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Amnesty International: Still Hitting The Spots After All These Years

February 3, 2012

I learned most of what I know about human rights from Amnesty International. When I was younger (I still feel young!) it just seemed that they always took the right side, no matter what the issue was. They were consistent, they had principles and they used mostly volunteers. How idealistic could you get?

Contrast that to the “leftist” movements, who claimed to support  Amnesty International then when it was on their side, but who now criticize when AI blasts their heroes, whether Fidel, Hugo, Lula and the imitation autocrats that have unfortunately taken over power in Latin America. And shame on Dilma Rousseff for using the “sovereignty” argument when she went to Cuba to visit the two bloody Dictators, Raul and Fidel, and failed to even defend another woman, Yohani Sanchez, who has been trying for years to travel abroad. The link is that Rousseff was being beaten up by right wing thugs at the same time when I first became acquainted with Ammnesty International. The difference is that  while AI keeps hitting hard, Rousseff is in her own La-La land, oblivious to human rights violations around the region,  in the incorrect and naive belief that the horror she lived through, will never come back to the region.

Oh, Dilma! How power corrupts intelligence. Ask Venezuelans, we never thought our democracy would be threatened and look what a Thugo fate brought to us! And you have not criticized him and remember, you are not immune!

But I digress…

Because the whole point of this post is that Amnesty International is still at it. Today, the Secretary for Education for their Venezuela Chapter Vivian Diaz was there, reminding the Venezuelan Government that recruiting kids is illegal under international law. Moreover, Ms. Diaz reminds the Government that AI has complained about this before and that the recent pictures simply makes the problem more visible.

Kudos to AI, who continues hammering at it, right and left, defending everyone’s rights in the face of the fake democrats that believe that rights can be suspended whenever their own political projects justify it.