We shall return

October 4, 2016

The Devil has been silent for the last few months. Last summer, he was struck by a car while riding his bicycle and suffered a traumatic brain injury. He was in critical condition for several weeks and continued in acute care for another month but is now medically stable enough to have started physical and cognitive in-patient rehabilitation treatment. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

75 Responses to “We shall return”

  1. Patricia A Gonzalez Says:

    Devastating news…..awfully sorry to hear about this. My wishes and prayers for a speedy recovery, certainly.

    Looking forward to updates.

    Kind regards,

    Patricia A González

  2. Noel Duguet Says:

    Dear Miguel,

    I am very sorry to hear of your accident, but relieved that you are pulling through and about to start rehabilitation. I am sure that your family will get you where you want to be. Miguel, get well, keep at it and don’t ever think that Maduro will beat out to the door (of Miraflores for him and the hospital for you)!

    With warmest wishes for a steady and complete recovery,


    Sent from my iPad


  3. Rafael Silva Says:

    Mejor deseo pronta recuperación extrañando sabiduría y coraje

    Enviado desde mi iPhone

    > El 4/10/2016, a las 15:21, The Devil’s Excrement escribió: > > >

  4. A friend Says:

    I wish you get well and we will pray for you and for a complete recuperation, keep fighting.

  5. meme Says:

    I hope you ge well soon: I enjoy reading your articles….

  6. Balvant Rajani Says:

    Hello Miguel,

    We are very sorry to hear about your serious injury. Hope and pray for a speedy recover.

    Balvant & Sonia

  7. Pantin Says:

    Abrazos querido Miguel. Nos haces mucha falta. Seguiremos pendientes de tu salud.

  8. Magaly Pedrique Says:

    I am so sorry, I am praying for him

  9. VJ Says:

    Sorry to know this news…. Please get well soon. Regards, VJ

  10. Dr. Faustus Says:

    We are all praying for your swift recovery. God Bless you, devil.

  11. Caracas Canadian Says:

    Please send best regards to Miguel. I have some idea of the long road ahead as I almost lost a leg in an accident last year, at age 58 and spent almost the full year going through physio. Getting back to what you love doing kept me focused and going in the right direction.

  12. shrillary clinton Says:

    damn…… best of luck Devil

  13. Joel Says:

    God speed the Devil’s recovery! Will continue checking your blog every day.

  14. Kate Says:

    Hope you have a speedy recovery and will remember you in my prayers…

  15. Welcome back to hell. Hope you get better soon.

  16. Good luck with your recovery. By the way, my daughter is a music therapist. She works mostly with autistic children, but when she was studying for her Master’s degree she saw case studies of soldiers and accident victims who had been in very serious condition, and some of them did very well when their treatment included music/sound therapy. This is a fairly new field which has grown a lot over the last ten years.

  17. syd Says:

    Your journey is courageous, Miguel. You are in our thoughts with every new physical and cognitive step.

  18. Simon vanEgten Says:

    recover soon please.

    On Tue, Oct 4, 2016 at 3:21 PM, The Devil’s Excrement wrote:

    > moctavio posted: “The Devil has been silent for the last few months. Last > summer, he was struck by a car while riding his bicycle and suffered a > traumatic brain injury. He was in critical condition for several weeks and > continued in acute care for another month but is now ” >

  19. TV Says:

    I wish him a speedy recovery 😦

    Following Venezuela just isn’t the same without Devil’s excrement.

  20. Mercedes Atencio Says:

    My prayers are always with him and his family. He will return!

  21. Octavio, on behalf of our association, we send you our best wishes hoping for your quick recovery.

    With much respect and affection.

  22. isabel salazar Says:

    I am sorry to hear the bad news…..
    Could have been this regime that set you up.
    No matter what we wish you a rapid recovery and please protect yourself against the invisible enemy.
    We miss you.

  23. From Brussels Says:

    Miguel. espero una pronta y total recuperacion, tu familia, Venezuela, nosotros y las orquideas te necesitamos….I was wndering what ever happened with the Devil!

  24. Dago Says:

    Ups!. So sorry to read this!. I wish you a prompt and complete recovery!.

  25. Maria Says:

    Best wishes for his recovery. .

  26. Ira Says:

    I knew something bad had happened, but not this bad.

  27. I have been a fan relatively recently, lurking in the shadows. I wish all the best for you. Says:

    Dear Devil

  28. Marcos Pina Says:

    Mi oracion, para que te recuperes pronto

  29. ECG Says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about the situation. I’ve been a faithful reader for many years and have a tremendous debt of gratitude for all the insight shared in this forum.

    My sincere wishes for a soon and full recovery.

  30. Mercedes Atencio Says:

    He has always been in my prayers!

  31. Leopoldo Says:

    Por favor transmitirle a Miguel mi mejores deseo por su pronta recuperación y nuestros rezos y consideraciones están con el. Estaré pendiente de su salud por esta via.

  32. Alvaro Sucre Says:

    Que noticia tan triste…Espero te mejores rápido y quedes muy bien porque nos eres muy útil con tus escritos y opiniones.
    Siempre estoy pendiente de tus comentarios, porque además de tocar temas de actualidad e interés nacional, los comentarios y escritos los haces de manera objetiva, con gran profundidad y conocimiento.
    Te extrañamos mucho.
    Espero te mejores pronto y quedes en perfectas condiciones físicas y mentales.
    Dios te proteja.
    Alvaro Sucre

  33. CarlosElio Says:

    A friend told me about your accident. I am glad to see you making progress on your recovery.

  34. jaimerequena Says:

    Get well soon, devil!!!! and back to work

  35. Fosforito Says:

    Sr. Miguel- Que Dios te bendiga, que te proteje, y que de a tus doctores la sabiduria para entender lo necesario para curarte. Te extranamos e esperamos oir tu voz otra vez

  36. Jaime Requena Says:

    Get well soon, devil1!!

  37. Miguel,
    No sabes cuanto lo siento… y lo sentimos todos los que te leemos y te respetamos por tu bien juicio y humor.. Espero te reestablezcas muy pronto y vuelvas a la carga como siempre!

    Un abrazo,


  38. Joe McEvoy Says:

    Miguel, I don’t pray anymore these days, but certainly wish you a full recovery. Please let me know (or Kathy) your prognosis.

  39. Leopoldo Aguerrevere Says:


    Extrañaba no recibir tus correos. Mis mejores deseos y oraciones por tu salud.

    Te necesitamos. saludos a Kathy


    2016-10-04 16:21 GMT-03:00 The Devil’s Excrement :

    > moctavio posted: “The Devil has been silent for the last few months. Last > summer, he was struck by a car while riding his bicycle and suffered a > traumatic brain injury. He was in critical condition for several weeks and > continued in acute care for another month but is now ” >

  40. Rafael Apitz Says:

    Of course Devil, You shall return.
    Best regards

  41. Dorothy Whittembury Says:

    Miguel has been in our thoughts and prayers…… All the best. Whittemburys

    Sent from my iPad

  42. Chiamo Says:

    Dios te bendiga Miguel. Recuperate que aquí te esperamos.


  43. Patricia Paris Says:

    No sabia de este accidente y extrañe muchissimo los escritos de Miguel, tan brillante y agudo en en su vision, le deseo una completa recuperación con todo el cariño !!!
    Patricia Paris

  44. Michael Says:

    Go with God our friend.

  45. Ira Says:

    My God–I knew something bad must have happened, because it’s been too long.

    I’m not the religious type, but I’m sending prayers to him for a speedy and full recovery, as well as his fantastic wife. (We all had dinner once.)

  46. Petrous Says:

    our wishes for your speedy and complete recovery. Your pen has been missed very sorely…

  47. Carmen Pont Says:

    Wishing you a speedy recovery, we miss you!!

  48. Carlos Reitze Says:

    Adelante Miguel !!! tu puedes y tienes que volver a estar activo y vital como siempre !! Con mi buen amigo Jimmy Brewer siempre estamos pendientes de tus avances y recuperacion. abrazos, Carlos A. Reitze (papa de tu “pasante” Sebastian Reitze en Caracas)

  49. Alfredo Bozo Says:

    Dear Miguel: I am glad to know that you are in another stage of rehabilitation. You have always been present in our prayers from the date of your accident. Much strength and patience. Alfredo Bozo

  50. GUSTAVO Says:

    Devil, all the family wishes you a swift recovery ! We hope to “read” you soon poking the fork !

  51. Maria Says:

    My thoughts are with him. Get better Devil!

  52. Gina Borges Says:

    Oh no!!!! Yo no rezo pero estare muy pendiente de el, que triste, espero se recuepere pronto. Dile que hace mucha falta.

  53. Beatriz L. Brown Says:

    Praying for a prompt and total recovery with my best wishes. He has been missed..

  54. Peter Says:

    Our thoughts and prayers are with Miguel and his family.

  55. Beatriz L. Brown Says:

    So sorry to receive this bad news. Hoping he is completely restored to good health and will be back to normal very soon. Praying for him.

  56. IslandCanuck Says:

    Miguel please hurry back. We miss you.
    So sorry to hear about your accident.
    Hope you recover 100%.

  57. Fred Thill Says:


  58. Pablo Henning Says:

    We shall wait for you. Get better soon.

    Un abrazo PH/713-530-4737


  59. Ricardo Paz Says:

    Get well soon Devil!!!

  60. Jean MIchel Says:

    I sure wish the Devil the fullest recovery possible.

  61. Tomas Beard Says:

    Where was the devil riding when he was hit by the car?

  62. Plob500 Says:

    So glad that your recovery is progressing. Take it a step at a time. You can’t imagine how much I have missed your informative posts! Best wishes

  63. Jesús Castellano Says:

    Devils die hard, pero igual rezamos por tu recuperación. Get well soon!

  64. gomez-calcano Says:

    Recibe los mejores deseos para tu recuperación, Miguel. Te esperaremos.

  65. Luis Gómez C. Says:

    Los mejores deseos para tu recuperación, Miguel.

  66. bhood11bhood11 Says:

    You are deeply missed. But take care of yourself before returning to your important task of informing us of Venezuela’s financial situation.

  67. Lou Bette Herrick Says:

    Was concerned you somehow had been shut down or imprisoned by current YV gov’t. May God’s healing be imparted to you for a full recovery.

  68. Joe Says:

    wow….Devil, I’m hearing that you are in the hospital. I hope they release you soon because we need you more than they do!

    Best wishes for you

  69. Tom ODonnell Says:

    This is a shock to hear! Miguel, your thoughtful and informed insights are missed very much. I can only imagine how difficult this is for you and your family. Our thoughts and best wished are with you. Sincerely, Tom O’D.

  70. Jim P. Says:

    Que mejores pronto, Miguel. Un gran abrazo!

  71. Hector Perez-Segnini Says:

    Welcome back to the land of the living. Hope you get well soon. Very much missed.

  72. Godela Scherer Says:

    Los más sinceros votos por tu pronta completa recuperación, Miguel!

  73. Amado Lopez Says:

    My best wishes for the “devil”recovery.

  74. Damn, Miguel. Get well soon!

  75. Steve Says:

    Have missed you and your posts. Get well soon and continue the march.

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