Nicolas, Really, What’s Up With The Hats?

June 16, 2013







In his efforts to imitate Hugo, Nicolas Maduro can’t seem to resist putting on a hat. For someone whose head was always bare, it looks silly and most of the time he looks too contrived and unnatural. But he continues doing it.

Nicolas, you are no Hugo!


34 Responses to “Nicolas, Really, What’s Up With The Hats?”

  1. Virginia Laffitte Says:

    What a buffoon! He’s trying to find his identity, which of course is not possible
    until he accepts the FACT that the Presidency of Venezuela is NOT for him.

  2. Roger Says:

    There is a message here. Don’t blame me, Im as ignorant as yall are!

  3. glenn Says:

    Miguel sometimes you seem sentimental about Chavez 🙂

  4. Gerry Says:

    Is this the mad hatter?

  5. captainccs Says:

    We have to bring this to the attention of the OAS and the ONU.

  6. Alberto Says:

    Not even as a clown is any good….!

  7. Morpheous Says:

    Something is wrong. I could not see the pictures. I am not in Venezuela. Could it be the case that the post is being hacked?

  8. Roger Says:

    Too bad we don’t have a picture of him wearing his tin foil hat!

  9. Roger Says:

    Meanwhile we have this What ever happened to the good old days when the Pope ex-communicated Fidel not once but twice?Perhaps this is juts round one?

    • Dr. Faustus Says:

      An excellent point. How can Pope Francis justify recognizing a man who on Friday declared Hugo Chavez to be “Christ on earth.” It’s repugnant. It’s disgusting. It should be an affront to ALL Christians. Not only should he be excommunicated, like Castro, but Francis should never even have agreed to see this slobbering imbecile. The story:

      • BB Cuiba Says:

        I also seem to remember that Lusinchi’s ‘barragana” was not allowed to visit the Pope of the period and stayed behind (probably shopping).
        Hopefully, Pope Francis said a couple of things under wraps to this clown about the hypocrisy of the visit by someone who is supposedly a Sai Baba follower and a materialist communist to boot? They simply can’t make up their mind — like this changing hat business. Take one off and put on another, whichever is more convenient.

  10. Brett Says:

    He should be wearing a dunce cap.

    • Miguel Says:


      • Ronaldo Says:

        The International Dunce Defamation Society said Maduro is not up to recognized standards and thus is unqualified to wear a dunce hat.

        Where is the red beret? All the hats were made in China. Is he modeling for them?

      • Mick Says:

        A dunce cap would be an insult to dunces;-)

  11. Pedro Says:

    A true Mad Hatter in his own mirror world!

  12. loroferoz Says:

    The hat he really needs is the crystal bell, and a fitting gasket over the neck. A vacuum has to be well isolated to endure.

    Infinitely many hats, vanishingly little to protect.

    The only head (and tongue) Maduro had are now resting in a casket at the Museo Militar now.

  13. Roy Says:

    I really think he looking more and more like Saddam Hussein…

    • Ronaldo Says:

      Dang. Could.. could Maduro be the son of Saddam? Roy you may be on to something.

  14. JP Lenoir Says:

    The answer, simply, is that Nicky Ripe needs a hat. Downchild Blues Band:

  15. AIO Says:

    I think he could own the fedora look…if he’d just lose the stupid track suit. It is the historically preferred hat of gangsters, you know.

  16. Ira Says:

    Coming up on tonight’s news:

    “Colombian and American assassins plant cancer-causing microchips in the president’s hats.”

  17. Lobo Says:

    I don’t know Miguel, this seems beneath your intellect, hats? The GBV seems to be trying to move beyond Chavez, need to recognize that.

  18. BB Cuiba Says:

    I wonder at the commentary that seems to be making the rounds: “Nicolás is not Hugo,” as if Hugo were something admirable. They are both nincompoops who, under the direction of the Brothers castro, have taken a great number of people for a looong ride. What Hugo had was an ability to convince people to do his bid with empty platitudes.

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