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An Explosive Bag Of Doritos In Venezuela

November 21, 2015


Venezuelans are tense. Fed up with Chavismo after 16 years. Fed up of abuses and authority. People are less passive. They are willing to stand up more for their rights even in the face of excessive authority. They look forward to the upcoming election to express their unhappiness. But even criminals are now confronted in barrios, since the police will not act.

Except that when people take justice in their own hands, many unexpected things can happen. This is the story of one of them. This was published in Reddit and I reproduce it here with permission from the author, who goes by the handle #xaitox. I have polished his English a little bit, to make it easy to read.

The story is tragic and at the same time, comic. But tragic in the end. This is what 16 years of this Government have led the people of Venezuela to.

In #xaitox’s own words:

“This happened about 3 hours ago…

I am a 29 years old male, living in probably the most corrupted country in the world (Venezuela). So just to give you some background, Venezuela is in a very difficult situation, political and economical, the majority of us want to get rid of this corrupted government and we have elections in a few days. So , the tension is palpable in the streets, police and military are corrupted as fuck (you can buy weapons such as grenades or sub machine guns from them, etc etc) basically hate is in the air.

So, I was in a traffic jam, one of the many we have daily when hunger hit me, I had a big bag of Doritos in my car, so I decided to eat some, I have a gastric bypass and can’t eat that much anyway, I was eating with my window open when a motorcycle with 2 military officers (low rank) stood beside me, waiting for their turn to pass. I see the guy in the back literally drooling looking at the Doritos so “Why not? I won’t eat this much”. I offer him the bag and he didn’t hesitate to take it with a very big smile and thanking me….

20 seconds later the shit storm!!! The driver next to me gets out of his car screaming “you fu*king thieves! Let the guy alone he has done nothing to you” (he thought I was being black mailed and I got asked for money inside the bag which is one of many ways for them to get paid black mailing you), I get out of the car to explain that it wasn’t money, but hell no, the military officer that was driving told me in not such a pleasant way to stay inside the car, that he could handle it….

He gets off the bike and goes to the guy that was screaming, baton in hand, when all of a sudden no less than 20 people are surrounding him screaming “Thief!!!! Oppressor!!! Go to hell” and start punching him. Military guy #2 gets down to help his friend and getting punched and screamed. He managed to get military guy #1 back the bike and proceeded to drive as fast as he could… Everyone got in their cars and guy #1 hands me back me theĀ  bag of DoritosĀ  “Here’s your money”…

Now I have my Doritos back in my car and there is sadness in my heart for how deep this society has fallen…

But I do have half a bag of Doritos to eat in the traffic jam tomorrow and I have that going for me, which is nice.

2 military officers got their asses kicked for a bag of Doritos I gave them.”

Tragic no? An act of kindness turned into a tragic event, tragic for the military policemen and a tragic statement about where Venezuela stands today as a society…

Update: A friend sends me this video which he taped at a Mall in Caracas. The people in the Mall kicked the National Guardsmen out of the Mall, as they were trying to extort merchants. They follow them calling them : “Hijos de Puta”

And another: Centro Comercial Gran Bazar in Maracaibo: