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Chavismo: Changing History One Webpage At A Time

February 23, 2012

Well, as expected, there were no apologies, no announcements. Chavismo punishes those that oppose them, but is lenient with its supporters, whether they are crooks or fascists reporters. As you can see below, when you look up the article in Radio Nacional de Venezuela attacking Capriles because of his Jewish ancestry called “The Enemy is Zionism” by Adal Hernandez, which I wrote about, it has now been removed. (Glad I saved a copy!)

No matter that the logo of Radio Nacional de Venezuela is “With truth in front!”, it just says that they can’t find the file.

No apology to Mr. Capriles, no apologies to those that have been insulted directly by the article, no apologies to those Venezuelans offended by its contents. Like in most fascist Dictatorships, history was changed, removing the page and I am sure that Adal Hernandez will receive some sort of promotion for a job well done, he was just too public about it.

The revolution has no shame!

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