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Eduardo sends some good ones

April 12, 2008

Two vies of a very nice Venezuelan Coryanthes Macrantha

Clearly Eduardo had a Mossiae semi-alba indigestion last month. Truly stunning!

A nice Shomburgkia Superbiens alba

Country drifts as Governemnt goes into bizarro overdrive

April 12, 2008

You have probably noticed I have not written much lately, I could say I was busy with the young baseball season or the orchid exhibit this week, but reality is that there has been so much going on making this country truly bizarre. Meanwhile,  the so called opposition was nowhere to be seen as they seem more concerned with their November campaigns than with remembering those that died on April 11th. 2002, whose killers remain at large and 19 deaths and hundreds of injured have disappeared under the veil of Chavista injustice. And Chavismo has no shame in celebrating today (Do they know how to count?) as the Day of Dignity because Hugo Chavez happened to return to power 4 years and 364 days ago.

Only NGO Vive commemorated such a dark day properly, showing up with 19 coffins in front of the Prosecutors office asking for the Justice that has not been achieved, while Chavismo in its usual immorality was at Puente El Llaguno, where former Minister of Defense Garcia Carneiro used the occasion for politics attacking retired General Raul Baduell, calling him a “traitor hero” for his role that day and his later defection from the Chavista ranks.

Meanwhile the man in charge of all the injustice and the fraud to the country’s Constitution, former Prosecutor Isaias Rodriguez, was trying to deflect the accusations against him from his former star witness in the infamous Anderson case. Given their track record, I don’t believe Rodriguez or star witness Giovanny Vazquez, as they both have shown to have a vivid and shameless memory to manipulate the truth according to obscure and amoral purposes. (The word amoral has come up a few times in the last few days with some friends in different discussions. What is going on here can no longer be labeled as immorality, amorality represents a better definition of the lack of scruples, ethics and morals that has taken over Venezuela in the last few days)

And we go from one amazing act or statement to the next. Perhaps none reflects as well the ability of the Government to be bizarre, that Chavez’ statements that the country needs to be ready to greet the “hundreds of thousands of refugees” that will come to Venezuela to flee from the misery and the poverty created by George Bush in the US. I mean, where does he think he live? Has his isolation increased so much? Has he seen the garbage, lack of sewage, poverty, misery, malnutrition and crime that permeates Venezuela from one end to the other, with little change since he became President more than nine years ago? Has he noticed the exodus in the opposite direction at all?

But rather than spend money in solving these same problems, Chavez spends his days not only spending money at random, but destroying institutions. He is nationalizing Sidor just because and on Friday, they added seamless pipe factory Tavsa to it, just because its plant is on the same land as Sidor. What’s another billion here or there for his whims?

And they even think those that will be expropriated may want to stay as their partners as if their track record at destruction and mismanagement was not there for all to see. Rumors have it that CANTV has not paid all salaries to their workers, only months after being nationalized. Billing problems, dialing problems and ADSL problems that did not exist befiore, have begun to surface as the number of workers in the company has jumped, much like those in PDVSA that has gone form 40,000 employees pre-strike to 77,000 five years later, despite lower production, huge accounts payable increases and profitability that is only due to a five fold increase in oil prices.

Meanwhile, some bureaucrat in the Land Institute decides to upgrade the land in Valled Del Turbio to class I (the most fertile) and sugar producing farms in full production are militarized and the Government wants to take them over just to guarantee further sugar shortages in the future. (Funny, one of the farms threatened was one given to some farmers by the Chavez Government, now they want to take it back. I guess they found a succesful case and wanted to get rid of it, it sets a bad example)

And to end it all, I find out that the new school program that has created so much controversy that Chavez withdrew the proposal, removes computers from the curriculum as a subject matter other than it should be used in an unspecified and diffuse manner in all courses.

And the opposition? I don’t know, I have not seen them talking about any of these topics, maybe they care about human rights or economic well being as little as the Chavez Government. Instead, rather than devote a little time to criticizing any of the actions above by the Government, they seem to be running for office all over the place. I do hope they have a plan, other than getting elected.

Thus the country drifts into this sort of bizarro vaporous oblivion of nonsense under the leadership of Hugo Chavez who has gone into this nationalization rampage which is accompanied by frequent and long nationwide TV addresses. Today he did not create much goodwill by interrupting the NY Mets game just as Venezuelan superstar Johan Santana was pitching, which is certainly not going to endear him with the Venezuelan baseball fan population.(Even if he lost)

But such is the isolation of Chavez today that he no longer cares about what used to be “his favorite team from his youth”, a lie he was caught on when someone realized he was no longer a kid when the expansion team the Mets was created.

But Chavez has lost his old touch with the common people and his popularity drifts down daily as he acts in grandiose fashion to attempt to prop it up. He forgets that his best moments have been precisely when he has set aside his grandiose economic and political projects and focused on the problems facing the people.

But the country drifts into a nutty economic model and nobody seems to care or say much, as everyone seems to go about their daily lives.

And I worry…