Some Music Brought To You by PSUV

June 24, 2015

As people get in lines for shopping, show their cedulas to be able to buy and Venezuela bickers with Colombia and Guyana over borders, the people from PSUV send this message of happiness, patriotism, socialism and whatever…

What do you think?

31 Responses to “Some Music Brought To You by PSUV”

  1. GeronL Says:

    Don’t worry. Be Happy. Blame a foreign country.

    Sacrifice for Socialism!

    “But I thought you said everything would be better under…”


    “Any more music critics? Start dancing already”

  2. bythefault Says:

    It’s not just Guyana and Colombia that are pissed at Venezuela’s unilateral declarations regarding borders but the Netherlands and France. Obviously the next tactic now that the internal opposition has been systematically eradicated or marginalize is to create a foreign boogeyman.

    As for the commercial, it’s crap. Fitting for Venezuela.

  3. Helen Driessen Says:

    Have you noticed that there is ni un descendente africano en el grupo? How come?

  4. Douglas Says:

    PSUV = Pzoquetes….. Really, not a very good video, even solely based on its production values. I weep for my country….

  5. Alex Says:

    “Somos los chavistas los que estamos de fiesta en nuestra patria socialista” …. no jo! Eso ya lo sabemos, no nos lo tienen que restregar!

  6. Brian Kirkpatrick Says:

    Sorry my last post sounded a bit harsh My intent was young “revolutionaries” are not ready to be parents. We can only hope that they grow up and see the world as it is.

  7. Brian Kirkpatrick Says:

    Who needs things like toilet paper, tampons, pharmaceuticals, etc? But the world should know we really do need to get these young kids condoms…. For obvious reasons.

  8. Juan Largo Says:

    Wonder how many of the people in that video walked home from the shoot, on a sidewalk, just minding their own business, filled with pride and wonder about the revolution? the problem with a video like this is that a percentage of people will wonder who lives like this? And in what state? What planet? El Tigre? Canaima? The video clashes so loudly with reality that it feel like a kind of cruel hallucination.


  9. Paul Says:

    Just a flashy version of bullshit spewed forth by the Maduro, et al, propaganda
    machine. It would be amusing if not so pathetically removed from the reality of the dire situation in Venezuela. I want to see their produced videos when the economy totally implodes. People cheerfully paddling on inner tubes trying to reach Aruba??????

  10. Dean A Nash Says:

    I’m thrilled. It’s an excellent production, and with all due respect to all of you here, EXACTLY what Venezuela and the majority of Venezuelans (still in Venezuela) deserve. Namely, MORE PSUV (aka more shortages and misery.)

    To you all here, reading this: if you’re still inside Venezuela, get out. Cross a border illegally, whatever it takes. History repeats itself. Venezuela’s future can be seen clearly in Cuba today. This has always been the plan, as presented by Chavez himself way back in the late 1990’s. The mission is nearly accomplished.

    Don’t walk, RUN! LEAVE EVERYTHING BEHIND. I’m deadly serious. It is nothing compared with your lives and your freedom. You can buy more things, make more money, etc…but only if you’re free.

  11. DPRK Says:

    Very fucking North Korean.

  12. Ed Says:

    very catchy, but a fallacy of course…

  13. MO, here’s a post written by Santiesteban, who is in a Cuban jail. It will give you a sense of what’s going to happen to Venezuelan opposition leaders in the near future

  14. Glenn Says:

    Bruni’s correct. The campaign has begun

  15. Sledge Says:

    The sad part is that Millions of completely ignorant, under-educated people there still buy and believe this crap, and the constant lies. They do. And that’s beyond the obvious enchufados paid to do this,, say 30% or close to 10 Million Venezuelans are so clueless they don’t feel like vomiting watching this. They actually truly believe in Imperialistic Economic wars and all that.. They do.

  16. I liked it. Catchy tune, cute, well dressed, healthy looking youngsters, lots of chavista slogans. They should do more like this. Maybe have one for happy retirees doing yoga and singing. How about a video in a hospital with doctors and nurses singing praises to Chavez? Happy housewives pushing carts full of food in a supermarket? The possibilities for this type of propaganda are endless. But the key is to have Maduro announce this on tv, explain the video campaign is intended to demolish the opposition and show the escualidos there’s no way they can win because the people are all committed revolutionaries.

  17. The Shadow Says:

    Sort of reminds me of: “Don’t worry, be happy” jingle.

  18. Bruni Says:

    Very catchy tune and very well done with the omnipresent and cute (yes, she is cute) Daniela Cabello. Just young people partying. Multi-colored, not just red, T-shirts. Interestingly the only political figures that appear besides Chavez and his daughters are Jagua, Erckut and Adán, Cilia’s half face is barely shown..and all of them appear in just two seconds.

    What do I think? They are already campaigning.

  19. Paul Esqueda Says:

    La rumba del Titanic antes de hundirse. Todos muy ajenos a la profunda crisis. La magia comunicacional

  20. Noel Says:

    One would think that the opposition, deprived of institutional avenues to get its message across would be the one to make use of unorthodox methods of communication. This is further proof that in Latin America, the ineffectiveness of the opposition (in Brazil, Chile and Venezuela) is as much a problem as the errors and/or crimes of the governments in place.

  21. Alfredo Says:

    Igualito a los adecos…

  22. Daveed Says:

    Wow from the very start, when they call the deadly 1992 military coup attempt a cry of “peace”.

  23. Boludo Tejano Says:

    Chavistas are much better at creating catchy vidoes than they are at governing. We have already seen many such previous Chavista videos.

  24. Colon Says:

    well….pena ajena…..looks very capitalistic to me… missing some species that were usually associated with El Pinar….but has plenty colorful ones do not take me wrong….I like it….

  25. feathers Says:

    Sorry for the typos

  26. Says:

    Hola Miguel…Has leido. Libro Bumerang de Chavez?Comments? Saludos CEhellmund
    Enviado desde mi BlackBerry de Movistar

  27. feathers Says:

    I would be the utmost Chavista is Venezuela was a pink and happy countey were there are no malandros terrorizing the citizens and people could afford going to the supermarket to by basic groceries. Am I asking too much?

    A friend of mind told me she saw a pear the other day and couldn’t afford the kilo so she bought only one to satisfy the craving at Bs. 280. Can you tell me how much is that in dollars?

  28. Maria Says:


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