Chavismo: Changing History One Webpage At A Time

February 23, 2012

Well, as expected, there were no apologies, no announcements. Chavismo punishes those that oppose them, but is lenient with its supporters, whether they are crooks or fascists reporters. As you can see below, when you look up the article in Radio Nacional de Venezuela attacking Capriles because of his Jewish ancestry called “The Enemy is Zionism” by Adal Hernandez, which I wrote about, it has now been removed. (Glad I saved a copy!)

No matter that the logo of Radio Nacional de Venezuela is “With truth in front!”, it just says that they can’t find the file.

No apology to Mr. Capriles, no apologies to those that have been insulted directly by the article, no apologies to those Venezuelans offended by its contents. Like in most fascist Dictatorships, history was changed, removing the page and I am sure that Adal Hernandez will receive some sort of promotion for a job well done, he was just too public about it.

The revolution has no shame!

The original here:

17 Responses to “Chavismo: Changing History One Webpage At A Time”

  1. Dr Says:

    I was just about to post the Cached version from Google as well, but Anon did it first. Nothing is “gone” from the internet once is out there. The article was originally published on February 13, 2012 at 07:34 PM (see below the tag line in the cached version) and the cached page was done on Feb. 21, as Google indicates: “This is Google’s cache of It is a snapshot of the page as it appeared on Feb 21, 2012 22:56:55 GMT.” Thanks Anon for the link! and Thanks Google for the archival copy!

  2. Moto Says:

    OT. This coming out of HC’s mouth:

    Defendió las misiones y comentó que “la burguesía dice que son una irresponsabilidad, que es regalar el dinero, pero esos subsidios son para el pueblo, el pueblo paga el 10% del costo, pero el resto lo da el Estado socialista, en un Estado capitalista eso es imposible,…]

    So the people pay just 10% of the cost and the rest the State. I wonder where the State gets the funds…

    • m_astera Says:

      A rhetorical question, I know, but the answer is that all States get their funds from the same source: They take it by force or threat of force from those who produce goods or services of value. The only real argument is about who then gets the largesse.

    • NET Says:

      In an attempt to answer this rhetorical question: The State takes from Peter to pay Paul. The problem is that there are a lot of Peters, very few Pauls, and in the transfer process 30+% is siphoned off in bribes/commissions/outright theft, another 10% or so goes to paises “chulos” (pimps) like Cuba/Argentina/Brazil/ALBA/CARICOM/et. al., and perhaps 10% or more goes to a grossly over-swollen Government payroll trying to assure their vote. It has been estimated that only 4 persons would be needed to collect all oil income, and one could eliminate the huge Ministry of Finance payroll, and this saving would allow the elimination of all taxes (VAT, excise, personal income, corporate income). Since most Government income comes from oil, and some from such “hidden” regressive taxes like VAT and excise, and since very few make enough income to pay personal income tax, the vast majority of the population, which is poorly-educated “pueblo”, do not feel/understand that they have a say or stake in how the oil income is spent/distributed, and end up looking to the “caudillo” of the moment, democratic or dictatorial, for a few handout crumbs, and of course, plenty of promises. This is really just an extension of the Colonial “hacendado” providing for the welfare of his workers. .

  3. NET Says:

    Please comment on Chavez’s cadena today, 02/23’2012, particularly the approximately 1P.M. on part with the DISGUSTING use of small boy Jesus Chavez and his 5-minute memorized speech glorifying Chavez (worth showing video), finishing with ,”Comandante,Comandante, Comandante Adelante!”, all at the instigation of “Jalabolas Mayor” Arias Cardenas, plus Chavez’s lame explanation (never completed) why he was the only one who failed February 4, plus a lot of laughter about the incredible unpreparedness of the military, and this within a “Golpe” in which virtually everybody was involved, from the Defense Minister on down (many of whom were never discovered),including many leftist civilian politicians, and all of this with a resulting (unofficial) 300 dead. Unbelievable irresponsibility on the part of everyone past and present, and, unfortunately, typical of Venezuela today. If anything, Chavez will be remembered as “The Great BULLSHITTER”, in a country which prizes this quality, particularly in the military.

  4. Please Miguel, post both screens in the same post, so there is no room for discussion.

  5. wow, it’s getting radical faster than i expected.. guess why, same reason for centuries, I was was watching a series about the Roman empire, or any “pseudo empire” as can be pretended anywhere, historically.

    it’s gonna get a lot nastier than that, especially if it’s true than Thugos has gone down-hill again.

    I guess that good news for most Venezuelans.

  6. Kepler Says:

    I also made a copied and I sent the page to a dozen news outlets abroad, with a brief explanation in English/German.

    Let’s keep reporting about this. But also: let’s keep reporting about what Chávez says about the opposition in general. We have heard those insults so often that we don’t react much. It is no good to become angry about, let’s just coldly send all uses of foul words, threats, and so on, to different agents of the international community.

  7. CarlosElio Says:

    That type of bullshit runs deep in authoritarians’ DNA

  8. “We’ve always been at war with Eastasia”

  9. captainccs Says:

    Con la verdad por delante ¡DE LA APLANADORA!

  10. Ronaldo Says:

    Chavez would have left the web page up if he thought it was working in his favor. Apologies will not be given on this earth but they may be forthcoming.

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