800 Kilograms Of Arrogance Arrested In Haiti

November 11, 2015


When I first read the ABC piece on the detention of the nephews of Venezuela’s First Lady in Haiti for attempting to bring 800 kilograms of cocaine into the US, it sounded too far-fetched to be real. It sounded right out of a movie plot: They were caught in a sting operation, trying to move 800 Kilograms of cocaine into the US, the whole thing was filmed and they argued they had diplomatic immunity.

Far fetched, because what saved General Carvajal, was that he actually had a diplomatic position in Aruba. You see, it is one thing to have a Diplomatic Passport, another to have Diplomatic immunity. Any Joe Bimba can get a diplomatic passport which lasts four years in Venezuela, but, for example, if you are removed from your position, or if your trip was not an official trip, that immunity is simply worthless.

Long time ago, I flew to NY and a friend from primary school was on the plane. His father happened to be Venezuela’s Foreign Minister at the time. He had a Diplomatic passport and readily passed us to go to the Diplomatic line which, in contrast to ours, was empty. A few minutes later, he came back to the back to our line and stood in it like a regular citizen. When we were waiting for the luggage I asked him what happened and he told me that the immigration agent had asked him if he was on an official trip to the US. He said no. Then he was asked why he had a Diplomatic passport. He explained. To which the agent asked if his father was in the plane. As the answer was no, then he was sent to the regular line, as his passport may have been diplomatic, but not even the privilege of using the diplomatic line was available to him.

But such is the arrogance of Venezuela’s revolutionaries that they don’t even learn from their experiences. They have moved around funds, drugs and who knows what else, using private or public planes, through well known banks and countries, thinking they were flying under the radar, until they were not…

Meanwhile, the silence of the Venezuelan authorities is as loud as that of most local newspapers, which took a while to republish the news. Amazingly enough, it was revolutionary aporrea which followed Tal Cual with the news, while we are still waiting for El Universal to say anything. But news sources from the WSJ, The New York Times, Reuters and CNN, have all confirmed the story carried first by Spain’ ABC.

Meanwhile, we should know the details tomorrow as the First Lady’s nephews, one of which was raised by her directly, are arraigned in New York. Among the details to watch for, is whether there are videos or not, who owned the plane, a Citation 500 (Sabenpe?) and what the Government says or not. Interestingly, in the absence of news, the Government has so far preferred to stay quiet.

Much like the upcoming elections, I don’t view this as something that will change history, but more as part of the continued erosion of Maduro’s hold on power. Each bit of arrogance, indecision and defeat, adds to the internal divisions that will eventually lead to his demise.

This 800 Kilograms of arrogance by Cilia’s nephews, will simply add to the tally.


Here is the Indictment


77 Responses to “800 Kilograms Of Arrogance Arrested In Haiti”

  1. UPDATE NOV 17 Says:

    things are going according to prediction. One of the boys flipped and has requested a public defendor. The regime has now come out with the kidnap thesis as official response. As expected tregime is circling wagons and doubling down.

  2. Cledus Snow Says:

    Today Cilia is going to hear directly from the U.S. attorney. He will tell her 25 to life. There are two scenarios for a negotiation, now or after the conviction. There is a window of opportunity so I expect BRV to make an overture. The price will be high though and I’m afraid they will not offer enough. Another thing, the current legal team is not qualified to see this through. This will require other law firm(s) to be brought in if they are serious about improving their chances.

  3. Cledus Snow Says:

    Venezuelan government strategy so far is to remain mum. We get hints here and there about this through twitter and whatnot. They are grumbling. Unofficially their shills are at work denying the incident, saying it was staged amd the boys where kidnapped. That’s not going anywhere but they are doing it to brainwash their own.

  4. Cledus Snow Says:

    the Venezuelan government is directly responsible for 25% of cocaine flowing into the U.S. The figures are expected to double in the next two years if nothing changes. Change is coming and has been announced.

  5. Cledus Snow Says:

    the good news? the Venezuelan regime will eventually fall one way or another and all options are on the table. Anything can happen at anytime.

  6. Cledus Snow Says:

    Ira, here’s the real imperialist connection: the running of cocaine is a State level business and includes other state actors such as Bolivia and Russia. There are more. Top level operations involve Evo Morales and NMM. Putin, Ortega, Castro, all know and provide tacit approval. Bolivian and Peruvian paste is transported by air into Apure. This is done by Russian pilots and Venezuelan air force pilots and includes air force military transport aircraft. The US government is on top of this.

  7. Ira Says:

    When is Maduro going to make the imperialist U.S. connection between these arrests and the terrorist attacks in Paris?

  8. Ira Says:

    Did these kids pick the DR for their gateway asylum because that’s where Zelaya went, and they failed to make even the most basic acknowledgment that Zelaya was an invited exile guest to calm the situation in Honduras…

    Whereas they would ultimately treated in the DR quite differently?

    And what’s with the boat? Did they plan to make a run for it around Cape Horn?

    • Ira Says:

      “Getaway” in first sentence. Not “gateway.”

    • Cledus Snow Says:

      the boat is 2014 bult-to-order SanLorenzo 40-Alloy. One of the top yachts in the world in its class. Estimated purchase cost US$22 million. The yacht has been confiscated by Dominican authorities. DR is not a getaway asylum but a vacation home and playground away from the reality of Venezuela.

  9. Ira Says:

    See, Miguel?

    Isn’t this much more interesting than bonds?

    • .5mt Says:

      I can see this episode might move Ven. Bonds lower, maybe panick? We need a massive post on this come Tuesday latest. Bond lizard needs fix.


    • Yes and no, yes, but they dont happen too often and one deprnds on the news flow. No, its depressing. But in the end, just like the bonds it is a continuos erosion of the Government.

  10. Evo Says:

    Miguel, the links to facebook are not showing.

  11. Evo Says:

    sorry here’s the link

  12. Evo Says:

    boo hoo hoo I think I’m gonna cry:

    FYI, Luigi is a regime internet dirtbag who goes back to the dawn of online wars. His response is beyond pathetic. He’s their dirty tricks expert and this is the best he can muster. Fuck Im getting bored. Where’s Eva?

  13. Real Says:

    entre diablos hay gente!!!

  14. bobthebuilder Says:

    What I don’t understand is why anyone associated with a government so riddled with narcos has to start soliciting their wares in Haiti. Surely they’ve already got all the main delivery routes covered?

  15. MW Says:


    U.S. State Dept. Daily Press Briefing 2:06 p.m. EST

    QUESTION: Regarding the charges brought against two relatives of President Maduro’s – two relatives of President Maduro on drug trafficking, I was wondering if you guys have received any notification from the Venezuelan Government, any – I don’t know, condemning the fact that they claim they had diplomatic immunity, however they were charged here in the U.S. Now, I understand it was an operative of the DEA and that the investigation is with the Department of Justice, but wouldn’t this question of the diplomatic immunity deal with you guys? Have you received any comments from the Venezuelan Government?

    MR TONER: Sure. You’re talking about – just so I’m clear – the relatives of the – the indictments of —

    QUESTION: Exactly.

    MR TONER: — Antonio Campo Flores and Francisco Flores de Freitas – Freitas – is that right?

    QUESTION: Yes. Yes, Freitas, exactly.

    MR TONER: So first of all, their indictments are a matter of public record. And upon their detention and arrival in New York City, U.S. law enforcement authorities contacted the Venezuelan consulate per – as per normal practice. The Venezuelan consul general has been in further communication with our law enforcement officials. And I would defer you to the Department of Justice for more information on the matter.

    You asked a specific question about their diplomatic immunity?

    QUESTION: Yeah, exactly. At the moment of their arrest, they said they had diplomatic immunity, however —

    MR TONER: That’s not our understanding. We don’t believe these individuals have diplomatic immunity.


    QUESTION: One question on the diplomacy regarding this.

    MR TONER: Yeah.

    QUESTION: Did the U.S. Government – other than consular notification, did the U.S. Government contact the Venezuelan Government regarding the arrests?

    MR TONER: Good question. I do not know the answer to that other than, obviously, as you said, consular notification. You’re asking whether we gave them a heads-up or —

    QUESTION: No. Well, to be precise, not a heads-up, which would imply that you did it before the arrest —

    MR TONER: Right, right.

    QUESTION: — which I don’t think U.S. law enforcement would do. But it’s my understanding that a senior U.S. Government contacted the Venezuelan Government on Wednesday —

    MR TONER: Yeah.

    QUESTION: — the day after the —

    MR TONER: After the – okay, I’m sorry. I misunderstood what you were asking.

    QUESTION: And then the second question related to that is did you – there have been – there’s been commentary in Venezuela and elsewhere suggesting that this was an effort to tarnish Maduro’s government ahead of their elections. And it’s my understanding that at least one of the purposes of the call was to explain that this was a strictly law enforcement matter and not any kind of an effort to interfere in Venezuela’s election or anything else.

    MR TONER: Yeah.

    QUESTION: So have you tried to convey that message to the Venezuelans with whom we’ve been trying to initiate a dialogue?

    MR TONER: So I’m not aware of the call. I can take that question and try to confirm it for you. But I would obviously dispel that idea here from the podium. This was strictly a law enforcement matter. It had nothing to do with the politics of Venezuela. As we’ve said multiple times from this podium and elsewhere, we don’t want to interfere with the internal politics of Venezuela.

    QUESTION: Mark, could I just ask quick —

    MR TONER: Yeah, sure.

    QUESTION: On diplomatic immunity, who does it apply to beyond diplomats? Anybody? Like the family of – the extended family or the godson of a president doesn’t seem likely, but I just would like to know.

    MR TONER: It’s very complicated, and frankly, I’m not a legal expert on it. We do have folks here who do look at all this stuff and vet it. So I’m weary of wading too far into it, but obviously, it is – those diplomats and their families, immediate families, who are registered here within the embassies in Washington. Now, that doesn’t necessarily apply to, as I understand it, the family of, say, consul generals and consulates elsewhere in the United States.

    QUESTION: Okay.

  16. More yacht and coke pios Says:

  17. Paul Says:

    Of course Cilia and Masburro had no idea their nephew had a mansion and 135′ yacht in the DR. This has got to be the largest narco government in history.

    • Robbie Says:

      Just when things were beginning to leak the usual sulphurous vapour of a Chavista style victory we get instead confirmation that indeed Nic is a bus driver and his wife a common shoplifter.

      Now I admit to having no experience in the Coke trade but a 135′ motor yacht, mansion in DR, two sobrinos sitting atop 800kgs of the ‘stuff’ on a relative’s private aircraft wasn’t very professional.
      Add to that Diplomatic passports and a couple of relatives who happen to be President and first combatant, whatever, I get the feeling this narco gang of usual suspects is losing control.

      Isolating Venezuela from the Coke world would have an immediate impact on worldwide distribution.
      That being the case the two arrests can only be a bow shot in the opening phase of further novela like developments.

  18. Dr. Faustus Says:

    After having read the Bolivarian Code Book, Chapter 7, Section 5, a “tit-for-tat” will be in order here. An American will be grabbed someplace, somewhere in the not too distant future. Dramatic charges. You can see this one coming a mile away. A major crises will ensue. It’s gonna be big. After all, how would YOU like to come home to Cilia, every friggen day, with her sister’s kid locked-up in a New York penitentiary? “Do something…! Ya big Oaf…!”

    • Ronaldo Says:

      I agree that prisoners for trade will be taken by Maduro. Unfortunately for him, it will not happen before Dec 6th and it might elevate very fast. Are the people of Venezuela ready to sacrifice big so Maduro’s drug-dealing nephews can get out of jail?

      The Castros detained Alan Gross and eventually traded 5 convicted spies and killers of U.S. citizens for Mr. Gross’ freedom. I would not bet against Obama doing the same stupid action twice.

      • Dean A Nash Says:

        Haha, I’ll take however much you’ll put on Obama not doing the same stupid action twice. As long as you’ll be fairly liberal in its interpretation. For example, he called ISIS the “JV team” just a couple of years ago, and then, less than 24 hours before the Paris attack, said that we had ISIS “contained”.

        • Rory Says:

          ISIS in Syria and Iraq is contained, in that they have not gained new territory and are in fact losing territory, if slowly. Operations this last week cut off their biggest city in Syria with their biggest city in Iraq, in fact.

          That’s clearly what he was talking about. One can find faults with Obama without resorting to taking stuff out of a context.

    • MW Says:

      Very good Dr.

    • MW Says:

      a sure way to test U.S. resolve and will. What you suggest is not lost on anyone. Venezuela today is a lot like Panama under Manuel Noriega and should harm befall Americans, I don’t think our president would back down. To the contrary, I think we would go after them. The U.S. always get its man. Jihadi John just got his. To go after Americans is repeating Manuel Noriega’s mistake.

    • Ira Says:

      I don’t care who you are:

      THAT’S fucking funny! And I was thinking the same thing!

      No BJs for him for awhile.

  19. Snowman Says:

    I saw the DomRep bust pics… the house, the coke and the yacht. Very fucking nice…. 135′ boat and house next door to Oscar de La Renta. The imagery is online…. search for “cocaine” and “la romana” in the dominican google news

    • Marypuchy Says:

      There was another seizure in Marina Cap Cana two weeks back. An ex employee of the gasoline concession inside Cap Cana which is owned/operated by a Venezuelan was caught with 101 “bricks” in the parking garage of one of the marina condos. The report says the cocaine was destined for Puerto Rico via sea.

  20. Snowman Says:

    shit is happening on multiple fronts

  21. Snowman Says:

    República Dominicana.- Fue allanada la madrugada de este viernes la casa de Francisco Flores de Freites, sobrino de la primera dama de Venezuela, Cilia Flores.

    En la propiedad, ubicada en Casa de Campo, La Romana, se encontraron 80 kilogramos de clorhidrato de cocaína (al 99%). También fue decomisado un yate “The Kingdom” registrado en Bahamas (Y0016), propiedad de Francisco Flores Suarez.

    Dentro del Yate, de 135 pies con pista de aterrizaje para helicópteros, estaban 53 kilogramos de clorhidrato de cocaína y 10 kilogramos de heroína de alta pureza.

    El capitán es venezolano y está siendo protegido por autoridades de la Administración para el Control de Drogas (DEA), está colaborando y es ahora testigo protegido.

    La casa de Flores, es vecina a la casa del fallecido modisto dominicano Oscar de La Renta.

    Las informaciones fueron suministradas por una fuente de entero crédito a NCDN.

    Ya se informó de que están por salir las citaciones y órdenes de arresto para personas involucradas en el hecho, en Miami, Florida.

    La información que se maneja que el fiscal de New York, donde están los detenidos los sobrinos, quiere la cabeza de Tarek el Salami (militante del Partido Socialista Unido de Venezuela y radicalmente CHAVISTA.) junto a la de los hermanos Cabello.

    También se les decomiso una jeepeta Ford Explorer un carro Toyota Yaris, color Azul, así como 43 mil 450 pesos y 500 dólares a uno y al otro 64, 000 pesos en efectivo.

  22. Red Flowers Says:

    “The evil gringo monster that steals our oil ate my cousin!”-Nicolas Maduro

  23. Paul Says:

    El Universal mentions a lawyer named John Reilly representing at least one of these narco criminals. Doing a search it appears there is John Reilly working for……you guessed it, none other than Patton Boggs. No common public defenders for these two golden boys.

    • Snowman Says:

      this is complex legal criminal defense litigation that Batton Boggs is clueless. They will have to hire other law firms. Miami law firms are the best at this. Michael Diaz would be the man.

    • Snowman Says:

      one of the boys choose public defender… will directly tie the family. Worst case scenario for Cilia and NMM

  24. Dougy Says:

    It would be nice if plea bargain and start talking and get Diosdado Cabello and the head of the government from Venezuela involved in this, which it is.

  25. Tony Tan Keng Yam Says:

    The real question should be, as usual:

    Exactly how uneducated, corrupt or stupid is our bravo pueblo? Sorry to say it straight.

  26. M Rubio Says:

    I’ve long said that these goons will never willingly hand over the government keys after an election, regardless of the obvious drubbing they’ve taken at the polls, because there will be no where to hide.

    They obviously can’t stay in Venezuela with a new regime in place, and despite their multi-million dollar ill-gotten gains from the drug trade, few countries will take them in and protect them. There’s almost no where to hide these days from the DEA.

  27. IslandCanuck Says:

    Dip. Earle Herrera: Acusaciones contra familiares de Cilia Flores son parte de una guerra sucia contra Venezuela


    The accusations against the family of Cilia Flores are part of a dirty war against Venezuela

    Yeah, right.
    Now it starts,
    In addition to the “War against the Economy” we also now have the ” Dirty War against Venezuela”

    Cancelling the election in 1, 2, 3….

  28. Caracas Canadian Says:

    Any idea who their lawyers will be? We can surmise that they certainly won’t have public defenders. Any bets on Eva Golinger or maybe someone from Squires Patton Boggs. One thing we can say with a high degree of certainty is that the brave el pubelo will be paying for their defense instead of buying toilet paper for Christmas.

  29. Paul Says:

    Really, what a couple of friggin ignorant Venezuelans. Just because their connections get them a diplomatic passport they think they have immunity? What is their diplomatic post ” Ambassador of Cocaine” to the US?

  30. Valued Customer Says:

    I have a question. How is this going to play out in the streets of Caracas and other cities and towns in Venezuela? The bought and paid for media might not be saying anything, but there will be a few outlets still out there. Something like this can not stay bottled up. I can imagine that this is the hot topic in all those interminable lines that people are in . . . what better way to share news with a couple thousand people.

    One other thing. This had to be the perfect backdrop for the bus drivers speech today to the UN’s human rights commission. What better way to talk about the dignity of the Venezuelan government and the unfairness of having some officials declared persona non grata by the United States than having the nephews of your wife arrested with 3/4 of a ton of blow.

    Oh, and I just read that these two “diplomats” are already in the US. Enjoy your stay boys, I think it will be a long one.

    • Charlie Says:

      People are not talking about this or other important issues while waiting in line to buy a few items. The government has done a great job at getting people so physically and mentally tired that they can only worry about the immediate needs, such as haven’t found toilette paper in two months or my sick dad needs such and such medicine. Very unfortunate, but that’s the way it is.

    • Tony Tan Keng Yam Says:

      “El pueblo” has been smart enough or dumb enough to either ignore or particpate in any blatant piece of news. Tired of defending el semi-corrupto y complice “pobre pueblo”. La mayoria son ignorantes que se arriman pa donde hay maj guiso Sorry. They get what they deserve, pretty much, not all, but most.

    • To the west of Caracas the barrio folk I know are a bit pissed. Apparently they get to see news reports from Colombian tv. I can’t say more just in case.

  31. Marypuchy Says:

    Two significant cocaine seizures in DR the past two weeks. One in Casa del Campo on a motor-yacht (57kilos) and another in Cap Cana (75kilos). Both cases are rumored involvement of Venezuelans.

  32. Dr. Faustus Says:

    What next? My guess, ..nothing. If we’ve learned anything in watching this debacle, we know that this government operates on auto-pilot. No decisions, economic or otherwise. They just sit there, deer-in-the-headlights. They couldn’t even raise the price of gasoline a little to cover costs. No 1,000 Bolivar note. No planned, restructuring of the debt. Breathtaking to watch. Perhaps, behind the scenes, the military is watching and waiting for a moment. Can you spell coup d’etat?

  33. Jerry Reed Says:

    Don’t assume they will sing. Their aunt and uncle run the mob. They are footing the legal bills. These boys will get nothing by flipping. Understand these boys cannot flip. That does not get them anything and only makes their situation worse. What Emili said in ABC is bullshit. He’s a known embellisher and his editors poor fact-checkers. The boys did not implcate Tarek and Diosdado… that is too much but coming from Emili. Wait until the indictments are unsealed. There will be no negotiating or plea deal. They will be charged, prosecuted and convicted. Others will also be charged. Then maybe that leverage may come into play but for now this is strictly U.S. law enforcement matter. Don’t foresee politics interfering with this prosecution.

  34. Tony Tan Keng Yam Says:

    True, I also thought about “arrogance” an amateurish cocky adventure from these bolibanana juvenile thugs. But they must have high level connections that can’t be that sloppy and inept, can they? Maybe they by-passed them:

    Another personal theory is that these Narcopendejitos were just in a hurry to perpetrate their last daring heist (probably not the first one, but the biggest) facing the imminent regime collapse early next year. One last big narco-bet for a definitive early retirement ($50 Million or so profit). So they figured “now or never, chamo, before the shyt really hits the fan and we lose our connections!”.

    • Tony Tan Keng Yam Says:

      Also, they were probably super “engorilados” at times. Just look at their faces. I’m sure no one here has ever tried coke, but you probably all saw “Scarface” .. Pablo Escobar or El Chapo were tough to catch because they were usually perfectly sober. These dumb kids with millions to spend and private airplanes to fly were probably on cloud 9 with their noses fully stuffed.
      That particular drug (and others) do give you a false sense of invulnerability. (Ask Tony Montana). Arrogance indeed, probably induced by powerful artificial drugs, alcohol, etc. Que se jodan.

    • Jerry Reed Says:

      What I see is these boy cutting out a layer. First time I see this. Normally the coke is FOB BRV. This cocaine was being negotiated for delivery to Haiti by sea or air (from there it goes DR > PR > US). At this point in supply chain the kilo landed in Haiti is worth twice as much. The boys are doubling their profits and avoiding the Mexicans. I estimate their take on 800 kilos around US$6 to $8 Million.

  35. captainccs Says:

    Franqui Francisco Flores de Freitas is Fucked!

  36. .5mt Says:

    Uh I didn’t know it was aboard
    Uh itn my cousins, he has weakness.
    Uh it’s for personal use.
    I want my mouthpiece, ain’t sayin nuttin.

  37. Dr. Faustus Says:

    “who owned the plane, a Citation 500 (Sabenpe?) ” This just keeps getting better and better. According to: http://runrun.es/nacional/venezuela-2/234935/sobrinos-de-cilia-flores-transportaban-cocaina-en-avion-de-sabenpe.html

    “Efrain Flores Antonio Campos is an executive of the company Transportes Herfra, registered in Panama March 31, 2014, with a capital of $ 10,000, according to Public Registry of Panama. Another manager of this company is Hernes Melquiades Flores, brother Cilia Flores.”

    Her brother might be involved? Oh my.

  38. Concurr with Noel…. I’ll bet they start singing very loudly. Another point is to ask ? who benefits feom this scandal? Could it be the same person that provided 800 kilos of trouble because not any Joe Bimba can come across such cargo and certainly some one had been informing DEA

  39. CarlosElio Says:

    Well, you may say that in this case the 800-pound gorilla looks like snow man, all white.

    • Valued Customer Says:

      Not 800 pounds, but 800 kilos. That makes the Gorilla a good bit over three-quarters of a ton. Quite a hefty amount of snow.

  40. Noel Says:

    Even more interesting will be whether these two guys take the heat or enter into some plea bargaining, naming names.

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