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Santos sends a bunch of pictures, evne of people!!!

April 7, 2008

Santos sends pictures of species, hybrids and even of la Gran Sabana and even people!!!

Two pictures of what Santos considers to be his best Cattleya Lueddemanniana

Left: Cattleya Lueddemanianna Coerulea, Right Cattelya Lawrenceana concolor Diana, both Venezuelan

Cattleya :oddigessi color on the left and alba on the right

Pescatorea Dayana, a Colombian species

Pescatorea Dayana on the left, Rincholaelia Digbiana on the right

Vanda on the left, orange hybrid on the right.

Quebrada Jaspe (Jade Brook) in Gran Sabana on the left and Eriopsis Biloba in situ in the Gran Saban

On the left Santos’ family in the Aponguao. Epidendrum in the Gran Sabana, in situ

April 7, 2008

of Planning El Troudi  said
that the slower inflation in March is a result of the Government’s
inflation policies, saying the Government’s economic policies “shield” us from
international inflation.

is what I call high quality BS or BS of the highest quality. Under the “old” inflation
index used for 50 years,
inflation in the month of March went actually up
from 2.38% to 2.5% in
March, but under the new and improved INPC, there was a drop from 2.1% to 1.7%,
which still is a high inflation rate of 22.7% and well ABOVE the inflation of
all Latin American countries. In fact, I would not be surprised if it is double
that rate,

the PDVAL supermarkets, the new chain of supermarkets created by PDVSA,
introduced its own brand of rice, oil and black beans under the brand name

had to be done, when it was discovered that the packages of those particular
products carried the “brand name” Made in the USA. These products were actually
imported from the Evil Empire by PDVSA and everything was repackaged so that
the “people” did not get nauseated.

President said
that he would only nationalize those cement companies that
had originally been privatized and used to be owned by the Government, leading
many to believe that Cemex, Fabrica Nacional de Cementos and Consolidada de
Cementos would escape nationalization.

It turns
out that these companies had been owned by the Government only in Chavez’ mind.
The only company that was at one time Government owned and then private was Cementos
Andinos, which was nationalized last year. The other three were created by
Venezuelans and owned by Venezuelans since their inception in the first half of
the XXth. Century. They were sold to Cemex, Lafarge and Holcin by the Mendoza, Delfino
and Boulton families who created them and controlled them. All three were
majority owned by these families and traded at some point in the Caracas Stock
Exchange. Later today, the issue was clarified, as usual Chavez had made it all
up, they will all be nationalized.