An Explosive Bag Of Doritos In Venezuela

November 21, 2015


Venezuelans are tense. Fed up with Chavismo after 16 years. Fed up of abuses and authority. People are less passive. They are willing to stand up more for their rights even in the face of excessive authority. They look forward to the upcoming election to express their unhappiness. But even criminals are now confronted in barrios, since the police will not act.

Except that when people take justice in their own hands, many unexpected things can happen. This is the story of one of them. This was published in Reddit and I reproduce it here with permission from the author, who goes by the handle #xaitox. I have polished his English a little bit, to make it easy to read.

The story is tragic and at the same time, comic. But tragic in the end. This is what 16 years of this Government have led the people of Venezuela to.

In #xaitox’s own words:

“This happened about 3 hours ago…

I am a 29 years old male, living in probably the most corrupted country in the world (Venezuela). So just to give you some background, Venezuela is in a very difficult situation, political and economical, the majority of us want to get rid of this corrupted government and we have elections in a few days. So , the tension is palpable in the streets, police and military are corrupted as fuck (you can buy weapons such as grenades or sub machine guns from them, etc etc) basically hate is in the air.

So, I was in a traffic jam, one of the many we have daily when hunger hit me, I had a big bag of Doritos in my car, so I decided to eat some, I have a gastric bypass and can’t eat that much anyway, I was eating with my window open when a motorcycle with 2 military officers (low rank) stood beside me, waiting for their turn to pass. I see the guy in the back literally drooling looking at the Doritos so “Why not? I won’t eat this much”. I offer him the bag and he didn’t hesitate to take it with a very big smile and thanking me….

20 seconds later the shit storm!!! The driver next to me gets out of his car screaming “you fu*king thieves! Let the guy alone he has done nothing to you” (he thought I was being black mailed and I got asked for money inside the bag which is one of many ways for them to get paid black mailing you), I get out of the car to explain that it wasn’t money, but hell no, the military officer that was driving told me in not such a pleasant way to stay inside the car, that he could handle it….

He gets off the bike and goes to the guy that was screaming, baton in hand, when all of a sudden no less than 20 people are surrounding him screaming “Thief!!!! Oppressor!!! Go to hell” and start punching him. Military guy #2 gets down to help his friend and getting punched and screamed. He managed to get military guy #1 back the bike and proceeded to drive as fast as he could… Everyone got in their cars and guy #1 hands me back me the  bag of Doritos  “Here’s your money”…

Now I have my Doritos back in my car and there is sadness in my heart for how deep this society has fallen…

But I do have half a bag of Doritos to eat in the traffic jam tomorrow and I have that going for me, which is nice.

2 military officers got their asses kicked for a bag of Doritos I gave them.”

Tragic no? An act of kindness turned into a tragic event, tragic for the military policemen and a tragic statement about where Venezuela stands today as a society…

Update: A friend sends me this video which he taped at a Mall in Caracas. The people in the Mall kicked the National Guardsmen out of the Mall, as they were trying to extort merchants. They follow them calling them : “Hijos de Puta”

And another: Centro Comercial Gran Bazar in Maracaibo:

48 Responses to “An Explosive Bag Of Doritos In Venezuela”

  1. Nereida Says:

    Raw views haven’t been an important standing element on YouTube for many years and so they never show
    everything besides a page load.

  2. moctavio Says:

    And another:

  3. moctavio Says:

    A friend sends a video he made at a Mall in Caracas, when the whole Mall turned against some National Guardsmen that were trying to extort some merchants.

    You can hear the people chanting “Hijos de Puta”

    • Boludo Tejano Says:

      Some commenters were wondering if the Doritos incident against some FA officers was an isolated incident. This video of people chanting HDP at GN personnel show that Doritos was not an isolated incident, but an indicator of widespread dissatisfaction at FA and GN people enriching themselves at the expense of the people they are supposed to serve.

  4. .5mt Says:

    Wellp, my Simon Bolivar naval training ship link, she goes missing! Ima oppressed I tells ‘ya. 🙂

  5. Dr. Faustus Says:

    OT: Major story breaking: Gold Reserve just won a 800 mil court case against the Bolivarians. This one sticks, they gotta pay, ..soon. I don’t think that this one was in their budget.

  6. Dr. Faustus Says:

    This just broke on the newswires…
    Gold Reserve just won an 800 mil court judgement against the Bolivarians. Er, but they’re broke…?

    Love to hear Moctavio’s take on this one!

    • moctavio Says:

      My understanding is that given that it is Circuit Court decision it can be appealed to death and of no immediate consequence. Sorry for being so slow in moderating. having problems with someone posting dozens of comments.

      • Dr. Faustus Says:

        Not sure if I agree with you here. The press release leads one to believe that Gold Reserve has the Bolivarians by the short hairs. I’ll need to check further.

        • moctavio Says:

          However, the republic is unlikely to pay quickly, given its declining international reserves, said Noel Maurer, professor of international affairs and international business at George Washington University. The country reported USD 14.9bn in reserves as of 20 November, most of it in gold, SDRs and other illiquid assets.

          “What will happen now, probably, is Gold Reserve is going to go for some sort of injunction to collect, and Venezuela is going to take it to some sort of appeal and get a stay,” he said.

          A sellside analyst who has studied the situation said this is in line with the state’s strategy. “Venezuela appears to be trying to get into different courts and to avoid payment by setting up stays,” he said. “Venezuela will appeal this ruling within 30 days, of course.”

        • Ronaldo Says:

          How much of the gold is “missing”? How much was gifted to the Cuban tyrants? Chavez always had a sh$t eating grin whenever he handled the gold in public such as in front of the NA. Chavez acted as if he owned it. No doubt that his daughter has a big stash of gold bullion.

          Bottom line is that Venezuela cannot count on all the gold being available to cover debts.

  7. bobthebuilder Says:

    Thanks. That’s a story that depressingly summarizes how far the country has fallen. It now appears to resemble a tinder box with no fire extinguisher nearby.

  8. Pablo Henning Says:

    Q bolas.



  9. Boludo Tejano Says:

    I had the impression that prior to 1999- and also after 1999- the military was a highly respected institution in Venezuela. The blatant corruption in the military has not gone unnoticed. As was once said, you can’t fool all the people all of the time.

  10. Roy Says:

    Wow! What a story… It is certainly good news that Venezuelans seem ready to stand up against injustice to themselves and others. But, it is sad that such a huge degree of mistrust exists that even such an innocent act of kindness could be so readily misinterpreted. How much more damage to the society can Venezuela absorb without descending into total chaos?

  11. Ramón Says:

    a good story… thanks for posting it here… It is just a brushstroke but a juicy and meaningful one… Ayer fui al cine (en España) y pagué 10 euros por la entrada y unas cotufas. Teniendo en cuenta el cambio del euro en dolartoday y recodando el incidente del presentador de ANTV me di cuenta que me había gastado esa noche más o menos el sueldo de un presentador de televisión en Venezuela. Stefania Vitale escribió en su twitter “Escuchar a Maduro y preguntarse si uno está atrapado en la dimensión desconocida.” y yo siento lo mismo.

    Su país es una especie de Macondo absurdo que sobrevive verdaderamente en una dimensión desconocida. Si tras regular el precio de los huevos la gente salió a la calle a comprarlos porque sabía que iban a desaparecer, solo los talibanes chavistas creen ya en lo que dice el gobierno y todo el mundo sabe de un modo u otro lo que está pasando en realidad. Todo parece estar preparado entonces para un cambio importante. Veremos lo que ocurre y esperemos que este sea lo menos cruento posible pero dada la tendencia del venezolano a tomárselo todo por el lado más emocional, una transición pacífica será poco menos que imposible.

  12. Ira Says:

    Miguel, did you delete someone’s posts?

    There was a great video I wanted to show my wife where they’re explaining the VZ situation, and the guy is drawing all of the artwork in sped-up time.

  13. Tony Tan Keng Yam Says:

    “Venezuelans are tense. Fed up with Chavismo after 16 years.”

    Well, the first part is true. But the 2nd one is a generalization.

    Let’s remember that there are still about 6 Million, (6,000 000) Maduristas in 32 “Ministerios”. Today.

    And let’s keep in mind that over 50%, probably around 60% or more of the entire adult population is still Chavista, and Still Adore El Comandante Eterno Pajarito. Today.

    To that extent, far from All Venezuelans are Fed up with Chavismo. Most of them are still Chavistas.

    That’s how ignorant or corrupt, or both most of the population really is. Sorry to say. Many think Maduro is to blame, quickly forgetting 14 years of Chavismo.

  14. captainccs Says:

    Have Venezuelans forgotten that Rómulo Betancourt thought that the military were the biggest treat to democracy? He instituted the original “bozal de arepa” to try to keep them in their cuarteles. Venezuela squandered millions on useless crap like the frigates to buy the generals their toys. Now Maduro is still buying their loyalty

    ¡BOZAL DE AREPA! Maduro invierte MILLONADA para mantener lealtad política de los militares
    Publicado: 4 enero, 2015 / 11:17 am / Sección: Politica

    Have people already forgotten who led the invasion of expropriated private property? Who repressed the student demonstrations? Recruits might be “of the people” but officialdom are far from it. Chavez was a military man, have people already forgotten?

    The best we could do is to follow Costa Rica and abolish the military. We have no need of them, they just suck our blood. If that idiot Caldera had not let the criminal colonel out of jail there would be no Chavismo or Madurismo today. Let’s not forget our history.

    • Tony Tan Keng Yam Says:

      Well, there are various types of miltary.. In many countries they are indispensable to keep to sense of order. Especially in 3rd world messed-up countries like Vzla, with the 2nd highest murder rate on the Planet. The Chavista military is obviously entirely putrid to the core, all of them, much like the TSJ. or worse. Then again, without the military, countries like Singapore would not be where they are. Myanmar, for instance now. If you get rid of their military, the country goes to pieces, like Iraq or Lybia. Chaos. And Aung San Suu Kyi knows it, it’s what she calls “Disciplined Democracy” with a wink in her eye.

      Finally, all dictatorships are terrible, but I must insist: What do you prefer 17 of Pinochet with 3000 dead, or 17 years of Chavismo with 200,000 killed? Look at Chile today. Look at Vzla today. Do the math.

      • Ira Says:

        You’re contradicting yourself:

        VZ has the 2nd highest murder rate now BECAUSE of the military.

        And in Caracas specifically, Hugo’s stripping of the Metropolitan Police Force’s power and putting in the hands of the military, GN, is your immediate example right there of how much more effective police departments who deal with POLICE issues are more effective than guys playing soldier.

        • Tony Tan Keng Yam Says:

          Nah, the Military kill a lot less than all the streets thugs, robbers, gangs, drug dealers or the regular “police”.

  15. From Brussels Says:

    It’s a pity!! The GNBs they mobbed aren’t the billionaires narcocorrupted from the top. They’re probably as Juan Largo says just the scapegoats of the peoples fury!
    What ever happened with the compasionate venezuelans?

  16. Tony Tan Keng Yam Says:

    Great story. Sadly, the 2 “low rank military officers” were probably corrupt indeed, as most of them are, or at least big-time Enchufados, leeching from the Regime in multiple ways. To that extent, they probably deserved a good ass-kicking anyway. Probably. Very, very few are honest guys. And they must be at least complicit with the filth, just to keep their jobs. And since it doesn’t pay much, they will abuse their badges to get “additional income” or Tigritos.

    No one got killed and it did show some civil solidarity with good probable cause for retaliation. Next time they put on that filthy uniform and enjoy the benefits of power, they’ll remember the Doritos.

  17. captainccs Says:

    I talk to people on the street all the time. No one is defending the revolution any more, not even drunks. Maybe the government can’t afford to hand out free booze any more.

  18. Juan Largo Says:

    The entire country is going to need a great healing and to broker a peace and orchestrate a reconciliation will require an actual saint.Don’t know if it’s Lopez but need is the mother of invention and a saint is going to quickly have to invent him/herself to pump some grace and balance into a system so poisoned and tweaked it’s amazing a full-on civil war has not broken out already. Thunder Dome style.

    Very sad and telling story about the military boys. Probably grew up in the pueblo, believing the uniform was their way out of being nothing in the world. Being hated might be worse. Que last.


  19. moctavio Says:

    I am not sure if it is isolated. There have been reports of lynchings this week while I was in Caracas. People have been seen destroying advertising by Min Unidad, just because they are pissed. I was in Cota Mil a few days ago on a weekend day and some stupid cops were creating traffic by “inspecting” cars as they went by. People were screaming at them, saying things like “another cola”, let us drive freely and the like.

    • FrankPintor Says:

      The situation is changing fast then. I saw the motorised gas-shotgun wielding GNBs in August, they didn’t expect any hostility from the people around them.

      There is definitely a lot of resentment, even in the Chavista heartland like Barlovento, and even before Cilia Flores’ adoptive narco-sons were arrested in Haiti.

      Cilia’s family have property in Puerto Encantado and about 3 weeks ago their house was broken into and 1kg of gold in jewellery was stolen. For that the police turned Higuerote upside down, that pissed a great many people off, considering that the police don’t raise a finger if normal citizens are robbed or murdered. Cilia is referred to in casual open conversation now as “esa perra”.

  20. FrankPintor Says:

    Holy shit indeed. I am amazed. In Caracas you have GNB weaving in and out of traffic on the motorway, I thought that a simple nudge from a car would go a long way… but none of the drivers reacted in any way.

    I suspect this is a very isolated incident.

  21. Ira Says:

    Holy shit.

    But isn’t this still a very isolated case? And not representative?

    Or maybe that everyone is so tense over Dec. 6th that the shit really IS going to hit the fan?

    Hard to believe based on the past, but who the hell knows.

  22. NT Says:

    have never seen them so cornered. Nobody believes them anymore. They had the pathetic NSA report in the can and nobody cared. It got no traction abroad. The only visibility is through the website and thats mostly domestic traffic. They are issuing careful vieled threats w/PetroCaribe and basically have no strategy beyond scorched earth tactics. SPB is representing both boys who will get around 30 years out in 20 roughly. The case will lead to other cases. The first son has been indicted and arrest warrant issued. The boys talked after their arrest despite being warned. They thought they could talk their way out. They lied at first. This will be used against them. They are trying to build case against Cilia Flores.

  23. bhood11bhood11 Says:

    A sad picture of a society coming apart. When people always assume the worst of each other, the chance of civilized living vanishes.

  24. Virginia Says:

    The whole place is sick. – Those middle & upper class people who have remainted there ans still like to believe nothings really changed, just so long as they don’t enter in to their lives in any way.. the ones who took flight, moved to florida and wherever else that are being called rats who jumped the sinking ship, actually are, just that. – I have family there, they are not able to jump ship because they haven’t the means or age to begin fresh in another country, so, you may as well consider them to be prisoners in that country. – Oil, and what else?? What the hell?? Venezuela is FINISHED! – Which are the countries getting the $$$$$$$ from this impovrished country.. The entire govenment began as workers and are now billionaires..HUH?? My, my, how did that happen?? – THE USA , Europe, China, Russia , everytone should throw that goverment out, and allow the remaining people to TRY to bring back their country! I am so sick of this….Nobody REALLY gives a damn..

    • bhood11bhood11 Says:

      “Which are the countries getting the $$$ from this impovrished country?” I remember when, with oil over $100 barrel, the Nicaraguans, Uruguayans (with their purer-than-pure socialist president), Argentinians and Brazilians lined up to sell the agricultural produce that Chavismo had discouraged from being grown in its own country. Those countries knew they were taking advantage of the regime’s delusions of grandeur, and that, if they were true friends, they and Morales should instead have been advising the Venezuelan government to change course. And those Iranians contracted to build apartment buildings and tractors? They would have been corruptly connected to their own regime (clerics and Revolutionary Guards, with their “bonyads”), and only too keen to use Iran’s anti-American bigotry as their entry ticket to getting their hands on fat deals in Venezuela. (Meanwhile, western airlines could not even get out the dollars they needed to pay for their planes – nobody buys or leases planes with bolivars.)
      This is not by any means the whole picture, but it shows how wealth can be grabbed by others when its stewards, in this case the Venezuelan government, are so blinded by ideology that they can’t tell crooks apart from honest business associate, or from friends.

    • captainccs Says:

      >>>THE USA , Europe, China, Russia , everytone should throw that goverment out,

      This is our problem, not theirs. We voted Chavismo in. It’s our job to get them out. Whatever happened to El Bravo Pueblo that we have to go hat in hand to get others to save us? No, I don’t want those countries invading and bombing us (like Panama & Grenada) to save our ass.

  25. Paula Herman Says:

    At last people are standing up for others!

    Paula Herman


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