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A Priceless WSJ Headline, But Does It Mean Much?

May 19, 2015


While there is no question that seeing Godgiven’s face on the front of the WSJ’s website was extremely satisfying and priceless, particularly to those of us that have spent over a decade trying to unmask the hoodlums in the Chavista regime, we are unsure that this headline will have the immediate meaning that some believe it has.

I mean, it is not as if Maduro got his copy of the WSJ this morning saw the headline and said: “Oh my God, how could he do this?”. I mean, this is old news. How many members of the Venezuelan military close to this person have been declared drug kingpins in the past, including his buddy Carvajal? Who happens to be Maduro’s buddy too…

And this is a press report, not even an indictment. Can we get one, please?

People have many theories surrounding this, but I buy few of them. The first and obvious one is that the Secretary of State’s Emssary Tom Shannon asked Maduro to get rid of Godgiven, showing him proof of his activities and the US would normalize relations and thus the leak


Is Maduro so strong that he can get rid of the most powerful former military in Government just like that?

I am not so sure…

After all, Maduro comes from the civilian, ideological side of Chavismo, while Godgiven represents the connection to active military. How many of his classmates hold important positions inĀ  Government? Maduro’s connection to them is tenuous at best.

In fact, if anything, this could be the spark for increased political instability in Venezuela. If Godgiven sees his political base undermined, he may decide to go for the whole enchilada. And this would bode badly for everything: Democracy, Stability, Human Rights and the future of Venezuela.

But my bet is that this will be turned into a Venezuela vs. the US battle. Another excuse to blame the problems of the country on Obama and his right wing Government. The Evil Empire trying to get rid of the expanding ideological influence of Madurismo and simply another battle in the economic war against the extremely successful economies policies of Chavismo and other stupidities like that.

In any case, we will know shortly who is right on this…