US Initiates A New Stage In Its Relations With Venezuela

July 24, 2014

396772_112525_1Image from Semana magazine

One of the puzzles over the last decade, has been the timid attitude of the US Government towards corrupt Venezuelan officials, who roam around the US enjoying their ill-gotten gains. In fact, it is known that some of them, have turned evidence in exchange for being allowed to stay in the US or not prosecuted. Despite this, it just seems as if over the years, it was all an intelligence gathering operation with no follow up.

That may have changed this week.

After an effort was apparently rebuffed by the Obama administration to impose sanctions on Venezuelan Government officials, the US Government has clearly and quietly gone on the offensive this week.

First, it was former Judge Benni Palmeri Bacchi, who arrived in Miami in a private plane (like so many current and former Chavista officials like to fly) with his family to enjoy two weeks of supposedly a pre-paid vacation in Disney World, Orlando. Instead, Palmeri was charged with protecting Colombian drug traffickers by allowing them to fly cocaine shipments to the US.

But the big fish, not to say the big chicken, was General Hugo “Pollo” Carvajal, who was detained in Aruba when he arrived, also in a private plane, purportedly owned by a relative, and tried to use one of at least two, if not four Venezuelans passports he was carrying (As well as US$ 20,000 in cash, that he obtained via no official source in Venezuela). You see Carvajal was nominated to be the Venezuelan Consul in that Caribbean island, but the Government of The Netherlands had yet to approve it, making his diplomatic  immunity non-existent. And adding to his problems the US started including Carvajal in its drugpin list in 2008, as you can read here.

And if Carvajal is ever extradited to the US, he is in serious trouble. While the news concentrates on his relations to drug groups, Carvajal was involved with drug/terrorist organization FARC and in the infamous Reyes computers Carvajal is said to have offered the FARC terrorist weapons, as well as lists of prominent Venezuelans to kidnap.

And if Carvajal is ever extradited, that is where his problems begin. Once he is in US soil, the charges could quickly shift from the drug angle to the terrorism one and Carvajal could be taken away from the DEA’s hand and Guantanamoed for the rest of his life. He could be jailed in a maximum security prison for more years than his life expectancy will allow.

And I say “if”, because many things  could happen to Carvajal. Maduro has already say that he fully backs Carvajal, who was “kidnapped” by Aruba’s authorities, threatening the tiny island with economic, energetic and commercial sanctions.

So, you can bet that right now there is a many front effort by Venezuela to get Carvajal freed, just the same way there is a full court press by the US and the Dutch Government to get him extradited ASAP.

The only question is who gets to or finds the weakest link first. The weakest link could be an official that can be bought, a Judge that can be influenced and voilà Carvajal could show up in La Carlota, Miami International or Schipol.

The US is likely to be applying lots of pressure to get Carvajal off Aruba as fast as possible. The island likely has the weakest links in the process, the question is whether it can pull the required strings fast enough.

It will be a very entertaining movie to watch the next few days. But no matter what happens, it is clear that the US has initiated a new era in its relations with Chavista Venezuela and that many a Chavista official or beneficiary of Chavista corruption must be trembling today facing the impossibility of enjoying their ill-gotten gains in Disney World. Their impunity in traveling around and moving funds around is over. From now on, each step has to be watched and considered.

Or else..

32 Responses to “US Initiates A New Stage In Its Relations With Venezuela”

  1. VJ Says:

    7)El empresario maracucho con quien concretaría la cita el alemán trata de adquirir una refinería en Aruba
    — oropeza jenny (@jennyoro1) junio 30, 2014

    The Aruba refinery closed in September 2012 when owner Valero reduced its workforce and stopped all units. It representes more than 12 per cent of Aruba’s gross domestic product and it is for sale !!!! Price tag US$ 500 millions.

  2. chel Says:

    This extrange feeling we are all having is the sweet taste of justice, sadly forgotten by venezuelan minds in the last decade+ of power abuse and impunity

  3. anagrammatt2 Says:

    Reblogged this on anagrammatt2 and commented:
    July 26, 2014 at 11:24 pm

    Asi tienen que irse al sur a vacacionar ! Y el sur no tiene tanto cache…! Y despues, atraparlos tambien en el sur! Hasta iaslarlos en su paraiso infernal de Venezuela!

  4. anagrammatt2 Says:

    Asi tienen que irse al sur a vacacionar ! Y el sur no tiene tanto cache…! Y despues, atraparlos tambien en el sur! Hasta iaslarlos en su paraiso infernal de Venezuela!

  5. VJ Says:

    @VVperiodistas · 15 h
    ¿De quién era la avioneta donde llegó el alemán que asesinaron en el Eurobuilding? #ElCartelDeLosSoles

    @VVperiodistas · 15 h
    ¿Con quién se iba a reunir el alemán que asesinaron en el Eurobuilding para pagar comisión por contratos de PDVSA? #ElCartelDeLosSoles

  6. VJ Says:

    Taken from Las Armas de Coronel….
    El avión que transportó a Aruba al narco Hugo Carvajal, el compinche de Nicolás Maduro, es propiedad de una empresa llamada Global Air Services ( ), a su vez, propiedad de los señores:
    283 LOCKHAVEN DR STE 308
    HOUSTON TX 77073
    283 LOCKHAVEN DR STE 308
    HOUSTON TX 77073
    283 LOCKHAVEN DR STE 308
    HOUSTON TX 77073
    Estos caballeros,probablemente maracuchos, son dueños de empresas como Ovarb y Tradequip, las cuales son contratistas preferidos de la PDVSA del narco-régimen. Ovarb está registrada en Texas y ha hecho millones de dólares de ganancias, vendiéndole equipos a PDVSA, especialmente durante la crisis eléctrica, cuando se borraron todos los vestigios de controles en ls contrataciones. Tradequip es una empresa radicada en Venezuela y en Houston.
    Estos son los amigos de Carvajal. Estas relaciones evidencian como está interconectada la mafia petrolera con los narcotraficantes. Es una red extensa de corrupción bajo la sombrilla protectora del narco-régimen.

  7. They could have done things like these for years, this was nit Carvajal’s first visit to Aruba and the other Judge had arrived in private planes before. So, why now? The next few weeks will be a tell, but I suspect few of these crooks will dare go to the US in the next few weeks.

  8. Roy Says:


    As much as I would like to think that this is actually a coordinated initiative, I don’t see the evidence. The DEA saw an opportunity to grab two big players and took it. Sure, it was coordinated with State, but I don’t see any change of administration policy in these actions.

    • Noel Says:

      Maybe, we will see. But I have noted more highly critical articles of Venezuela in the US and international press lately; perhaps it indicates a change of perception or tolerance for misdeeds. I think that people in general are fed up with evil governments and extremists to whose actions they are constantly exposed on TV. Perhaps the Dutch and US governments have felt the changing winds of public opinion.

    • Island Canuck Says:

      They’ve now been reinstated.

      I gues the cries went up from Chavistas who had already booked for their vactions in the Dutch Islands. 🙂

      • Roy Says:

        Not to mention the Venezuelans currently in Aruba being stranded…

        The point is that this was clearly an ill considered knee-jerk reaction that they were forced to reconsider after they understood the implications. Chavismo is looking weak and panic stricken.

  9. Lobo Says:

    Latest news in Maracaibo is that all public and private flights to Aruba are cancelled.

  10. Arco Says:

    So cool to be Dutch right now.
    No way Aruba/Holland is returning this shitface back to Venezuela. Aruba used to be depending on the oil of Venezuela at their refineries. But thats history, Now they depend on US turism. And with the airplane masacre MH17 in the Ukraine the Dutch will do anything to please Obama right now. Maduro has nothing to threaten the Dutch or Aruba. I really hope that this is the beginning of the end of the chavistas and it would open the eyes of all venezuelans. I live here for ten years.
    If you aint Dutch….you aint much! (kidding offcourse….;o)

  11. Shrillary Clinton Says:

    while Im happy to see this action being taken even by Obozo… Im chuckling at Venz because for years you people have whined and moaned on these blogs about your circumstances yet do nothing about it….say like shooting Cubans or red shirts…. suddenly we aren’t the Evil Empire anymore but your heroes? please…..spare us…..

  12. Venezuela’s Massive Corruption is unstoppable. Not by the USA or Europe. It can only be slightly mitigated, as it was for Decades before Chavismo with the Adeco and Copeyano Thieves:

    They’ll steal Trillions of Billions of Millions, but a little less, and they might build a bridge and half a highway in the process.

  13. Lecherous Drunk Says:

    “El Pollo” got set up by the Dutch and walked right into the trap.

    Venezuela had to notify of The Netherlands of his appointment. The Netherlands had to tell Venezuela that his appointment would be approved. The Dutch got with the Yanquis and agreed to notify Venezuela that he would be approved. Just show up and submit your diplomatic papers when you get here, we will approve your Consulship. Otherwise “El Pollo” would never have allowed what happened, to happen.

    Dank je wel Nederland!

    I heard Citgo is up for sale, I wonder if Shell provides the highest bid if The Bolivarians will now approve?

    • Charly Says:

      According to Bocaranda who so far as been right on the button to publish true info, Carvajal had two ordinary passports with different names and a diplomatic passport. He presented an ordinary passport . Then when the matter soured up he got his diplomatic passport out. Was the guy going for a short vacations? Why not present the diplo passport to start with?

      May be not connected but Ramirez cancelled his trip with the bankers in NY today. Is he afraid the Feds might book him or at least invite him for a friendly talk? if so, then we are stuck with the Chinese. Bye bye economic reform.

  14. Paul Esqueda Says:

    A crook’s judgment is tainted by his own demons (Ladron juzga por su condicion). Is this wise Latin American saying that inspires Maduro to unconditionally support the AFC (Aruba Fried Chicken)?

  15. Elbostonian Says:

    I fucking love this. Let’s hope it is just the beginning.

  16. Paul Esqueda Says:

    KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) has a new competitor AFK (Aruba Fried Chicken). The Venezuelan Government is confusing impunity with immunity. When you examine the nature of the allegations and the record of AFK neither immunity nor impunity applies. It is a very sad episode for all Venezuelans and they deserve honest and transparent information of the events that led to the arrest of AFK. It is high time for the current Venezuelan Government to be held accountable not only to Venezuelans but to the rest of the world.

    • Boludo Tejano Says:

      The Venezuelan Government is confusing impunity with immunity.

      That is one very well written line. It should go viral.

  17. Paul Says:

    From El Universal…..”The Venezuelan government rebuked on Thursday the capture of retired General Hugo Carvajal on Wednesday evening by Aruba’s authorities and labelled it as “unlawful and arbitrary.”

    “Unlawful and arbitrary”…..something the Ven government is well versed in.

  18. Virginia Laffitte Says:

    AT LAST!! It’s about time the USA takes it’s head out of the sand, and FINALLY steps in!! It’s all about where they can make the most money..Seemingly so anyway. JUST DO IT NOW…NOW, is KEY!!

  19. Paul Says:

    Well, it’s about time these scumbag drug traffickers are caught and punished. Astounding that the ignorant bus driver is trying to protect Carvajal and threatening Aruba. I’m sure the rest of the government criminals will be thinking twice about their vacation plans to Disney and elsewhere from Venezuela.

    • Boludo Tejano Says:

      Astounding that the ignorant bus driver is trying to protect Carvajal and threatening Aruba.
      A Chavista is behaving as a Chavista. No big surprise here.What else would you expect him to do, expedite Cafvajal’s extradition to the US?

      I’m sure the rest of the government criminals will be thinking twice about their vacation plans to Disney and elsewhere from Venezuela.
      Yes indeed. Maybe an alternate Disney World in Russia should be set up for corrupt Chavistas,

  20. notiven Says:

    The first one to post a Tweet on this was Ultimas Noticias reporter Eligio Rojas

  21. Michael Welling Says:

    Great post. Finally the US is stepping up. Hopefully this is the start to something good.

  22. CarlosElio Says:

    In that picture he has a resemblance to the late Jovito Villalba. Maybe some former URD member now in PSUV duty would print a poster with a “Levántate Pollo” message.

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