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Nico: ¿Por Que No Te Callas?

July 25, 2013

Pinofidel(Thanks to @ManoloReveron for finding the picture)

At this point, it would be better for Nicolas to just shut up. Stop talking like you know what you are saying, because, sadly, you don’t. Don’t be so silly as to say that Capriles met with Pinochet’s private secretary, because it was not a one on one meeting and, after all, even your dear idol Fidel met not with the Secretary, but with the fascist Dictator himself, in what was a fascist to fascist, Dictator to Dictator meeting. After all, the two really have a lot in common, no? Maybe you can ask Fidel why he met with Pinochet before accusing those that went to Chile as traitors. Pity, you can ask him, but he will likely not be able to talk back to you.

And you really think that the US is going to stop meeting with distinguished Venezuelans like Pedro Mario Burelli just to have relations with a questionable Government like yours? Burelli got to where he is on his own and if you are going to try to insult him, you better find a word that exists, because I checked in the RAE and its other sources and personajillo simply does not exist, carajillo. And I am sure Mr. Burelli would be much better accomplished than you in any position, from bus driver, to Foreign Minister to President. After all, you are what you are because you rode on Chavez’ back, always agreeing to anything he told you to do.

And you are not doing a great job either Nico. Face it! The wagons have circled around you and you are trying to fight them off by being more radical than the radicals, but it just does not fit your image or personality. You are no tough guy. And anytime you want to be tough, you screw up relations with another country, be it Spain, Colombia or the USA. Then you have to  spend your time trying to make up. What is clear is that you learned nothing in the only job you ever had for a reasonable period of time, your six years as Foreign Minister.

And please look up oligarchy in the dictionary, maybe it will help you realize that Chavismo represents the new oligarchy.

And you really have to spend your time on more productive things Nico. You have lots, lots of problems. Whoever told you Sicad will fix the foreign exchange problems has no clue. And Sicad started as screwed up and corrupt as your Government. If not, ask Merentes how this ¨multicriteria¨pseudo-criteria was implemented or why no legitimate medical equipment company got one dollar. And stop saying inflation is going to go down and there will be growth the second half of the year. Even if your foreign experts (French or American)  tell you otherwise , scarcity has yet to budge, and as long as it is near 20%, inflation in May was no mirage and will stay around that level. And if you don’t grant price increases, watch those numbers go even higher.

So Nico, you just better shut up, like King Juan Carlos famously told your boss. Stop improvising, you are not good at it. If something bothers you, count to one hundred, hold your breath, before saying anything. Then call Cuba, even your old boss used to do that and he was better at improvising. Understand you have a short fuse and you are illegitimate. Temper tantrums not work well for Presidents. And if you are going to get mad every time someone meets with someone you don’t like, just keep it to yourself and use it when its needed. Paranoia is not the best of traits. Ask Diosdado, he has been meeting with lots of your friends and knows who you meet with, but he says little.

And please stop using the word respect. This is something you earn, not a given. So, get to work, defuse the demons around you first, really attack corruption and maybe, just maybe, you will start earning some respect.

But I doubt it.