Venezuelan 2016 Parliamentary Elections Are Here!

December 6, 2015

I will be updating during the day! Read from bottom to top!

8:10 AM It is 8:10 AM and the CNE is reporting something like 90.3% of all polling tables open, below historical numbers at this time. Those that have yet to be installed is because 8 AM is the cut off time to wait for the principal members to show up before alternates take over.

Manipulation is at high levels, I just saw Chávez voting on the Government’s TV station. Just a video clip from the past, but still quite surprising!

10 Responses to “Venezuelan 2016 Parliamentary Elections Are Here!”

  1. Carlo Caputo Says:

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  2. Tony Tan Keng Yam Says:

    Violence hardly takes place on a Sunday morning in Venezuela. But in the afternoon, many start drinking, or doing drugs in certain areas, Especially at night after 8 or 10 or 12 pm when Tibisay announces the fraudulent and flawed results with a laughable MUD “win”, tempers will begin to flare.

    And especially next year, when the Colas for products, the horrible Economic situation and the inseguridad is even worse, and half of the new MUD representatives are Bribed by the Chavista regime, by PDVSA, by the corrupt military, is when we will start to see how patient the Venezuelan people still are.

    Most importantly, it will be fascinating to see whether or not the next funky new muddy “Parliament” will be able to Fully release Lopeoldo Lopez and the other political prisonners, Ledezma, Ceballos, free.

    Considering the Galactic levels of Corruption that exist in the Executive, Judiciary, Military Chavista sectors, I still doubt Leopoldo will be free. Completely free. Too dangerous, too educated, too honest, too charismatic.
    Caprilito and Jose Guerra, they are a joke. Not too mention the MUD and Ramos Allup.. highly corruptible.

    Sadly, the no one can expect Cleptozuela’s condition to get any better soon. Economically it can only get even worse after all the massive Pilferage the past 17 dreadful years. And violence, public insecurity will not improve at all either. 70 dead in Caracas per weekend would not surprise me, Honduras’ levels.

    But of course, Chavismo will start blaming everything on the “corrupt, burguesitos pelucones de la extrema derecha” in the new Circus they still will call a “Parliament”. Which of course, will get nothing done.

  3. Beatriz Brown Says:

    When I pressed Vote “TODO” it didn’t light, when I pressed again it came out VOTO lista… Freddy Guevara!! What will that mean, I wonder? The spaces are too close together in the design.

  4. captainccs Says:

    All quiet in Caracas from Plaza Venezuela to Altamira, anyway. Polling stations in Altamira are alarmingly empty. Maybe the upper middle class like to rise late on Sundays. Good healthy queues in El Bosque and Las Palmas.

  5. Andrea Says:

    I hope for the best, for the sake of Venezuela, although the issues the country is facing (corruption, crime, economic mismanagement, pitiable rule of law, poor social responsibility awareness, lack of education, and depressed oil prices) will not disappear overnight. The people voting today are the same who voted Chavistas in the last 17 years.

  6. M Rubio Says:

    All quiet here in the east. Some polling stations in Maturín had long lines early in the AM, others no line at all. As some interesting word-of-mouth stories come in, I’ll post them.

  7. Rafael Vicente Says:

    Devil in the Nuestra Se # ora College Road, in Guatire, Miranda State, Military Plan Republica, are returning to voters Short dresses and shirts, dresses have always voted so.

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