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It’s Purpurata time, time for great pictures!!!

May 25, 2008

Took some pictures right after watering today, which always gives a nice appearance to the plants. The Laelia Purpuratas from Brazil have started flowering, they are not only spectacular, but they are incredibly photogenic as seen below.

An overall view of Laelia Purpurata Carnea on the loeft and a single flower on the right. Love them!


I love these Laelia Purpurata Werkhauseri, they are so elegant and the sun gave them an almost spectral quality.

A very nice Catlleya Jenmanii, this one is Color x Kathy, looks a lot like the other one I have, but this is a first flowering


Eduardo M. sends a bunch!

May 25, 2008

Eduardo sent a whole bunch of pictures, from his rochid room to his plants:

On the lfet his orchid, room, no wonder he sends so many flowers, on the right a specimen of Cattleya Gaskelliana concolor, magnificent!

On the left Cattleya Dowiana, I seem to kill it, on the right Den. Globuliferum

On the left, Akermania. On the right, Meryacylum Tenuifolium

On the left Cattleya Violacea, on the right Cattleya Violacea Icabaru.

On the left Cattleya Lobata from Brazil, on the right a very nice Cattleya Warnerii coerulea from Brazil

On the left, a flower of Masdevalia Tenuifolia, on the right a Vanda.

Slowly getting back

May 18, 2008

Slowly getting back to things after the China trip, I actually spent a lot of time taking pictures today, after reading a book about photography. Not many flowers, there were many when I got back, but they wilted, but something is always there…

On the left, Cattleya Schilleriana from Brazil, on the right, Blc. Copper Queen.

A nice bunch of flowers from my best flowering Oncidium Equitant

AVO Orchid Exhibit

April 13, 2008

This week was the AVO (Asociacon Venezolana de Orquideas) at the Sambil Mall in Caracas. the lighting there was not great, but I managed to take some good shots below.

Cat. Luddemanniana Coerulea on the lft, Cattleya Mossiae Coerulea on the right.

A big Mossiae semi alba on the left. My Sophronitis Coccinea Aurea on the right, won first prize.

On the left, Shomgburkia Undulata alba against the lights. On the right a very nice Cattleya Violacea that won first prize.

On the left a nice Zygopetalum. On the right Laelia San Bar

My Dendrobium Helix, won third prize among species Dendrobiums.

Eduardo sends some good ones

April 12, 2008

Two vies of a very nice Venezuelan Coryanthes Macrantha

Clearly Eduardo had a Mossiae semi-alba indigestion last month. Truly stunning!

A nice Shomburgkia Superbiens alba

A bit of everything

April 9, 2008

On the left a hybrid of Cattleya Intermedia with Blc. Morning Glory. This flower won second prize at the recent Natural Sciences orchid exhibit. On the right, a Cattleya Mossiae semi-alba, which unfortunately has a funny shape.

On the left, a Cattleya Giga from Colombia, huge flower! On the right a hybrid of Cattleya Walkeriana with Blc. Morning Glory.

My faithful Cattleya Violacea. I took it today to the orchid exhibit of the Venezuelan Orchid Society and someone I respect a lot was very impressed with the size, shape and number of flowers. I thought it was an unusual plant, but I am no expert on Violaceas.

Santos sends a bunch of pictures, evne of people!!!

April 7, 2008

Santos sends pictures of species, hybrids and even of la Gran Sabana and even people!!!

Two pictures of what Santos considers to be his best Cattleya Lueddemanniana

Left: Cattleya Lueddemanianna Coerulea, Right Cattelya Lawrenceana concolor Diana, both Venezuelan

Cattleya :oddigessi color on the left and alba on the right

Pescatorea Dayana, a Colombian species

Pescatorea Dayana on the left, Rincholaelia Digbiana on the right

Vanda on the left, orange hybrid on the right.

Quebrada Jaspe (Jade Brook) in Gran Sabana on the left and Eriopsis Biloba in situ in the Gran Saban

On the left Santos’ family in the Aponguao. Epidendrum in the Gran Sabana, in situ

Three Cattleya Aclandiae

April 1, 2008

This week was the Natural Sciences Society Orchid Show, I took a few plants, but for complex reasons was unable to take pictures. Since I was away, I had not been checking my plants, so I did not notice the three Cattleya Aclandiae from Brazil were all in flower. Pity people could have compared how different they are:

Araguaney in full bloom in Caracas

March 9, 2008

During this time of the year lots of trees flower in Caracas with dense yellow flowers. Today I found four examples of these spectacular tress within three blocks in Altamira. People always say these are Araguaey, the national tree of Venezuela, but there are two tyes, Araguaney and Acapro. It’s hard (at least for me) to tell them apart, but Araguaney is not as tall, seldom reaching more than 20 meters. Above four pictures of these beautiful trees at their most spectacular time. My guess is that only the lower one on the right is a true Araguaney, the remainder were taller than 20 meters.

Yes, I do own hybrids

March 9, 2008

Above left, a nice Blc. Morning Glory right after watering, on the right a close up

Top left. Onc. Alohii flowered again from the same spike. On the right, one of my favorite hybrids Blc. Jungle Gem, how could I resist those spots, that purple lip and all in yellow!!!.

I showed you a close up of this Pot. Hoku Gem Freckles, now the whole plant is blooming!