooling who here. It was either Iran fooling Venezuela or the military fooling (or laughing?) at Maduro. This project, under the cooperation agreement signed in 2006 with Iran, took seven years to do what any model airplane club or kid in Caracas could have done ten or twenty years ago.

Because what you see above, is nothing but a large model airplane, comparable to the largest ones that Venezuelan model airplanes fans and their associations build. And in Venezuela there are quite a few of them.

And the Iranian “technology” and what is the basis of our country’s future aeronautical industry can be purchased at Amazon or any RC hobby store for a couple of hundred bucks, as can be seen in the picture below, where we can see the so called “drone” and its radio control.


and in the red circle, you can see the sophisticated technology, basis for our technological future, shown here blown up (even if fuzzy):


which anyone that has ever seen fly or flown an RC model airplane can recognize is an off the shelf RC radio system available at any RC store, hobby store and even Amazon for about US$ 100. Something like this model, taken from this page:


There are so many models, it is difficult to determine exactly which model it is simply from the picture.But all we can say is that Venezuelan military and aeronautical “technology” is all simply kid’s stuff. The only question is who is ripping off who. Somehow, I think it was Maduro whose good faith and ignorance was take advantage of.

It is truly sad that a country that 40 or 50 years ago had frontier science and technology, has now such ignorant leaders, that they think that model airplanes, Chinese satellites and Portuguese computers have any thing to do with the technological and scientific future of the country.

The worst part is that the Bolivarian scientific “leadership” will simply remain quiet about all this.

What a pitiful revolution!