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Venezuelan Government Websites Hacked, Government Silent

July 26, 2013


Except for a brief report in Tal Cual and an article  in the Miami Herald which has the link broken, there is little in the Venezuelan press about the fact that a group of hackers claims to have hacked a large number of Venezuelan Government websites. as shown above for the webpage of the Venezuelan Army (, the group managed to take over many webpages.

The webpages hacked include Ministries, State Universities, the Army, the Public Stock Market, the National Guard and many more. So far, the Government has been silent about it, but what we find most curious is the silence of the local press on the matter.

The group doing the hacking is reportedly Anonymous Venezuela and they are demanding Maduro’s resignation.

According to the hacker’s twitter account (@VenezuelanH), the CADIVI website was also hacked, but the page was restored because people got “hysterical”. Last time I checked, some sites are back, but others remain offline at the time of this post.