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When It Comes To Arming Children, It Is Showing The Pictures That Is a Crime in Venezuela

February 2, 2012

Remember her?

She is Gabriela Ramirez, the so called People’s Ombudsman(woman), which in Spanish and in Venezuela’s Constitution is called the People’s Defender. She is supposed to be ready to defend everyone’s rights. .

Well, a few days ago, pictures came out of children armed with weapons. Big weapons (Ak-47’s?). The pictures were not anonymous, they were clearly identified with the “Colectivo La Piedrita” activities. (They even have a Facebook page) This is a paramilitary group that has always promoted having and bearing weapons, going around with covered faces and the like. Of course, once pictures like this one appeared all over the place, with a clear indication to where they came from:

La Piedrita leaders began saying that this was just part of a play…

Yeah, with real weapons, there is a clear message there, no? In fact, they even held a protest to ask for “respect” for the armed children.

Of course, the Government began “investigating” this, but they had to do little, just go to 23 de Enero and find La Piedrita and those responsible for this. They have yet to do it.

And the National Assembly also expressed their outrage, creating yet another commission which will not even bother to go to 23 de Enero, about 10 minutes away from where the Assembly meets. They are probably afraid to go there anyway. They don’t like oligarchs there.

I wonder what the guy that Chavez put in charge of disarming the people thinks about all this? I guess he is to busy preparing the website.

And we had not heard from Gabriela, pictured above, she always delays her appearances, as if she is not truly connected to the upper ups and  is waiting for some guidance on what to do or say. Unless she has to defend the Government, that is always automatic. But today she did show up and apparently she found a true crime in all this and concentrated on it:

She finds publishing the images as illegal, insulting and degrading to the kids, as arming them. In fact, she even suggested there was no crime, the weapons may not even be real. She even called on opposition parties not to use the images in the campaign. La Piedrita gets the benefit of the doubt, the candidates don’t. That is why I published only a small picture, it will be a small crime in Gabriela’s eyes. Sort of arming a kid with a Beretta instead of a Kalasnikov.

Funny, she did not condemn “La Piedrita” either for defending the rights of the kids to be shown with weapons, even if it was only a play.

Yeap, we know who the real criminals are in Venezuela: anyone that does not support Hugo IS one.

Venezuela is truly the world upside down.

Note added: Was PSUV Deputy Robert Serra present at the La Piedrita event?

Seems like it…, I am sure he voted to investigate too.