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February 4th. 1992: A Day Of Shame For Venezuelans

February 4, 2012

As Chavez and his cohorts celebrate the 20th. anniversary of this shameful day, there is simply nothing to celebrate of that coup against democracy, on the contrary, this is the anniversary of a day of shame for Venezuelans. The histrionics are there for all to.  see, what “Bolivarians” and “Chavistas” are celebrating is the cult of Hugo Chavez. He has said it many times over the last few days: The Armed Forces are “Chavistas”, not “Bolivarian”, not “Revolutionary”, but his own, the serve only him, not Venezuela. It is all about the cult of Chavez. And today, drunk in his own power, Hugo Chavez talked about “Fidelismo” and “Chavismo” on the same footing, another sign that all that matters is the cult, the rest, is just simply irrelevant.

And while “Chavismo” has left a trail of death and victims, from the Tascon list, to 120,000 murders with total indeffirence, to those fired from PDVSA, to those murdered in opposition marches, the real forgotten victims are those of 20 years ago. More than one hundred people murdered for a project that led nowhere. They were mostly civilians, caught in the cross fire of soldiers who were defending the democratically elected Government, including the President, his wife and his daughters, and soldiers who were led to the coup under false pretenses. Very few of the latter knew even why they were there. The page of a newspaper above tells the forgotten and very shameful story that Chavez claims to celebrate today, as if it was an epic battle. He did not even fight. He failed at his military objective of killing the President, he was pardoned and this allowed him to embark in his very personal project of “Chavismo”

And don’t believe for a minute that he is improvising, as documents captured that fateful day twenty years ago show, among the tactics was “to stimulate hate between classes”, “establish links to the FARC” and as this other document shows, the goal was to establish a Marxist Leninist domination, a socialist society, without “any rush”.

But the cult has left a country in shambles, full of corruption and dysfunctional institutions, a decimated infrastructure and the penetration of the country’s armed forces by Cubans and the oil industry by foreign Governments, whose only objective is to take over much needed hydrocarbon resources, when PDVSA can no longer expand production because Chavez destroyed it.

It is a day of shame, as well as the anniversary of a day of shame, with the Autocrat/Dictator inviting others like him to this so called celebration. The democrats of the region stayed away, while Hugo Chavez tries to instill fear in his own citizens.

There is still hope that things may change this year, either by vote or by fate, Chavismo may simply wither away in Venezuela some time soon. Hopefully, its trail of shame and blood will not be forgotten.