AVO Orchid Exhibit

April 13, 2008

This week was the AVO (Asociacon Venezolana de Orquideas) at the Sambil Mall in Caracas. the lighting there was not great, but I managed to take some good shots below.

Cat. Luddemanniana Coerulea on the lft, Cattleya Mossiae Coerulea on the right.

A big Mossiae semi alba on the left. My Sophronitis Coccinea Aurea on the right, won first prize.

On the left, Shomgburkia Undulata alba against the lights. On the right a very nice Cattleya Violacea that won first prize.

On the left a nice Zygopetalum. On the right Laelia San Bar

My Dendrobium Helix, won third prize among species Dendrobiums.

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