Dedicated To Venezuela’s Political Prisoners, Those Persecuted and Those In Exile

July 31, 2016

My good friend Maruja dedicates this video to Venezuela’s Political prisoners, those persecuted and those in exile

8 Responses to “Dedicated To Venezuela’s Political Prisoners, Those Persecuted and Those In Exile”

  1. Boludo Tejano Says:

    From Instapundit:
    This is not a joke nor even an exaggeration. I just found out that my sister in law’s other brother-in-law was arrested in Venezuela at the airport while trying to leave the country. His crime, he was an employee for a company that went out of business. Waiting for more? There isn’t any. Maduro has decreed that any business that goes out of business has committed economic treason and its employees are subject to arrest. They had already arrested numerous owners and managers but this is the first time they went after rank and file worker bees.

  2. Ira Says:

    There is zero doubt that Leopoldo will be the next president.

    • Mick Says:

      As long as they are in power, he will remain in stifled in jail. But you are right, someday he will be president.

  3. Lee Kuan Yew Says:

    Nice video. Many more people should be demanding the release of political prisoners. Where’s Maria Corina lately? And Ledezma, and Capriles? They seem quite intimidated by the regime. Leopoldo was the real threat, so he’s in prison forever. Manuel Rosales? Daniel Ceballos? Does the MUD do anything for Leopoldo and others?

    Lilian Tintori seems to be the only one still fighting.. Pathetic.

    • Roger Says:

      Who wants to stand up when the only place people want to stand is in the food line? Second, this is the AN’s lawful fight now and even then the risks are real. Everyone knows the past results of protests and at this point is to hope that when the government falls things will be better.

      • Lee Kuan Yew Says:

        Hey, if I was living in Venezuela now, under this repression, under that military dictatorship, I probably would also think twice before hitting the streets and protest.. you might get shot, or end up in jail..

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