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The muzzled statue in front of CONATEL

August 6, 2009

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I could not find any excuse to write a post and use the picture above, so here it goes the picture is simply too good and too symbolic to pass up. As a person I respect a lot told me once, if you want to be a Dictator, you have to run an efficient operation. But Chavismo is the furthest thing from being efficient, as hundreds of military officers have been thrown in to run things above their heads and everything goes up to the Autocrat to be approved.

So, as CONATEL has become the center of attention in the last few days, with daily protests in front of the telecom regulator which shut down 34 radio stations last Friday and everyone expects the promised 206 additional ones to be shut down at any time, you have to wonder how a bunch of students got through the guards and put on this handkerchief around its mouth indicating that the lady has been muzzled. Hats off to the students! and Thanks God Chavez has no clue on how to run an efficient Government.

As Government shuts down 34 radio stations, it accuses the ultra-right of twitter campaign

August 1, 2009

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Last night, renewed Chavez henchman Diosdado Cabello, in his campaign to become Chavez’ Raul, shut down the first 34 of a total of 240 radio station which the Government plans to shut down over the next few days. The announcement was not a surprise, henchman Disdado himself had advanced it three weeks ago, but somehow people still have an absurd level of wishful thinking, believing that a fascist and dictatorial Government without scruples would somehow not dare to carry out its threats.

The excuse for the shutdown was a “census” of the country’s radio licenses and the invention of a novel concept, not backed by any legislation, that the death of the owner of a radio concession somehow extinguishes the right of the descendants to inherit the concession Thus, concessions in the hands of families for almost fifty years, where the original owner has been deceased for almost two decades in some cases, were forced to shut down in another dark and sad day in Venezuela’s dying democracy.

Even before the stations had been informed of the shutdown, officials began arriving at the stations as the Minister of Infrastructure Diosdado Cabello announced it as usual on a Friday night, attempting to deflect protests, while the ever present Hugo Chavez was nowhere to be seen in a cowardly attitude which is repeated every time a tough and controversial measure like this one is taken.

As protesters took to the streets, they also began a very loud and intense via social networks, which had its highest levels in twitter, in a country taken over by blackberry fever. And as the noise and intensity grew, the Government began blaming the “ultra-right” for the “mediatic caampaign in Twitter, suggesting that “subversive messages such as a “Promote the twitter CNB (one of the stations shutdown) copy in your messages #freemediave, that way we will give it a high ranking among those talked about in the web”, in reference to #FreeMediave a twitter hashtag created by Venezuelans even before today’s protests as the Government continues imposing new limitations on freedom of speech.

In concluding the article states that twitter has become a new way of creating “terror” as people can obtain real time information but this is “pregnant” with the vices “proper to the Internet, such as the lack of precision, the absence of a source which implies or what confirming the facts implies”

In fact, what Venezuelans who love the Internet did today was propagate the sad truth that Venezuela is certainly a Dictatorship and that freedom of expression is severely threatened by the militaristic and facist Government of Hugo Chavez.