The muzzled statue in front of CONATEL

August 6, 2009

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I could not find any excuse to write a post and use the picture above, so here it goes the picture is simply too good and too symbolic to pass up. As a person I respect a lot told me once, if you want to be a Dictator, you have to run an efficient operation. But Chavismo is the furthest thing from being efficient, as hundreds of military officers have been thrown in to run things above their heads and everything goes up to the Autocrat to be approved.

So, as CONATEL has become the center of attention in the last few days, with daily protests in front of the telecom regulator which shut down 34 radio stations last Friday and everyone expects the promised 206 additional ones to be shut down at any time, you have to wonder how a bunch of students got through the guards and put on this handkerchief around its mouth indicating that the lady has been muzzled. Hats off to the students! and Thanks God Chavez has no clue on how to run an efficient Government.

6 Responses to “The muzzled statue in front of CONATEL”

  1. Kermit Says:

    OldSarg, you have been listening to Keith Oberman and Rush Limbaugh too much!! The right wing commentators spread a manifesto encouraging Republicans to invade town hall meetings with senators and congressmen and disrupt them by any means necessary. This included shouting down anyone who tried to speak or ask questions about the health care insurance reform proposals. Obama was not involved in any of this. He has asked for civil, constructive communication and dialog. Not shouting matches. Naturally, people have gotten angry because they are not able to be heard over the Republican bullies. No member of the Obama administration has encouraged anyone to be disruptive.

    To compare Obama to Chavez is just wrong. Obama is a constitutional scholar who believes firmly in the democratic Constitution of the US. Chavez has little to no education whatsoever and at every turn, subverts and twist the laws and constitution of Venezuela. When he can’t twist the law, he manipulates the electoral process as he did in the referendum on multiple terms. In the referendum if you voted “NO”, the machines jammed and didn’t count your vote. I know, I was there! I tried to vote NO but the machine kept registering YES.

    Obama is not a socialist, nor is Chavez. Obama is a democrat. Chavez is an autocrat. He takes power and gives favors to his cronies. Obama invites his adversaries to discuss their differences. Chavez shuts down the businesses of his “ENEMIES”.

  2. OldSarg Says:

    The hardship your nation has gone through is just starting in my country. Just this week Obama called on the Union Thugs to shut our questions down. I pray it will end peacefully but it may not. We tend to rebel with violence.

  3. Roberto Says:

    VOD (Voice of El Diablo) anyone? I have a boat!

  4. gabrield Says:

    Miguel one question, if legitimate radio stations are being shut down, do you think that pirate radio stations will take their place?

  5. HalfEmpty Says:

    if you want to be a Dictator, you have to run an efficient operation

    Indeed, or as my old Daddy was fond of saying “crime doesn’t pay, unless you do it every day”.

    In all things energy and consistency.

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