Happy New Year From The Devil

December 31, 2015

IMG_1567                                Picnic-pit stop for lunch at the beach on the last day of the year

The Devil is biking around the Big Island of Hawaii for the next few days. From there, he wishes every one of his readers a wonderful 2016 and may prosperity and peace come to our beleaguered country, Venezuela, in 2016.

16 Responses to “Happy New Year From The Devil”

  1. Boludo Tejano Says:

    Palm trees by the ocean- such an idyllic photo could have been taken in Venezuela. Beaches, Angel Falls, llanos, Andes, need I go on? Absent the malandros and corrupt government, perhaps Venezuela will one day become a tourist destination for those who are not PSF.

  2. I’m superstitious, I’ll decide what to write about new year after January 5…or 6… or 7….

  3. nacazo Says:

    If the road becomes covered in lava, you’ve gone too far….

  4. .5mt Says:

    I hate you 🙂

  5. mercedes atencio Says:

    Sr. Diablo, como dicen mis hijos, could you post some pictures of this trip? This beats Camurí one thousand times.

  6. Soozzee Says:

    Make sure to wear your bike helmet !

  7. RobertoNN Says:

    Must be a HUGE bike you’re riding devil!

    Where do you fit all the food, the table, the cooler and so on? 🙂

    Feliz Año!

  8. IslandCanuck Says:

    Happy New Year Miguel.
    Enjoy your stay in Hawaii

  9. Dean A Nash Says:

    Looks great. The best to you and yours Miguel.

    As for Venezuela, well, I’m hoping to be able to return one day before I get too old. (I’m 55 now.) However, I’m not holding my breath. Deep are the tentacles of Cuba, Socialism, and “us” vs. “them”.

  10. mercedes atencio Says:

    Qué sufrimiento esta vuelta. Feliz Año!

  11. sinonada Says:

    Happy New Year and thanks for your blog!

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