A Bright And Hopeful Day For Venezuela

January 6, 2016

byebyechavezWorkers remove Chavez’ giant poster from National Assembly building

While I am far away, I could not help but be glued to the events in Caracas today. While it was certainly not a smooth day, it was a great day for Venezuela. A day of hope and possibilities, a bright day for the future of democracy in the country. A very important day for Venezuela’s history and the image above clearly shows that change is in the air. The statues have yet to fall, but it’s coming. The beginning is here, let’s see how long it takes to get to a good point.

I will start with the most important signs of the day:

-The National Assembly controlled by the opposition was allowed to be sworn in, almost with no violence. This was not clear would be the case a couple of weeks ago.

-The Press (from all sides) was allowed into the Assembly freely for the first time in years to report what was happening. Reporters need not be afraid anymore.

-The opposition had presence in the media, beginning to restore its practical ban from TV, radio and print. The “people” will be able to see and hear the other side like it has not happened in years.

-The opposition managed not to be provoked by Chavismo, maintaining a serious and peaceful tone. A new tone of democracy and conciliation.

-Chavismo showed its true autocratic colors. It refused to have a dialogue, resorting to the usual insults. Except some the insults were elegantly returned by the opposition. Perhaps nothing exemplified this more than the very direct reproach of the use of Diplomatic Passports for drug dealing, which must have stung the First Lady, who is now a Deputy for Cojedes State.

-The first steps towards more institutionality were taken. No more rubber stamps, no more legislation from the Executive branch, no more hiding behind the revolution. The message was clear, the Assembly will call on all powers to explain what they did, do or plan to do. There will be accountability for all Government officials

-Chavismo looked bad. From an apparently inebriated opening speech by the oldest Deputy in the Hall, to their use of expensive watches and jewelry, to Chavismo abandoning the Assembly, they sent the wrong signals to voters that clearly indicated that they want change. Blaming the opposition for the country’s problems is simply not working, the change is coming, but from the other side.

The negative part was that the opposition did not manage to swear in all the Deputies, but it still has a two thirds majority. Clearly, there is a force behind the whole day taking place the way it did. Someone told Maduro and his cronies to avoid violence, to allow the voice of the voters to be heard. Chavismo wanted to question 22 Deputies, but it did not happen and the case in Amazonas is extremely iffy. It would have been nice to have all of them sworn in and impose the authority of the Assembly.

For me, another negative is the Presidency of the Assembly. A new Venezuela deserves better than Ramos Allup there, no matter how realpolitik it may have been to name him. He represents the old guard, tied to lies, corruption and protection of relatives. If he is the best the opposition has, the opposition has a long way to fill the shoes it wants to fill*.

A good beginning. A bright beginning. Many Chavistas must be trembling after today. They can no longer hide. Checks and balances look like they are back in Venezuela. So is the press, which will have access at least to ask uncomfortable questions. It may be time to carefully decide whose side you are on or how strongly you support Maduro. Red shirts are out. Suits are in. If Chavismo keeps screaming and acting like cry babies, the demise of the revolution will simply accelerate.

There is a long road ahead, but it seems as if each day it looks a little shorter…

*For those who are not convinced of this, I invite you to reflect on what Ramos did to Alek Boyd and why he did it. Is that the Venezuela we want?





46 Responses to “A Bright And Hopeful Day For Venezuela”

  1. Humberto Says:

    I hope you all saw Ramos Allup’s opinion on attacks directed at him through the family relationship with Derwick and D’Agostino. Here it is: http://www.talcualdigital.com/Nota/122033/henry-ramos-allup-yo-no-respondo-por-las-responsabilidades-de-mi-cunado

    I am no one to have an opinion on either Alek or HRA. But I do hope the guy succeeds! Venezuela is running out of opportunities to succeed.

    • moctavio Says:

      I saw it, but he does not say that he attacked Alek using the same false accusations of websites artificially created by Derwick et al. created to appear if you googled Alek’s name. Alek wrote him an open letter which Ramos never replied and he has had plenty of time to do it but hasn’t

  2. Diocletian Says:

    Mr. Devil,

    “Clearly, there is a force behind the whole day taking place the way it did. Someone told Maduro and his cronies to avoid violence, to allow the voice of the voters to be heard.”

    Could you elaborate on this point? Do you mean the Army? Other Chavisitas? The Cubans?

  3. Lee Kuan Yew Says:

    Regarding Mr. Henry Derwick-Pedevesa Allup, I must confess that I’m starting to like the corruptible bastard. He looks like he does have some good intentions, some principles, and means well. He’s certainly pro-democracy, pro-open media, and against Castro-Chavismo. That, in itself, is commendable at this crucial juncture.

    There will be 50 Chavista thugs at every AN meeting. CapoCabello and la primera… esa.. are no choir children or boy scouts. We’re dealing with criminals here. Henry might hook-up a few more family members, or accept a few millions from PDVSA for a little Yacht in the Caribbean and a comfortable retirement, pero que es una raya mas pal’ tigre? I doubt he will steal anywhere near what Cabello stole.

    Henry will also turn a blind-eye on multiple Guisos, favor certain juicy contracts, hook up friends&family, but compared to Cilia?! Child’s play. Look. in Latin America, and everywhere else, there’s corruption in politics. Even in Denmark, let alone Mexico, Buenos Aires or Brazil. Even in Chile and Costa Rica, they are full of Ramos Allups.

    At this point, I’m glad we have him. At least, he’ll be fun to watch.

  4. Juan Largo Says:

    Miguel, if Allup is all that bad – and I don’t doubt his storied past – why do you think MUD elected him? I can see a scenario where they trust an old dude to broker deals, but with the demographic of the new assembly, it’s hard to imagine them looking to a 72-year old dinosaurio to dictate policy.

    • Politics, his experience in debating, the fact that democracy is not deeply ingrained. Borges Runs PJ like his Country Club too. Principles seem to come last.

    • Casper Says:

      Watch Allup in action and you will see why the old man got elected. Right now, the old man is the right man for the cleanup job. There are others but can you imagine Borges taking the tough line needed? I can’t. Borges got his ass kicked in the AN. Can you picture Borges throwing out the “trash” like the old man in the video above?

      • Juan Largo Says:

        But to Miguel’s point, referencing the Alex Boyd article, and the slander that Allup supposedly laid on him (of which I was totally unaware), the guy seems to be playing both sides of the fence and has what the old American Indians called a “forked tongue.” Best to keep a close watch on him and see what transpires over the next few months.

  5. Juan Largo Says:

    Sr. Allup is marching point because he knows how to deal with wolves, and is perhaps half wolf himself. But MUD’s actual agenda will not come from Allup alone and certainly won’t be a reboot of Caldera-era of politics. Remember, Allup is sitting next to new Assemblymen who are not even half his age and who include chamos with sleeves of tattoos from wrist to elbow and who grew up on Foo Fighters and X Men. I hope they kick some ass.

    • Allup was doing that at their age. I still think it is very sadto resort to Allup, he represents, vested and the Venezuelan politician with no constituency who believes in men in smoke filled rooms making decisions. He would not win a Primary if he ran….

  6. Imnus Says:

    I don’t know Alek Boyd talks like he had presented proof that Allup is corrupt, he has never showed anything as far as I know, not to mention that the things that go around about Boyd’s family ties and himself doesn’t exactly give him any moral ground.

    To top it all, he’s not in Venezuela, so it’s hard for me to take him seriously, he made a big show about some thugs going in his apartment like it’s a big deal when people fighting the regime here go through far worse regularly.

    • Websites were created to question Boyd, Ramus used that info to attack him viciously because some of his relatives were invlved in Boyd’s denunciations. I dont know of any Boyd’s “family ties” and “himself that dit not arise from fake websites, including suggestions his mother is involved in drug trafficking, except his mother died like twenty years ago.

    • Casper Says:

      Imnus, I take Boyd very seriously and you should too. I know who he is and have been following him since the beginning. Boyd is pioneer and a visionary way before his fellow countrymen to hold. Let me tell you something else, Boyd used to be the dominant force on the Web when it came to English language news and info on Venezuela. This guy was kicking ass when you where still in grade school or so it seems. Show him some more respect.

      • Casper Says:

        *took hold

      • Lee Kuan Yew Says:

        Agreed. Boyd deserves tons of credit. His corruption investigations are profound, comprehensive, backed-up by countless links, undeniable facts, hard proof, real documents and quotes.

        He dismantled the real story about Chavez’s Smartmatic, the Derwick Mega-Thieves and Corpoelec Galactic Guisos, plus PDVSA’s surreal, inter-stellar corruption schemes.

        It’s serious information, in writing. Hopefully one day, it will be put to good use (it already has been used by the CIA, DEA, FBI, etc, I’m sure, ask Rincon..)

        Corruption is the root of all evil in Vzla. We need 100 alek boyds out there. Without justice, nothing will change. You need to put thugs in jail to set examples.

    • Casper Says:

      Inmus, you are not a cocky ass prick. You are an interloper, shill and poser.

    • Alek Boyd Says:

      So what exactly are “the things that go around about Boyd’s family ties and himself doesn’t exactly give him any moral ground”?

      Please be specific, if you could.

  7. Lee Kuan Yew Says:

    In Allup’s defense, best video of the day:

    • M Rubio Says:

      “Todo esa verga se acabo”. LOL

    • HugoChavez Says:

      That’s not the whole clip.

      There’s a great part where the guys are carrying paintings, and he says, “Get that shit out of here.”

      • M Rubio Says:

        While that may be strong language to some, to those of us who dearly love this country, Chavez and his “revolution” have been nothing but an unmigitated disaster and all at a time when oil prices reached their highest level ever:

        Never have so few done so little with so much as Chavez and his cronies.

  8. M Rubio Says:

    Speaking of Allup, immediately after cutting away from the National Assembly festivities, Chavez-TV started running a commercial showing Allup from the early 1990’s defending the regime while National Guardsmen fired on civilians in the streets, etc.

    I did get a big kick though out of watching Godgiven Hair whining about the new assembly not following the constitution. LOL. What balls of steel those people have.

    • Boludo Tejano Says:

      Godgiven Hair whining about the new assembly not following the constitution. LOL LOL. What balls of steel those people have.
      Yes, indeed. After complaining about the new assembly not following the Constitution, Diosdado’s next move will be to complain about corruption. 🙂

  9. Lee Kuan Yew Says:

    It’s indeed unfortunate that the MUD could not find -or did not have- a better AN President to postulate than Henry Derwick Allup.

    One must admit that he did a very decent job yesterday in rough circumstances, avoiding the savage Chavista provocations, plus he delivered a good, intelligent, pertinent monologue. He has a decent vocabulary, some semblance of an education (rare among many politicians), he can be eloquent and whip-tongued. That helps against the Regime’s thugs. He also has valuable Parliamentary experience, he’s a lawyer after 26 years in the business..

    The problem with ‘ole Henry is that he is in bed with the Derwicks, for sure, and also with some shady PDVSA and other suspect bolichicos. He’s culpable of Nepotism, likes to have a rich family. He will turn a blind eye to more corruption, guisos y tigritos, and have his family participate in some more. Been there, done that. There’s proof.

    His other problem is that he is immediately identified with the evils of “la 4ta Republica”, where his party, AD, was highly corrupt, and everyone knew it. The Chavista thugs already started exploiting that , as we saw yesterday in the middle of the event. He represents what Millions, and Millions of current Chavistas still hate and deeply resent, today: Los burguesitos adecos and copeyanos that neglected them and alienated them for 4 decades.

    And that’s how Chavez weaseled his way into power. That’s how Chavismo has persisted in power for 17 years: they hate the “sifrinos” “capitalistas” “imperialistas” con billete.. ——Remember, some (not all) of “el pueblo” voted against Maduro, agaisnt the colas y escasez, but the majority still dislikes the MUD, still hates AD, Copey and everything not “socialist” and Chavista. ——-

    Starting today, every cola, every murder, every medicine missing, every bridge or public work that is not finished will be blamed on “el parlemto burgues de la 4ta republica y la MUD de sifrinos ladrones que no nos dejan gobernar y manejan la guerra economica”. Just what the doctor ordered for Chavismo, another big Scapegoat to blame.

    As the Economy continues to get even worse this year, the Millions and Millions of Chavistas will remember their idol Chavez and the good days when they got all the freebies, palancas, free jobs, back-kicks, tigritos, guisos y segundas..
    They will forget that the situation they’re in is because of Chavez, and the MUD can’t be blamed. Yes, that’s how gullible, naive, misinformed, semi-corrupt, complicit, and under-educated the “pueblo” is, whether we like to admit it or not.

    Derwick Allup will be the #1 target in that sense, a flag for the dreaded 4ta republica burguesita contra el “pobre pueblo trabajador y humilde de Bolivar y Chavez”.. Chavsimo is like a latent, dormant Cancer, it will regroup, and re-emerge in no time, as things get even worse this year.

    They’d better get Leopoldo out, the shyt is about to hit the fan in 2016.

  10. Manuel Torres Says:

    Querido amigo, comparto tu brillante Devil ! Abrazo.

    Enviado desde mi iPhone

    El 6 ene 2016, a las 12:33 a.m., The Devils Excrement <comment-reply@wordpress.com> escribió:

    moctavio posted: “Workers remove Chavez’ giant poster from National Assembly building While I am far away, I could not help but be glued to the events in Caracas today. While it was certainly not a smooth day, it was a great day for Venezuela. A day of hope and possibilit”

  11. captainccs Says:

    Will someone please email Henry the following:

    “It’s the TOILETTE PAPER stupid!

  12. captainccs Says:

    “Workers remove Chavez’ giant poster from National Assembly building”

    A cada cochino le llega su sábado.

  13. Lee Kuan Yew Says:

    Totally agree with the Devil’s observations here. All of them.

  14. Lee Kuan Yew Says:

    Totally agree with the Devil here, every single paragraph. (that hardly ever happens on any blog) . I saw the entire Circus pretty much the same way.

    A few additional observations:

    – Derwick Allup should have been more forceful when the Chabestia Thugs were attacking Julio Borges, like salivating hyenas, yelling around him. The MUD should have insisted on a more orderly, civilized, quiet ceremony. It was a shameful display of savage “tercer-mundismo”, it’s supposed to be a freaking Parliament.

    Other than that Henry’s speech was decent, he showed some leadership, composure, nerves of steel, experience. He has a decent vocabulary too, compared to many of our under-educated politicians. Especially the Chabestoides. Yet I agree with Miguel, if that’s the best the MUD has to offer in the future, we’re in deep shit. He’s corrupt, Adeco style, and highly corruptible.

    Under Derwick Allup’s watch, 80% of the new MUD will be BRIBED, at least.

    – “The opposition had presence in the media, beginning to restore its practical ban from TV, radio and print. The “people” will be able to see and hear the other side like it has not happened in years.”

    That was, in Trumpian terms, HUGE! And the fact that there were some televised oppo. interviews on sold-out channels like GloboChavez and VTV.. Was the whole thing on every channel in Vzlan free TV and radio?

    That’s extremely important. If the Chabestia Regime loses its grip on the Media, if Leopoldo and the other prisoners are freed, the impact free TV, radio and papers can have is immense. Less brain-wash, more true information for “el pueblo”. Remember, most Chavistoide people (Millions, today) don’t have Laptops and tablets or even decent phones. Wi-Fi and internet connections are the worst in the world.

    The battle over the Media will be crucial.

  15. captainccs Says:

    The election of Ramos Ayup is a bad start for the opposition. Chavez didn’t happen in a vacuum, he was the product of the moral decay, corruption and demagoguery of the ADECO-COPEYANO old guard.

    • Imnus Says:

      Nope it was moral decay, corruption and demagoguery of Venezuelans, they loved adecos when they were giving money away into idiotic social policies and corruption, then when the manguagua was over and oil prices went to the floor everyone hated them, just like chavismo.

      There is a small group of Venezuelan that do in fact hate corruption and demagoguery but the vast majority of the people love that crap, and it isn’t only poor uneducated people, after all the ones that brought down CAP 2 and reversed its economic policies were the ilustrados, enchufados, etc.

      Together with the anti-politics side they were responsible of bringing Chávez into power.

  16. Juan Largo Says:

    -The opposition had presence in the media, beginning to restore its practical ban from TV, radio and print. The “people” will be able to see and hear the other side like it has not happened in year.


    This is the fast track to the grave for the Chavistas. Seeing them preened up like roosters and Telenovela actors, ranting and blustering with a drunk presiding and fumbling his words, then storming out when the power shifted and Henry took the dais – these are not statesmen but posers and blow-hards, with no political “game” whatsoever.

    The sober response by the opposition/majority, not chasing the bait but remaining somewhat poised and upright is a great sign for the country. More than anything else, today marked for me the first step toward a return to sanity, for a more secure and professional future for my two daughters, raised in Carabobo and who are still working in CCS. Perhaps that was what was so striking to watch – that the Chavistas’ pitch and deportment felt so insane given the actual condition of the failed state of Venezuela, and the opposition/majority felt mature, poised, fearless and ready to go to work.

    Fino fino como bambino pues!

  17. This has barely started. They will put up resistance on multiple fronts. I have friends in the barrio who tell me the hard core Chavista is down to about 10 %, but let me quote: “they don’t rest” – “esa gente no descansa”.

    • By the way, I received a request for help, I’m suggesting the National Assembly pass a law to renegotiate the Barrio Adentro contract with the Castro regime, to give Cuban doctors better pay, better working conditions, and reduce costs. That deal is a direct subsidy to the Castro regime, and Venezuela can’t afford it. Plus the Cuban doctors are living a nightmare, they are scared, fear both the criminals AND a popular revolt that’ll go after all Cubans. Most of them are just looking for an extra buck, will run away if they can because conditions are terrible. I think the key is to legislate to integrate them but the pay to the Cuban government will have to be much lower, and those doctors need at least one minimum salary paid in bolivars plus say $80 a month in a bank outside Venezuela and Cuba.

      • RobertoN Says:

        This is a thorny issue. My first instinct is to say we don’t need/want these “doctors”.

        On second thought, no one wants these folks to suffer returning to the “island paradise” they came from.

        If the contract is anulled, or changes significantly, what’s to stop the Cuban gov. from re-calling these folks under threats to the family they left behind?

        Many of these aren’t even Doctors even though they hold the title. Too many instances of “Doctors” with the knowledge of a layman making fatal mistakes.

        Besides. why keep paying Cuba for them? Are they human beings or slaves?

        My stance is stop paying Cuba for their services, period. If they want to stay, fine, stay. If they want to practice medicine, let them study and be certified correctly.

  18. m_astera Says:

    Does my heart good to see that silly tarpaulin coming down. Now I wish I had taken a photo of the tacky roll-around Chavez cuboids that were all over the international arrivals lobby at the filthy Maiquetia airport. Maybe it’s not too late; if someone reading this is there, please take a photo and post it. The rational and educated world simply won’t believe they existed without proof.

  19. Ira Says:


    Things were a whole lot better under the “Old Guard,” as you choose to describe it. So if Allup is connected to that, so be it!

    Or do you think choosing some pussy-ass whimp who wants to “negotiate” with Chavismo, and “play nice and friendly,” is the better choice?

    I hope Allup is the loudest, most obnoxious voice the country has seen in years–because it’s the only way to fucking save it.

    And was he not elected?

    So what’s your “fear” about his connection to any “old guard?”

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