Tachira Governor Distances Himself From Venezuelan Government

February 24, 2014

vielmaGovernor of Tachira Jose Vielma Mora

In a surprising development, pro-Government Chavista Governor Jose Vielma Mora distanced himself sharply from the Government.(audio link to interview included) Tachira is the most radical state in its protests against the Government of the last few weeks.

Among other things Vielma stated:

“I am autonomous… I have asked General Bermudez (who led the repression in his State) to be replaced …to show my intention of peace””I do not agree with Simonovis and Leopoldo Lopez being kept in jail””There is a problem of shortages and there is an economic problem, there is a problem with the foreign exchange differential””I am against censorship of any kind””I disagree with flying military jets over Tachira, it was an unacceptable excess””Students have a right to protest”
“There was an excess of General Pirela of the National Guard, he was replaced”There you have it, the first major Chavista political figure to clearly distance himself from the Government. This creates a new problem for an already tangled Nicola maduro. The only question at tis time is whether Vielma Mora acted alone, knows something or is simply being opportunistic. No matter which, this is a very significant development for Venezuela and the current events taking place in it.But only time will tell why he did it.

50 Responses to “Tachira Governor Distances Himself From Venezuelan Government”

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  2. M Rubio Says:

    Patriots here trust Mora as far as they can throw him.

    • moctavio Says:

      Please dont use someone else’s name, I will erase it next time, use a fake name, but using someone else’s is bad for the blog and is lying.

  3. Dr. Faustus Says:

    Perhaps Vielma, you know, was watching the news the other day, you know, from overseas and, you know, and suddenly realized how quickly things can change. Whoooaaa! I need to cover all my bases here…..

    • xp Says:

      “There’s no grandfatherly fondness in me,
      There are no gray hairs in my soul!
      Shaking the world with my voice and grinning,
      I pass you by, – handsome,
      ― Vladimir Mayakovsky

  4. wellborn81 Says:

    I don’t believe in the slightest that Vielma was speaking out of conviction. Chavism has been playing this game for years; I wouldn’t be surprised if this turned out to be some sort of ploy that Maduro pulled the plug on at the last minute. Even if everything he said is true, and even if he said it in a moment of ideological weakness, I should hope that Vielma doesn’t think that remorse will spare him when the ship goes down.

  5. Roger Says:

    It bothers me that the Ukraine is getting a lot more press here in the US than Venezuela is. The only place you see it is on Spanish media. Telemundo and I suppose Univision ( I guess, don’t have it right now). If you want to make a difference, comment on their websites, give them links and if they post their email or twitter accounts, get into a conversation with them. Not just the US but any Spanish country or what ever other language you have. We need to do this fast. Too bad we don’t have lists to pass out! Remember, these media are part of news services that often cross into other languages. Telemundo for example is part of NBC, we need them to take the story there and work it. We don’t want to wait till Maduro brings in the tanks (if they still run) and machine guns. He might, so far nobody has slapped his hand for all this. They are still very bold and that is what we must destroy.

  6. Juan Largo Says:

    It matters little if Mora is a rat or patriot. The point is the divisions and cracks are starting to show and widen in the Maduro regime for the simple reason that what this government is trying to do is not sustainable. None of it, from economic policies on down to the defunct and partisan judiciary. The only hope is that the entire tottering junk heap does not collapse into chaos. Once the private sector is frozen owing to government muscle flexing, the flow of goods and services will also freeze and it might devolve into a free for all because the public sector has no ability to do much of anything. When the clown drives the bus, it is bound to crash.

  7. Rick Flowers Says:

    Kind of blows away the chavista’s self-image as saviors of the poor fighting the gringo monster, doesn’t it? More like fascist psychos killing students to impose a murderous, failed ideology. The gringos are coming to buy oil with good dollars. The Cubans are coming with guns to kill you. Still like that socialist revolution, Russell Brand?

    • Grrif Says:

      Sorry reread your post. I misunderstood. I also saw a post that said it social media isn’t showing whats really happening. And the truth of course is only social media can show and tell truth as all publications and tv is censored by Maduro and his thugs. Russel Brand and Danny Glover boycott those ignorant men. How about they move themselves and their families to Venezuela to experience the violence and injustice

  8. captainccs Says:

    Opportunist or not, cracks in chavismo, madurismo or whatever kind of shitism it is, are always welcome.

    Rats abandoning the sinking ship. I don’t care about bringing the rats to justice, I just want the ship to sink real fast.

    • wellborn81 Says:

      No way. The idea of Cabello, Ortega Diaz, Ramirez, Lucena, and the rest sleeping soundly in Chavez-friendly countries and not being brought to justice is more repulsive than the thought of dealing with Maduro until his term ends. There’s a powerful image going round of one of the Ukrainian soldiers being forced to look upon the place where he shoot protesters dead, and that’s the kind of thing you want these poor excuses for human beings to go through. When this disaster is over, we’re going to need closure. A lot of it.

  9. xp Says:

    Mouth that blows twice as
    fast lasts half as long –

    Rushing Gaceta Extraordinaria
    número 6.126 is but a first step.
    The forex caja chica está vacía.

    Like the roadrunner,
    the economy is running
    mid-air on EMPTY.

    Disposable foreign currencies
    will dry up MID_MARCH.
    We are seeing JUST-IN-TIME

    Money talks – Bull Shit walks.

    So Who cares about the
    LIAR in miraflores?

    Psuv, that’s who.
    And Bocón doesn’t have
    any cash left.

    End of story.
    [and the tachira gov knows it].


    This is more a I want save my ass just in case statement !

  11. xp Says:

    Economía | 09:24 a.m.
    Entra en vigencia el Sicad 2
    La reforma de la Ley de Ilícitos Cambiarios se oficializó este lunes en la Gaceta Extraordinaria número 6.126

    Leer más en: http://www.ultimasnoticias.com.ve/noticias/actualidad/economia/entra-en-vigencia-el-sicad-2.aspx#ixzz2uGlNyE2D

    • xp Says:

      Ramírez: Todos podrán adquirir divisas por bancos o casas de bolsas

      El vicepresidente del Área Económica, Rafael Ramírez, indicó este lunes que todas las personas naturales y jurídicas que posean cuenta bancaria en dólares podrán adquirir u ofertar divisas a través de la banca y casas de bolsa.
      Unión Radio

  12. VJ Says:

    Gochos working !!!

  13. […] article appeared in The Devil’s Excrement on the morning of February 24th titled Tachira Governor Distances Himself From Venezuelan Government. It reports […]

  14. Rob Says:

    http://youtu.be/Q5Jb4F094f0. Jimmy Vargas Mother.

    Ask Jimmy Vargas’s mother what should happen to Mora. She has lost much more than he has taken.

    And Johnny Carballo just wanted to do the right thing for Venezuelans and this is what he got. How terribly sad.

  15. VJ Says:

    Johnny Carballo, student just passed away at 10:00 am, in Cagua, Aragua State.
    He was shot in the head by tupamaros motorizados.

  16. VJ Says:

    New video recorded today of retired army General Angel Vivas( by the way, he is “gocho”).

  17. VJ Says:

    Jimmy Vargas, 34, passed away last night in San Cristobal, Tachira state.
    He was shot by the GNB.

  18. firepigette Says:

    If people defect out of fear and saving themselves instead of out of self realization, it might be a bad omen for things to come, but time will tell, and it all depends on how the opposition can use this to their advantage.

  19. instinctivepath Says:

    It doesn’t sound like he’s distancing himself from the government yet, in my opinion. It sounds like he’s listening to his constituency and acknowledges that there’s a serious problem simmering in his state. It’s only a matter of time he loses control. I interpret this more as a plead for help.

  20. renevers Says:

    Hello, I am suspicious about the international “SOS Venezuela” movement. It looks as if it is programmed to be in support of the Venezuelan government as it is now. Very little is said in these international rallies about the roots of the problem: the Chavist en neo communistic philosophy and economic disaster. I think that te international socialist movement wants to “hijack” the issues and turn it in the wished direction in the end in support of the socialists . SOS Ven is not to help the demonstrators and the opposition .. SOS Ven. is there to help Chavism and communism in another form.
    I think that the international socialist support groups have seen the problems slowly rising in Venezuela and choose this form of undermining the protest to “guide” the information process and later on turn the issues in propaganda in favor of their leftist movement. Organizers of Venezuelan democratic opposition marches should be aware of this.
    Google “SOS Venezuela” for images and you will see very little about the suppression of free speech in Venezuela, very little of police brutality, very little of Cuban undermining of the security forces and secret services, very little about the empty shops , very little about crime and murder in Venezuela.very little about the raging inflation. You see only the symbols introduced by Chavez :the blue yellow red flag , and clothes in those colors. In fact it is mostly Chavistic symbolism that is “under fire” . Like the Venezuelan flag that is shot to pieces. The SOS is for the socialistic system to survive in this form.
    So, I think it is a trick from the international socialist movement to direct the protest in Venezuela in a direction that prevents the real causes of the miserable conditions in Venezuela, to be unveiled. It is further a way to take away blame for these conditions on socialism as a economic principle that led to the disaster. So they are organizing these marches themselves to have influence over the content.
    I predict that one should not be not amazed to see these marches on Venezuelan TV in support of Maduro, Cabello, Ramirez and fellow henchmen

  21. xp Says:

    Argentina “no tiene información” sobre llegada de hijas de Chávez

  22. jau Says:

    cuando el arbol se cae, los monos se dispersan…

  23. VJ Says:

    3 days ago, I replied a comment from “nacazo about the situation in Tachira:

    nacazo Says:
    February 21, 2014 at 1:13 am
    Who is the Commander in Chief of the Tachira Defense Forces? Nice organization skills from whoever it is.

    VJ Says:
    February 21, 2014 at 11:47 am
    You are right, because in the Maduro-chavista side the Mayor General Noel Bermudez, commander of the REDI-ANDES, yesterday was kicked out of his post and the gobernacion del Tachira intervened by Caracas. The “de facto” governor is M/G Rodriguez Torres.


    • Super Says:

      I sense they see the Ukrainian writing on the proverbial wall. Vielma Mora is Cabello’s lieutenant. Or used to be at least.

      This what we want to see more of, the rats jumping off the sinking ship.

      Justice will come later.

  24. He saw the writing on the wall and now wants to “salvar la talanquera”
    Bullshit he is just looking to plug himself in the next government

  25. JB Lenoir Says:

    Vielma is a rat, he is aligned historically with Cabello, he committed treason against the constitution of Venezuela (1961) and against his oath as a military officer to defend the Republic when he participated in coward Chavez’s failed coup, his family has amassed wealth during this corrupt regime. Like all rats, Vielma is jumping ship and distancing himself from Maduro, but nothing Vielma says should be believed until he condemns Cabello, Rodriguez Torres and the other uniformed goons directing the repression. Vielma belongs in prison with the rest of these thugs. NOW he says the regime’s repression has been too harsh? Almost a month after the protests started?

  26. Glenn Says:

    This could simply be a very heroic act by a true patriot. Let’s not forget this. His actions could lead others to follow suit and the dominoes begin to fall.

  27. ErneX Says:

    Interesting, let’s see where this goes.

  28. noel Says:

    Any government that shoots on its own people loses all legitimacy and eventually falls. Some are quicker on the uptake. Also, being far away from the center helps too.

  29. Dean A Nash Says:

    He’s trying to avoid being hanged with the rest of the gang when Liberty finally returns to Venezuela.

  30. syd Says:

    Why didn’t he distance himself before now?
    Opportunist who smells los derrumbes in the government, wants to protect his hide.

  31. John Barnard Says:

    And it’s only a matter of time before they charge him with some past graft.

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