Constitutional Hall Of Venezuela’s Supreme Court, Puts “Ego” above “Constitution”

February 23, 2012

Today the Constitutional Hall of the Venezuelan Supreme Court fined the Head of the Electoral Commission of the MUD, which organized the opposition primaries, for failing to obey the order from the Hall, not to burn the electoral notebooks from February 12th.

Which simply goes to show that the Hall puts “ego” above “Constitution”, because it has done nothing about the fact that Hugo Chavez violated and  regularly violates Art. 235 of the Venezuelan Constitution, when he leaves the country without permission for more than five days, which Chavez did regularly last year and now violates Art. 234 when he leaves for an indefinite absence without being replaced by the Vice-President.

Of course, the buffoons at the Hall would be too scared to fine Chavez or ask that he follow the Constitution, he makes all decisions for them, but please, nobody dare play with their egos disobeying a silly order from them.

What fools!

75 Responses to “Constitutional Hall Of Venezuela’s Supreme Court, Puts “Ego” above “Constitution””

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  3. GWEH Says:

    PMB tweeted hour ago that HCF arrived early AM to Hospital Sirio Libanes in SP.

  4. firepigette Says:


    Could you tell us how you know that about the witnesses being locked out? I find this important.

    Where did you hear this?

    • deananash Says:

      Don’t you remember the whole thing with the Carter center, etc…? The witnesses weren’t allowed access to watch the electronic transfers or some other such cheating. And if my memory serves me correctly, the Carter center only verified a very few center’s votes. (Which means the cheaters simply don’t cheat in those locations….)

      Somebody (Miguel) help me out…surely you all remember better than I.

      • captainccs Says:

        You are correct, Carter was not allowed into the cheating room. How Carter or Gaviria could “certify” this election is beyond belief. They were either bought off or blackmailed. I fired off several angry emails at the Carter Center. He should be declared “persona non grata” and never allowed into Venezuela ever again.

      • firepigette Says:

        right correct, I wasn’t sure what you were referring to….thanks!

  5. CharlesC Says:

    So what does “el pueblo” have to do?
    Well, nothing -except support and believe in Chavez.
    Ignore the fact that he has wasted billions on weapons and
    given away billions in treasure to foreign governments.
    Just vote and believe that Chavez will make everything better
    for el pueblo.
    Well, now it has gone beyond that – you should show your
    love for Chavez{ and those who oppose Chavez are evil)
    Chavez is now on the way to absolutely becoming a god…
    -re. Kim il Sung anyone..

  6. CharlesC Says:

    Just a reminder—

  7. CharlesC Says:

    Capriles should continue his love tour and the heavy lifting should be done by
    people like Machado,Lopez, Perez, etc. In other words, keep exposing the issues
    .for example-a chart, a graph, a map to educate people- show the amount of exproprations of land given to “el pueblo” versus the amount of land given to
    foreign goverments. (re.last week Chavez escorting the banker from China around saying there is so many acres available for your exploitation-and water resources-imagine giving a huge area to another country and saying “mine away” do what you want for the next 100 years)
    Chavez has created 10’s of thousands or jobs for Chinese-even opened doors to large numbers to come to Venezuela to work.
    By the way- find out what the salaries of the Chinese workers in Venezuela are?
    And, show a graph of the wages of Venezuelan workers compared to what workers
    from Cuba who are in Venzeula are being paid by Chavez? How about those Iranian
    workers-what are their salaries?
    Point is to educate “el pueblo” where some of the money is going and who is getting
    the lions share?

    • CharlesC Says:

      I think Chavez is not going to seriously campaign at all- only play the
      love me/pity me and at the last resort Chavez will simply buy the votes,
      yes BUY the votes easily.
      Look at the big bad international players on Chavez’s side:
      China,Russia,Brazil? Opposition has a truly impossible task-
      the only way is to get people to vote based on honesty- I fear
      too many Venezuelans lack character and can be bought very
      cheaply -maybe $10 …

  8. Albionboy Says:

    Capriles, as president has three paths he can take, the Caldera way, the CAP way, or in between, the third way, not the one proposed by Chavez, to hoodwink Venezuelans, that he was not a Communist.

    The Caldera model in the first 3 years failed because it did not encourage investment, and the social transfers could not be sustained with low oil prices.
    CAP’s Policies did not have public support, and as a consequence the backing of his own party.

    If Capriles follows the Caldera’s way (first 3years) he will not be able to significantly reflate the economy withe the expectations of the population and he will have, and a Chavez clone emerge to run against him, for reelection, or his designated successor.

    Caldera abandoned his own plan in the last two years becoming more like CAP, but with falling oil prices it was too late.if Capriles goes for a soft landing, hoping oil prices remain high to continue the missions and a two tier currency, he woul need high prices for a least 5 years, if not he runs a real risk that falling oil prices will leave him in a corner.

    The CAP plan was starting to work, in 1990 Venezuela had the 2nd highest growth in the world. that only took 3 years under CAPS’s plan, high oil prices are likely to last 2 to 3 years more, but with Brazil production (expected to reach 5 MB and Mexico becoming more aggressive and new African oil producers ramping-up production, the unusual high oil prices might not last long for a third and even less for a Caldera plan.

    • CharlesC Says:

      Mr. Albionboy,I seem to agree with everything you are saying and how you
      are saying it. I have thought -there must be a British influence and I guess I am “albionboy” too.-ha
      As to oil prices falling in the future, seems unlikely..

  9. Ira Says:

    I knew there was redistricting in VZ awhile ago, but is the VZ presidential election based on districts or popular vote?

  10. naio Says:

    Karma finally got you … ESTEBAN

    • captainccs Says:

      firepigette, los rumores post elección decían que los chavistas habían secuestrado y amenazado de muerte a la familia de Rosales. De ser cierto, sería comprensible la actuación de Rosales que fué totalmente patética. Su cara era de muerte. O se vendió.

      A los ex-guerrilleros (léase Teodoro) no les creo nada. Deberían estar presos aún. Nuestros valientes de oposición, en cuanto los asustan, salen corriendo a Costa Rica or Miami.

      Lo único que no se deja asustar es el cancer! Le deseo mucho éxito al cancer.

      • juana Castro Says:

        No way….this” things” could have threatened his family and even killed the dog…if you are a real politician you stay, and confront all the threats…that is your business, and you are oblige to stay, and much more is demanded in Venezuela, after all the marches, strikes and threats the opposition did to this “thing” in 2002,,,, when the situation turn red, and the “thing” came back, due to the grave mistakes of carmona, minuscule are not by accident…everyone ran away, the guy form pdvsa, the other from the sindicates, and last but not least the guy of Fedecamaras, names not included on confirm this, who is Rosales now…?, en ex politician that lost an election to the “thing”…whose life as one, is finnish… where to go….he can talk, and move some of the people that were with him during his prime…but that is it….if he had stay and confronted the “thing”, as he should have had done, he would be a threat to the regime, not a pawn in their chess game..would be one of the top leaders of the opposition….and he is not….not even close

    • NET Says:

      Fire, this is key and explains the easiest way of inserting fraudulent non-existent votes into Venezuelan elections. The Opposition MUST, therefore, have testigos at ALL mesas if they want to have a chance at winning. Carter’s “audit” of the Referendum was probably computer-directed to the 1-2 mesa voting centers, especially since his computer program was not “compatible” with the CNE”s program, which he had to use. Anyway, he had already received personally the day or so before from Washington (as had Gaviria) instructions not to rock the boat in the face of the close Bush-Gore presidential election. The real question is this time will the Opposition finally stand up and save the country from further ruin (I believe they will), or will Divine intervention have to do it???

      • firepigette Says:


        “Anyway, he had already received personally the day or so before from Washington (as had Gaviria) instructions not to rock the boat in the face of the close Bush-Gore presidential election.”

        Probably true.

      • NET Says:

        Yes, both of them left Venezuela for 48 hours or so, creating hope that they would come back and cry fraud. Venezuela, once again, was let down, but in all truth, the policy of waiting to let Chavista communism fall flat on its face in spite of great financial resources will go down in history as a warning to all would-be wannabees.

      • LD Says:

        That was a very important thing in Chile’s referendum 1988. It was in every one mesa somebody appropriately trained to do this. If you motivate the people adequately, there would be volunteers and it can be helpful for the campaign too as it reassures people their vote will count.

      • GWEH Says:

        the OAS final report was shelved on Gaviria’s orders… Gaviria was also blackmailed by the regime with compromising videos of him in action with young men during his stay in ccs

        • juana de arco... Says:

          I feel that this is streching it too much…this thing about “videos of Gaviria with young men”,. is too much….their most have been many blackmails coming from the govermetn of this things…no doubt…but to this pont …is a bit too much…the business of Cisnero, with carter and the oil com, that is to believed, but…we, as Venezuelan most, not strech things as far a this…we know that this regime is capable of doing whatever, to whomever…but..this is too much…sorry…but too much…!!

      • GWEH Says:

        NET is correct about the witnesses. Another issue is the smartmatic system itself which has undergone expensive mods and revisions without oppo participation. That system is custom programmable and configurable. Oppo should be capturing all the packets on election day…something that will probably not happen. I would advise oppo against chancing it.

  11. CharlesC Says:

    Breaking news! Chavez will be seen by the famous
    Dr. Benny Hill-

  12. Manuel Scettri Says:

    My gf brought up an interesting observation the other day. She said that if thery get the people that voted in the opposition primaries they can use that to know how many people to add to vote for HC to counteract that.

    So lets say 3 million voted in the primaries in total, for the general election they can say…well, 5 million voted for HC so we MUST have won cause only 3 million voted for the primaries in total.

    It adds another way that HC can cook up the numbers and look legit.

    • Ronaldo Says:

      Chavez has already declared himself the winner in next October’s vote. He will be as corrupt as necessary to see that it happens. A simple method such as having the CNE declare him the winner without a vote count is all that is needed.

      • Manuel Scettri Says:

        Oh absolutely! No argument there that he will cheat and screw everyone out of a win. Im just saying that the primaries add another trick to his arsenal. One that might sound “legitimate”.

  13. LD Says:

    Two interesting things happened yesterday too:
    -a 2 year old kid who reached to Chávez to give him a letter from his mother for help, and happened to have lost a brother to violence. This was shocking.
    -minister Hanson apparently falling asleep in a minister round table. Is she not getting enough sleep? (you could see the worries on the faces all over there) (She could be ill also). I think it’s more than a humorous episode about boring Chávez long speeches.

    • LD Says:

      Here is the video with the kid:

      • Ronaldo Says:

        This may seem out of bounds, but Hitler loved to be seen with children to humanize himself. Chavez policies have led to the murders of over 100,000 Venezuelans. The crime in Vzla killed the child’s sibling, but Chavez tries to show a caring sympathetic approach to the child. Chavez is as cynical as Hitler.

        • LD Says:

          Wait, Chávez didn’t know about this and is clearly surprised too.
          I find this is showing how high the murder rate is, and how clueless the answer -non existent- from Chávez is. Very sad for Venezuela.

          • moctavio Says:

            It’s like a game show/reality show based on human tragedy and need. Yes! You too can be a winner if your story is bad enough!

          • An Interested Observer Says:

            And if you’re lucky enough/chosen to get close enough to deliver a letter. Just being badly off is not enough, because he can’t possibly take care of that many people. Lots of losers, and only a few end up winners.

            Quico compared it to a lottery once. The metaphor really works. Or maybe like the hundreds of people in casinos playing the slots.

        • juana Castro Says:

          this video shows a lier, a thief, promising the “everest” to poor people, gather in the teresa carreno, once a cultural icon, now use by the “robolucion”, for this reality shows..promises, promises, like a magician using his cards and tricks in order to extaciate his audience, this game is just an electoral one…by getting all these poor people, and the rest watching in “Cadena Nacional”, believe that the
          lotto”, is near, that with this guy, their have a chance to win it soon…”Lo juro…”, how can he swear this bull…to see this kind of videos, or hear this element talk, , to just realice that the country has been in the hands of this thing for 13 years, is really sickening, and much worst it gets, when we have to accept that their are millions, who believe in the words of this snake, in so much lies, deceits, …it makes me wonder sometimes, is this guy for real….and the sad answer is yes….this thing exist, spends some litters of oxigen per day, goes to the bathroom, and worst of all, has a tongue….if the saying that what we do wrong in life we pay during our life, this thing, should have cancer, everywhere in his body and the biggest one, in his tongue…!!!
          Sorry that this lines content so much hate, but…it has gotten to a point that there is no mercy in me left for this element…….and I bet 100 to 1, that am not the only one in this situation…

      • pancr Says:

        este hombre es el peor sinverguenza que puede existir en la tierra. no merece perdon de ningun ser humano que tenga un poco de dignidad.

  14. island canuck Says:

    Here’s another interesting bit of information.
    According to a lawyer on Globo if the president’s absence is temporary then the VP temporarily assumes the position of president.

    However if the absence is permanent then the president of the AN assumes the duties of president until elections are held.

    This negates the importance of the VP in the process. As I understand it that means that Diosdado is heir apparent not Jaua or anyone else named VP.

    Would appreciate a comment from someone who knows if this is correct.

    Globovisión ‏ @globovision
    Abogado: Si la falta es absoluta asume el cargo el presidente de la Asamblea Nacional hasta que se hagan elecciones

    Globovisión ‏ @globovision
    Abogado: Si hay un falta temporal del Presidente asume el cargo el vicepresidente

    • island canuck Says:

      Globovisión ‏ @globovision
      Abogado: si asume el presidente de la AN, deben ser convocadas las elecciones de manera inmediata

      If the president of the AN assumes the presidency then elections must be held immediately.

      This will not assist Chavismo & my bet is they would ignore that part of the law..

  15. island canuck Says:

    I know this is off topic however I couldn’t let it go by.

    Here are the official results of the census last year.

    Grupos de edad
    De 0 a 14 años 27,6% (7.493.426 personas)
    De 15 a 64 años 66,6% (18.081.963 personas)
    De 65 años y más: 5,8% (1.574.706 personas)

    Note that the people who are old enough to vote when you eliminate the ages 15, 16 & 17 equals almost 100% of the REP.

    This really worries me. It’s obvious that this is the Achilles’s heel of Oct. 7

    • Roy Says:

      That is interesting, and worrisome.

    • guest Says:

      Also notice the TOTAL population according to the census: 27 million. If you do a quick check on the web, you’ll see that the projected Venezuelan population for 2010 was 29 million. Where are the missing 2 million?

      And regarding the REP, don’t forget that according to the CNE there are almost 2 million people who haven’t registered yet…

    • An Interested Observer Says:

      Holy CRAP! That is worrisome…because that gives you 19.7 million people 15 and up. If you assume that age 15-17 is proportional to those of age 0-14, you subtract 1.5 million (20% of 7.493.426) and you end up with 18,157,984. (I rounded off in typing above, but not in my calculations.)

      If the REP is 18 million, and 2 million have yet to register…WTF?

      Am I wrong about my recollection of the size of the REP? I know it’s possible for there to be more than one cell phone per person in a country…but more than one voter registration per capita is a serious problem.

      • NET Says:

        The cut at 0-14 ,instead of a logical 0-18, was done on purpose, so that one cannot know for sure the real 18/+ number of eligible possible voters, which, by extrapolation is about 18 million, the currently claimed REP. Since this is impossible, and since in any normal country without compulsory registration/voting the norm is about 70% registration of all possible voters 18/+, there should be about 12 million real registered voters in Venezuela, which means: the Opposition got an astounding 25% of all possible real registered voters in the Primaries; there are at least 5-6 million phantom registered voters which could be voting for Chavez in a Smartmatic voting process; the Opposition so far is sitting on their hands in this matter; Diosdado was named head of the Assembly not only due to possible succesion/his military “control”, but because of his knowledge of computers he was the architect of the blatant fraud of the Smartmatic/Referendum;and Jorge Rodriguez was named by Chavez to manage his presidential campaign since he was head of the CNE and was instumental in the Smartmatic/Referendum Fraud.

        • Kepler Says:

          There is one single question we can ask the CNE: what is the amount of Venezuelans age 18 or more NOT in their registry? (i.e. those with cédula but not registered)

        • An Interested Observer Says:

          I won’t argue with most of this comment (it’s speculation, but it makes sense), but I would definitely not assume any intent on 0-14 vs. 0-18. As I recall, 15 is considered working age in Venezuela, so this cuts the population into three basic groups – children, those of working age, and senior citizens. After all, tracking employment/unemployment is perfectly normal, so your census needs to reflect the appropriate ages there. Voting registration usually is not. In this case it most certainly is, but I would not place any blame on the design of the census.

          I would certainly like to hear an answer to Kepler’s question.

      • island canuck Says:

        Very interesting article & very believable.

        The key is to have witnesses in all centers.
        That, unfortunately, will not stop the ghost votes in different centers from people with multiple cedulas & addresses.

        • firepigette Says:

          Island Hopefully MCM will help with that.The question is will they be able to do it or not ?

        • deananash Says:

          They will merely lock out the witnesses when it comes time to verify the actual counts. Then they instantly add the phantom votes…been there, done that.

          He has already had success with this once, when the idiot Carter was involved, remember?

          I repeat, Chavez will never leave via the ballot box. Nor will you free yourself from Cuba’s claws without a real fight.

    • Kepler Says:


      It would be very useful if I had the amount of people exactly older than
      I have the CNE records and can produce the stats for age distribution
      for voters everywhere, it’s easy, a matter of minutes. I just need reliable
      reference data.

      • island canuck Says:

        Kepler, I also would like to know.
        The only numbers that I’ve seen so far are what I copied & pasted above.

        This was a preliminary report so I would assume more extensive numbers will be forthcoming – or not.

        If they are obviously cheating with the REP it’s quite possible we will never know the actual number of eligible voters.

        By the way the last number I saw was 18.3+ million in the REP.

        It’s just not a number that sits well with my mathematical mind.

        I’m not even sure what the MUD could do at this stage to clean it – it seems like a huge job.

        Maybe a random sampling of 100,000 across all states to check to see if these people really exist at the addresses in the REP. At least this would show us the % of error. Even with that information I don’t know whether we would be able to do anything with it given the state of the CNE & TSJ.

    • Kepler Says:


      I just analysed the stats for Nueva Esparta. The average voter for the REP 2011 was 43 years old. 11.8% of voters were 65 years or older.

  16. Pete Says:

    What is the point of the fine (apart from having an excuse to keep Teresa Albanes away from possible future govermment posts)? Is it to tell us that next time the vote may not be secret?

    • Roy Says:

      It is dual purpose: One it is punitive to let everyone know that he will punish those who cross him. Secondly, it is a way for him to starve the Oppo campaign of cash. I expect to see more “violations” of “electoral norms” by the MUD, and each time, the government is going to levy stiff fines.

      They know that the MUD does not have a unlimited supply of funds. They can hurt the campaign by depriving them of cash.

    • LD Says:

      It also signals: look, the MUD, they do cheat… they have something to hide
      And not to forget, they will prosecute Albanes for this too. This is not over.

  17. juana Castro Says:

    It is not a silly order….is an order coming from the king, the emperor, the Aga Khan, the owner of Venezuela, the creator of Batman, TArzan, Tamakun, Spider man….his holy majesty….how can a lady refuse…?, no way Santa Claus, she can not refuse, she has to accept it, and do something in order to keep his grace happy, and mostly now, that the poor thing is sick, that the germs he is carrying in his sick body are getting stronger, now that his ego, is suffering, because someone told him and he read somewhere that he is some what human, and that all human beings die…..poor thing, all of us have to comply his requests….if not his long sword will fall upon us…the mighty sick man…..let us pray…!!

  18. Ronaldo Says:

    Chavistas have hit bottom but they keep on digging.

  19. julicarbonell Says:

    Miguel pls remember that the Tribunal Supremo de Justicia does not pass judgement on specific matters only sees that the laws have been properly applied and that the judicial procedure for each case was according to law. Of course this would be under the rule of law that is lacking in Venezuela

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