Tachira State Declares Rebellion In Venezuela

February 24, 2014

Hey! Vielma Mora, f…. you!


12 Responses to “Tachira State Declares Rebellion In Venezuela”

  1. geronl Says:

    I have rolled my eyes at all the headlines that called peaceful protest marches “revolt”, but I guess this actually qualifies.

  2. Canadian Says:

    Time to take arm to depend your freedom.

  3. WPLG ABC Channel 10 Miami Says:


    Doral businessman Jayssam Mokded detained in Venezuela (video)

  4. Russia Today Says:

    Eva Golinger’s latest segment from her program “Detras de la noticia”
    Shot in New York studios Feb 21…note how cold Eva is

  5. Rick Flowers Says:

    Golinger-stupid lying Marxist shill. Ridiculous propaganda no one believes any more. And she made sure her baby was born in the US (anchor baby). As the real photos get out, she will find it harder and harder to pass off the lies that only the lefties pretend to believe anyway. Venezuelan expats who are anywhere near wherever she is (where is she-New York?) should be giving her HOLY HELL!

    • syd Says:

      Golinger’s baby doesn’t quite qualify as “anchor” status. For Golinger is an American (read US)-born citizen, who finagled, through the largesse of the “revolution” and her mother’s earlier Venezuelan citizenship, to receive her Veneuelan citizen status. Due to the US’s policy of recent years, to allow those with one nationality to retain that nationality when they become US citizens, well Eva can play both sides of the equation, when it suits her.

      An anchor baby is when a foreigner delivers her baby in a better economy (in this case, that of the US) than her own, for better opportunities and the hope of staying in, or moving to that better economy.

  6. syd Says:

    Golinger-types squashed by Renee Fregosi, an international socialist who sees through the masquerade: (in French) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xSSYAvja6pQ

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