The Devil thought he was immortal

February 26, 2017

Up to August 6th, The Devil thought he was immortal. No more. That day he was on a bicycle in boca raton, and was hit by a car. My wife was biking with me, but she was ahead and wondered where I was. By the time she found me, I was unconscious and a long recovery began. I was with no consciousness for almost a month. I went to two additional hospitals and lived with tubes for a while.

It has been six months…

I spent time in an inpatient rehabilitation hospital.  I first remember waking up and noticed that people were very happy I was there. That is how close I came.

Since then it has been a fight to recover. I am better but not fine. And I have discovered I am not immortal but mortal.

Whether I want it or not.

People have been amazing. Truly amazing!

I have heard from so many people! Some I had fogotten about!

Classmates of mine from elementary school got together and took a picture of themselves with a sign wishing me a speedy recovery. It has been remarkable!

I must say I never heard biking was so dangerous, not one of the trips I took said it. I thought it was safe! I went down a volcano in Hawaii at 65 mph!

But The Devil is better. Not perfect, but recovering! Slowly, but surely!

It has been six moths, but I am improving, albeit slowly!

Will I ever be the same? I don’t know, but I will work hard. For my family, my friends and co workers. For my wife. They believed in me, I will show them.

I may never get back to performing the same. But people have shown they liked me. My life was not a waste. I will bring this blog back! And the orchid blog too! My country is no longer viable. I wonder what would have happened if it had happened there! But it would have made me not functional, so I try not to think about that.

So your Devil is back! Reduced but I will try to improve.

Thanks to the people at Healthsouth Rehab, Sunrise, Fl who took me in so warmly and without knowing me have brought me back! I will make them proud!



85 Responses to “The Devil thought he was immortal”

  1. Elena Castro Says:

    Miguel, no sabia nada! WOW lamento mucho lo que te paso, pero no sabes como me alegro que estes vivo y en este mundo! Espero sinceramente que te recuperes de un todo! BTW lei la carta de tu hermana y llore! que belleza! saludos Elena Castro

    • moctavio Says:

      Si chica,un karma,terapia. Y mas terapiasin sin que se vea final. Esto es un traumea no hay duda. Estoy mejor pero no suficiente.

  2. Teun Says:

    Welcome back, old friend.

  3. Dorothy Whittembury Says:

    Que bueno que el diablo esta nuevamente con nosotros ! Saludos, Dorothy Whittembury

    Sent from my iPad

  4. Margo Gutierrez Says:

    OMG, we’ve never met but I wish for your continued recovery. Don’t know where you live, but ‘m in Austin and if I can do anything for you and your family, please let me know.

    Margo Gutierrez

    Sent from my iPhone


  5. Maria Eugenia Bermudez-Samiei Says:

    Best wishes from an avid reader of the Devil’s blog in Vienna, Austria. Hang in there!

  6. gds Says:

    Excellent news!

  7. Harry Says:

    Best wishes for a speedy and full recovery from an ardent follower of your blog! Saludos desde Canada

  8. Noel Says:

    Miguel! Such great news to hear from you, that you are doing fine and continuing to improve. We all root for you (and your physiotherapist). Clearly, the countdown for a brand new post on your blog has started. I stay tuned. All the best!


  9. Querido Miguel, sigue luchando y demostrándonos lo fuerte y grande que eres. Te queremos y necesitamos. Un fuerte abrazo desde Barcelona de Mariela, los niños y mío.

  10. TV Says:

    Yay, welcome back!

  11. Johannes Says:

    Hope you will get better fast!

    A fan of yours from HongKong,


  12. Dean A Nash Says:

    Miguel, you always have such a great attitude, all the while presenting the facts dispassionately, but accurately.

    We’ve missed this from you. And of course, your wisdom. Needles to mention your insights gained from your lifetime of experiences. And mostly, your love. Of life. Of liberty. And of Venezuela. Your voice echos out to all of us, like a beacon on a hill.

    Take your time, hold your family even closer, and when you’ve the time and strength, come share with us. We’ll be here.

  13. Jose L Marcos Says:

    Happy to have youback

  14. Alexis Says:

    Welcome back! Take your time, take care of yourself, we’ll still be around. 🙂

  15. Hu Says:

    Terrific to have you back!

  16. Ira Says:

    Damn, damn, damn.

    I’m so happy you’re up and about!

  17. Moises Says:

    Bienvenido, y que sigas mejorando!

  18. mariaoctavio Says:

    Este es mi amado hermano. Un ejemplo de tesón y empeño. Estoy feliz de todo su progreso. Su amor por la vida, su esposa, su familia y amigos lo han hecho salir adelante de una forma impresionante. Te quiero hemano querido

  19. Diablillo, what a pleasure to read this post! We missed you, but most of all, we were very worried. When I say “we”, I’m including my family… they don’t know you but have become a household word. Very, very happy for your progress. Keep improving, pa’lante siempre! My best for you and your wife, that wonderful woman is gold. Un abrazo!

  20. David Goldstein Says:

    Antes de ti, no me importaba ni diablos ni la excremento, pero gracias a ti mantengo la esperanza que algun dia Venezuela subira. El analisis inteligente y creativo (the arepa index, port activity) y la falta de miedo por documentar los (multiplos) fallos del Chavismo merecen algun premio.
    Te deseo suerte y fuerzas en el camino hacia Diablo Normal, te debemos una deuda por “hablar la verdad al poder” para q’ ni Hugo, ni Maduro y sus pajaritos, ni Al Aissami logren sea lo que sea, la verdad vale y tu, Diablo volvera,porque vas a poder volver a montar esa bici.
    Te espero ver en tu blog.
    Cuidate y gracias

  21. Miguel, at my age, I was pleasantly surprised to read your post today!
    I have never even considered that something like what happened to you is even posible but it obviously is.
    I am glad for you and your family that you have found the strength to comeback with a new appreciation of life after such a terrible accident.
    As a loyal reader, I may not have the chance to meet you in person as so many of the people that posted before me have but, I am thankful for the opportunity to share in your insight and wisdom in regards to Venezuela, a subject dear to both of our hearts.
    So get well and I hope to read from you soon!

  22. Carlos Reitze Says:

    Querido Miguel , que emoción poder leerte nuevamente ! A través de Jimmy (primo de María Eugenia) nos mantenemos al tanto de tu recuperación y también por supuesto por Carolina. Lento pero seguro…. Adelante campeón !!

    Carlos A. Reitze

    Sent from my iPad


  23. Leopoldo Hellmund Says:

    Querido Miguel: todos los que te queremos y admiramos, te damos la bienvenida.

    No sabiebndo nada de ti, revisada tu blog esperando un dia ver la sorpresa…llego hoy y te felicito.

    Ejemplar fuerza! Sigue adelante. Lo peor ya paso. Ahora sigue compartiendo con los que te seguimos tu sana filosfia.

    Leopoldo Hellmund

  24. Marilu VCLF Says:

    Gracias po estr de regreso. Animo.

    Yo también he estado impedida y todavía en recuperación, pagando el precio deestar todavía aquí.



  25. Paula H Says:

    Miguel! So happy to hear that you are doing so well. PA lante, por qué para atrás ni para coger impulso!!! Muchos saludos y Abrazos!

  26. Marisabel Marcano Says:

    Qué bueno que estás de vuelta, siempre pendiente de ti, un abrazo y mis mejores deseos y oraciones para que sigas adelante

  27. Amado Lopez.Cuanto Says:

    A very touching come back.My best whishes for your full recoger y.

  28. Tomate Says:

    Me da mucho gusto leerte otra vez. Gracias a Dios ya esta mejor. Te deseo lo mejor

  29. Ál varo Requena Says:

    Así es que debemos ser todos, porfiados en la salud y en l;a voliuntad. Siempre para adelante. Esa es la verdadera defini ción de “RESILIENCY”.
    A la espera del AREPA INDEX…

  30. Pepe D. Urum Says:

    Lamento mucho su accidente, pero me contenta mucho saber que ya esta mejor y recuperandose. Salud.


  31. Pablo Says:

    Soooo glad to read you again. Sigue trabajando duro y cuenta con nosotros para todo lo que necesites. Un abrazo. Hope to see you soon.

  32. Nice knowing you’re again writing. Congrats and welcome to your passions. Expecting for your excellent posts I desire your complete recovery

  33. Augusto Pinaud Says:

    Querido Tío…

    No sabes lo que me alegra verte de regreso. Poco a poco desde estas distancias seguimos tu mejoría.

    Quien con admiración te saluda


  34. Nicolaas Smith Says:

    Miguel, I am very glad you are back. Good luck with the rest of the recovery.

  35. Leopoldo Aguerrevere Says:


    Gracias a Dios que ya estés ya recuperado del accidente y espero que pronto re-tomaras Tus actividades cotidianas entre ellas tus notas de las cuales soy asiduo lector.

    Un abrazo.

    Leopoldo (polo)Aguerrevere. ;saludos a Kathy

    Enviado desde mi iPad

    > El 26 feb. 2017, a las 12:15, The Devil’s Excrement escribió: > > >

  36. Carol Says:

    So happy to have you back! May you continue to thrive!!

  37. luis Says:

    Hola Miguel estoy por subir, y nos tomaremos un Rioja de los que tanto te gustan muchos saludos a Katty y Alfredo quien siempre me tuvo al tanto de todo

  38. Linda Sonderman Says:

    I am glad that you are back – many probably most who read your blog did not know anything about your accident. However, you are the second person we know who was hit by a car in So. Florida while bicycle riding. Do be careful and will pray for your continued recovery.


  39. Tomas Beard Says:

    Life is precious. My wife (una Venezuelana) continue to pray for you, her family and all of the Venezuelan people. Nam Myoho Renge Kyo!

  40. Miguel!
    You are back! We are so happy to hear from you, God bless you!
    Love you,
    Raul & Kika

  41. Godela Abreu Says:

    Qué alegría saberte ya tan
    recuperado! Todo lo mejor ! Godela

  42. Marielena Says:

    Orgullosisima de lo que has logrado y se que vas a seguir avanzando te quiero muchisimo

  43. Jim Black Says:

    Miguel, I wish you a continued recovery from your accident. Everyone is pulling for you! … Jim and Gwen

  44. David Pritchard Says:

    Hi We are glad to hear that you are recovering
    from your accident . We live in South Africa
    and stayed in Venezuela from 2007/20010
    We loved the country and people and seriously
    considered settling there until Chavez
    got out of hand.He unfortunately has an
    elevated status here by our politicians
    who think he could do no harm.
    We missed your blogs and wish you a full
    Dave and Dawn

  45. Marines Says:

    Hola Miguel es Marinés. Acabo de leer tu artículo y quedé totalmente conmovida. Eres una persona increíble. Muchas personas incluyéndome, aprendemos de tí con tanta sabiduría y humildad.
    Juan Pablo, Sofia y yo siempre estamos pendiente de tí y pedimos mucho por tu recuperación.
    Con mucho cariño y admiración 🙂
    Un fuerte abrazo

  46. Pablo Roa Says:


    Sigue tu proceso de recuperación. Sin prisa, pero siempre avanzando.

    Todos apostamos por ti y sabemos de lo que eres capaz,

    Welcome back Devil!

  47. Keyla Lazardi Says:

    YES Miguel! You are back and we are all so incredibly happy and thankful. Knowing your perseverance I am confident that it will be a matter of time for you to be at your fullest. Tons of love from Julio and I

  48. robhmcbride Says:

    Nice to have you back my devilish 👿 friend… Glad you didn’t cross on over the other side… 😉

  49. Charlie Says:

    Welcome back Miguel! Hope you get well soon. Take your time, no nee to rush into things until you’re fully recovered.

  50. Patricia Paris Says:

    Octavio , me alegro que estes de regreso, no sabes cuanta falta han hecho tus comentarios, los calculos de la arepa y mil cosas mas!!! Que bueno saber que mejoras y de mi persona los mejores deseos de que asi continues!

  51. Carlos Says:

    Gracias Dios y a tu esfuerzo saldrás adelante. Espero escucharte pronto.

  52. Be blessed and stay well. You shall recover
    , but you most likely will be a different self

  53. Lee Kuan Yew Says:

    Great to see you are back Miguel, all the best for your continued recovery!

    Cycling is dangerous indeed, I’ve been an avid cyclist for a decade in Miami, and also learned the hard way how dangerous it can be. Any fall is dangerous. I’ve broken 2 helmets, had concussions, burned arms and legs.. I’ve seen guys fly 10 feet up in the air, and numerous accidents, several cyclists killed (in the Key Biscayne bridges, etc).

    Joining large groups is the most dangerous. There are always some inexperienced people, or just crazy guys. I used to go down to key biscayne with the infamous “Don Pan” group, even in total darkness at 6am.. Those maniacs would go down at 32-35 mph, it was crazy, too many accidents and close calls. I stopped doing that and now go by myself, or in some groups of trusted friends. If you are alone, and want to join a small group that passes you by, study how all of them ride, if they do stupid things (pass on the right, talk too much, errant behavior..) leave the group immediately. And always, at first stay on the back, and on the outside.. observing. If they are serious, experienced and careful, and they welcome you, you can start pulling and rotating.. you meet good people that way.. There was a group meeting in Coral Gables (circle) every Sunday for the long rides down to Homestead. If someone new misbehaved he would be reprimanded by the group leaders or even expelled.. Cycling is fun, but you have to take it seriously. Be safe out there!

  54. Jim P. Says:

    Glad to have you back and writing again, Miguel. Hang in there and keep improving. You’ll recover much faster than Venezuela will, alas. Un gran abrazo!

  55. Eduardo Lomanto Says:

    Dear Devil, I hope you totally recover. I missed your thoughts and comments about the Venezuelan situation. Welcome back

  56. Tom ODonnell Says:

    Dear Miguel,
    It is so good to know you are recovering, at long last. Your insights and expertise, and reflections have been missed very much. But, go slowly, for the long run.

    You did not know you were mortal, just as no one ever imagined Venezuela could and would go so low – chavistas and oppositores alike.

    How is this possible in Venezuela and what does this foretell about other countries that are surrendering their dignity to scoundrels, as is mine now too?

    You analyses and insights are awaited with interest. Welcome back.
    Saludos, Tom

  57. Javier Perez Says:

    Estimado Miguel,
    Muchos años te he seguido desde California siguiendo las descripciones y tus pensamientos de cómo nuestro país a implotado. Te deseo pensamientos de paz y salud… te los mereces.

  58. Good to know you are recovering. Best wishes to you and your family.

  59. Manuel Gomez Says:

    Glad to see you back… wish you health Amigo

    Manuel Gomez Rubio, CFA

    Horizon Asset Management

    Eichtalboden 85

    5400 Baden


    Tel 0041(56)2224655

    Cel 0041(79)6389270

  60. Mel Jove Says:

    Glad to see you are back. The devil strikes again! You were sorely missed.

  61. Speedy recovery and best wishes.

  62. Pateicia A González Says:

    Happy to know you are well on your way to being well and whole again! I can tell your spirit and intellect remain intact! Welcome back! I am looking forward to many years of your incisive and excellent articles! Warm regards.

  63. pirooz pakdel Says:

    Welcome back. We are very glad to have this update and to hear of your improvement. Your absence left a gaping void in the blogosphere. Wishing you all the best.

  64. Teresa Says:

    Dearest Miguel
    Your strength, persistence and positivism are simply out of this world… and so are you. You’re so important to me. I’ve watched your recovery and I am simply in awe. Love you brother.

  65. Carlos Says:

    Welcome Back! I’m absolutely glad you recovered.

  66. Oscar Garcia Says:

    Excelentísimas noticias. Fuerza y fe. Un abrazo. Oscar

    Enviado desde mi iPad

    > El feb. 26, 2017, a las 11:15 AM, The Devil’s Excrement escribió: > > >

  67. Ricardo Says:

    Great to see you back, Miguel!

  68. Nigel Yates Says:

    great news,I wish you a full recovery.

  69. rafaelg13 Says:

    Thanks for all you have taught me Miguel, people like you don’t deserve such things but such is life. I will always be really grateful to have stumble upon this blog.

  70. Graciela Pantin Says:

    Querido amigo, extrañe la ausencia del Diablo…pero conociendote sabia que estarías en otros menesteres también complejos. Maravilloso tu recuento y esperanzadora la energía y el talento que compartes. Estoy segura que continuarás divulgando lo que sabías y lo que a partir de ahora conoces mejor. Gracias.

  71. Daveed Says:

    Awesome to hear from you! Good luck on your continued recovery.

  72. Miguel Muy emocionante leer tu nota. Espero tu recuperación, lo mejor posible. Ya te leeremos en tu blog y sabremos de tus percepciones y análisis sobre esta zona tórrida tan destartalada y descompuesta.

    Un gran saludo


    ___________ Enviado desde iPhone

  73. Edzar Rodriguez Says:

    Muy bien, Mr. Devil, espero mejore y vuelva a sus rutinas, sus apreciados consejos financieros y puntos de vista.

  74. Maria Says:

    Glad to hear from you again, devil. Godspeed on your recovery!

  75. lordonezv Says:

    !Que alegría! Adelante… Un gran abrazo

  76. Gilberto Arrieche Says:

    I am so happy to have you back!!!
    Keep working in your recovery
    We all missed you so much

  77. Says:

    So pleased to hear you are recovering, and your realization of how much you were missed… Including this Blog!!!

    Saludos y gracias…

    Pete White US: +1-281-928-5036 UK: +44-20-3289-2315 >

  78. Adriana Bermudez Says:

    I wish you a total recovery, with the help of your love ones you will do it.

  79. Beatriz L. Brown Says:

    Overjoyed to see that you are alive and on your way to full recovery. You have many friends unknown to you. One step at a time…slowly but surely, does it. Welcome back!!!!

  80. 19cbb Says:

    Welcome back Miguel!

  81. Jimmy Says:

    Welcome back Miguel!

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