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Time to dissapear, back on May 8th. or so

April 15, 2008

I will be traveling on my annual vacation. I will be gone to three weeks to the other side of the planet. Bruni and Spinoza and even my distinguished blogger Jorge Arena will provide some ghost coverage as needed and once in a while I may even try to contribute. Hope the country holds together in my absence, funny things seem to happen when I travel…

Is Chavez a CIA agent? Or…

April 15, 2008

While we have become accustomed to the most bizarre and
outrageous behavior and statements from Chavez Government officials, it was truly amazing to
watch former General Prosecutor Isaias Rodriguez come on TV and start blaming
the US Government, the “Empire”, for all of the country’s problems.

With his characteristic cynical straight face, the man who
is most responsible for the wholesale violation of the laws and the
Constitutions for the last seven years, violating his mandate, said, once again
with a very straight face, that shortages, the Maletagate affair and now the
testimony of his one time favorite star witness, are all part of a softer, more
subtle coup against the Government of Hugo Chavez by the US Government and the

On the way he included electric shortages, Chavez’
relations with the FARC, the diplomatic crisis with Colombia and the ExxonMobil
lawsuit, as part of this incredibly successful “slow” coup against the
Venezuelan Government.

Which leads me to conclude that Hugo Chavez must then
indeed be a CIA agent. Because it was Hugo Chavez who involved Venezuela unnecessarily
in the conflict between Ecuador and Colombia, a conflict that had little to do
with him, but led him to unilaterally mobilize the Venezuelan Armed Forces to
the Colombia/Venezuela border, almost creating a needless military conflict.
(Which may have been the end of Hugo Chavez as President anyway).

And it was also Chavez who declared his allegiance to the
FARC, asking that they be considered a belligerent force and not a criminal
guerrilla group, as well as saying that dead guerrilla leader Raul Reyes was a
great and dear fighter. So, once again one onlyhahs to look at Chavez as the
culprit for this case.

As for ExxonMobil, it was Chavez decision to expropriate
ExxonMobil’s share of the Cerro Negro project which led to the suit, given the
refusal of the Venezuelan Government to pay more than book value and in violation
of the legally bound contract signed by the partners, PDVSA and Venezuela, when
the projects were started. And I guess Isaias will once again blame the CIA and
the US Government when Venezuela loses the case in arbitration and is force to
pay an obnoxious amount, which could have been much better, used in improving
the lot of the Venezuelan people.

And shortages whether electric or food are simply a direct
consequence of…

You guessed it:

The stupid and ignorant policies of none other than super
agent Hugo Chavez whose economic ideas are not socialist, but go back to the
failed economic policies implemented in Latin America in the 60’s which led to
so much poverty and the sub continent falling behind the world in economic
development under the guidance of populist and ignorant autocrats similar to
Hugo Chavez (Curiosuly many were agents of the Empire!). Thus, Chavez must be
an agent of the Empire.

And then there is the laughable charge of the suitcase
full of cash, found in PDVSA plane, filled with Chavistas of Venezuelan origin
or Argentinean buddies who represent the business links to shady and
non-transparent deals between the two Governments. We all recall how Isaias
himself, at the time General Prosecutor, stated publicly that the crime was
committed in Argentina and he had nothing to investigate, as if Venezuela did
not have strict exchange controls which make it a crime, punished by prison, to
carry more than US$ 10,000 in cash outside the country. Even today, there is no
investigation in Venezuela of the Maletagate affair making a mockery of the

And, of course, there is the related case in Miami in
which some people who have mysteriously made millions of dollars in deals with
the Chavez Government were taped trying to convince the Maletagate main
character, Guido Antonini, to say where he got the cash.

And then we come to Isaias’ star witness. The star witness
of a case the former General Prosecutor manipulated to steer evidence away from
the Government and towards the opposition. The case he claimed to have solved
so many times only to go and show up with a charlatan like Giovanni Vasquez,
who claimed to be many things and at many places, none of which were ever true.
Despite this ,as Prosecutor, Rodriguez never removed the cases against some of
the accused and jailed innocent people even after it was shown that his star
witness, not the CIA’s, was a compulsive liar.

But no new avenue of investigation was opened after
Vasquez was shown to be a liar, continuing the long miscarriage of justice
where Rodriguez did accuse any moving body in the opposition of one thing or

But as you can see, Hugo Chavez seems to be at the center
of the whole conspiracy. Isaias forgot the lack of accomplishments of the Government
in education, housing, eliminating poverty, how crime has increased, all the
money given to other countries by Super CIA agent Chavez himself, high
inflation and the like.

Which can only lead us to the conclusion that Chavez is an
agent of the Empire, unless, of course…

The CIA has discovered a stupidity virus and inoculated
all of these guys with it…

I still have to explore this possibility.