Venezuelan Government Websites Hacked, Government Silent

July 26, 2013


Except for a brief report in Tal Cual and an article  in the Miami Herald which has the link broken, there is little in the Venezuelan press about the fact that a group of hackers claims to have hacked a large number of Venezuelan Government websites. as shown above for the webpage of the Venezuelan Army (, the group managed to take over many webpages.

The webpages hacked include Ministries, State Universities, the Army, the Public Stock Market, the National Guard and many more. So far, the Government has been silent about it, but what we find most curious is the silence of the local press on the matter.

The group doing the hacking is reportedly Anonymous Venezuela and they are demanding Maduro’s resignation.

According to the hacker’s twitter account (@VenezuelanH), the CADIVI website was also hacked, but the page was restored because people got “hysterical”. Last time I checked, some sites are back, but others remain offline at the time of this post.

23 Responses to “Venezuelan Government Websites Hacked, Government Silent”

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  4. VJ Says:

    Dr Faustus & LT
    I also found comments about the future global demand of oil made by Saudi prince Alwaleed bin Talal: “The threat from shale gas is “definitely coming”, pointing to progress in that sector in North America and Australia.”
    But nothing to worry about as in Venezuela today we are busy celebrating the 59th birthday of the intergalactic supreme commander…

  5. LT Says:

    not so off topic
    new oil discovery puts the largest oil reserves in the world in Australia, *not* in Venezuela or Saudi.
    any comments?

  6. Dr. Faustus Says:

    As an aside, I just read this article on the complete destruction of Venezuela’s mining industry. It’s a stunner, well worth the time. Title: Hugo Chavez, Socialism for the 21st Century and Venezuela’s Narcissistic Resource Nationalism. Go here:

    • NorskeDiv Says:

      Perhaps Hugo Chavez misunderstood “resource nationalism” and thought it simply meant “keeping the resources in the nation & safely buried in the ground”

  7. syd Says:

    Larry and his “deep-throat” military secrets without backup sounds like G.W.E.H. Imagine how privileged we are on these comment boards to have such classified information revealed to the world.

  8. Larry Says:

    Arias Cardenas and Pogiolli to name a few

  9. Larry Says:

    The post-11A Baduel-Chavez scenario was Sun-tzu: Keep your enemies close.
    Chavez was lenient with a lot of military guys that crossed him including Baduel (up to a point). Chavez pardoned many guys that in many other countries would be doing long prison terms for conspiring against the state. He had nothing to fear of Baduel because they clipped his wings when he became defense minister.

  10. Larry Says:

    clarification: the rifle used had a working M203 grenade launcher attached. This was where they where going to nail Isaac Perez Recao. Baduel who had possession or access to the weapon, exchanged the M203 with a non-working one thus the charge of possessing war weaponry (along these lines) was beaten. BTW, Maduro took BIG payoffs related to 11A.

  11. Larry Says:

    when the AN website was defaced with the nudie of Defmin Baduel, that was an inside job by Maduro and DIM or Disip. They stole the images from Baduel’s notebook. Remember, Baduel was drafted into 11A by Isaac Perez Recao. Baduel protected his casinos. Baduel swapped out the working M16 w/M203 grenade launcher (Carmona’s bodyguard – a dufus) with a non-working version he delivered to TSJ (to protect IPR). I have first hand knowledge about that rifle and IPR’s plotting. Baduel was double-crossed causing him to ‘rescue’ Chavez.

  12. Larry Says:

    The impression I had of the governments website’s is that they are done on the cheap side. The sort of standardized on open source cms joomla circa 2006. The problem here seems to be where they are hosting their sites. They need to be bullet proof and redundant and doubt they are up to snuff.

  13. Kepler Says:

    Hihihi…don’t your my CADIVI is what most privileged Venezuelans seem to say all the time.

  14. island canuck Says:

    The first thing as a webmaster that came to mind was the hosting password the same for all these sites??

    Try going into the CADIVI login page using Chrome or FF (don’t know about IE ‘cuz I refuse to use it) and you are presented with a series of SEVERE warnings that the security certificate is invalid.

    With Chrome there is no apparent way to get by the warning.

    With FF you can mark the page as an exception but with SEVERE warnings.

    Scary stuff. You get the impression that these guys are really clueless.

    • Luis Peña Says:

      When opening a web page there is a system in place that identifies the page as being legit. Telling you that you are visiting the intended page and not a phony copy that someone put up to stole data or fool another one. The system used what is know as a certificate. Since 2001 with law-decree 1204 Venezuela created its own certificate structure.
      I don´t know what they do but something is missing. When visiting a government web page you receive a warning because the certificate is from an unkown source.

  15. NorskeDiv Says:

    One wonders about the rest of their security, are these servers on the same local network as those with sensitive data?

    Not that this event makes much of a difference, I’m sure Colombian and US intelligence already knows all the “secrets” of the Venezuelan “intelligence” services.

    • Larry Says:

      One of the first things they (the Cubans) did was to seal Chavez off from the Americans. They are very good at keeping everyone in the dark. There is a lot of information (on Venezuela) to be gathered but the leadership has always been well protected and cordoned off.

  16. moctavio Says:

    I just checked a few and not all are really back, like says It works! but the page is not back yet.

  17. Andres F Says:

    It seems they are back

  18. Charly Says:

    Although I did not see it personally, I read that on some sites the hacker left the message “Tango down”. If so then the author is the Jester or a copy cat. The Jester had promised previously he would hack Venezuelan government sites. He has a website:

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